05 August 2014

Cr:e:ate to Organize

The beginning of a new school year always lends itself for the opportunity to become more organized.  I'm sure you start out just like me.

Organized as all get out.

And you have EVERY intention of staying that way for the remainder of the year.  You even tell all of your co-workers that, "I'm going to be SOOOOOOO organized this year, m'kay?!"  And they notsosecretly roll their eyes and pat you on the head saying something along the lines of  "sure you are, sweetie."

I swear.  Every year.


And I am.

For the first week....BEFORE the kids get there :)

Then all bets are off.

For the rest of the year, I lovingly refer to the piles of craziness all around my room as "organized chaos".  Half the time it looks like my ADD threw up all over the classroom.  

It's a much different story when it's time to host parents for conferences or class parties.

Then I become a STUFFER.

I quickly throw all of my "organized chaos" into cabinets, drawers, and even under skirted desks and tables.  What they can't see won't hurt 'em :)

My biggest problem area is my teacher desk.  It's a built-in at the back of the room so it seems like the most logical place to stuff and store.  I hate that.  I really do.  It's just an invitation for my disorganization to party.  

But not this year.  I promise {crossing my fingers behind my back}

Thanks to Michael's, I have myself a fun little crate storage unit to house all of my always scattered supply and most important books.

In case you haven't heard by now, Michael's is hosting a little Instagram sweepstakes.  If you've been crafting, you can enter it, too!

I made these little crate shelves.  And I'm not quite sure I'm finished with them just yet.  I might want to paint them, but I couldn't decide what color.  Then again, I really sorta love 'em just like they are.

I bought all the cute little containers, crates, and supplies at Michael's.  I bought some new chalk labels and chalk markers to write on each jar.  I'm displaying my most used supplies.  I MUST have a place where I can reach everything quickly instead of searching for them for hours.  I can NEVER find anything!!!  

I'm super excited to have a clean little space to store my books, too.  I'll keep my most important resources here...whatever I'm planning, etc.  And everything will go right next to my computer.  I think.  I'm still trying to decide!

Eeek!!  I'm SO excited!!!

Now I MUST share with you the awesome resources I got at the TpT sale yesterday!!!!  I'm going back for round 2 today before the sale ends tonight.  I have more clipart in my cart than I know what to do with, but I'm thinking I need to get it while it's on sale!!  My husband always tells me I'm really not saving money when I buy something during a sale because I wouldn't have spent it in the first place even if it was full price.  Oh sweet man.  Little does he know ;)

I am SERIOUSLY so excited about these!!!

1. Kinder Ready from Elizabeth at Kickin' It in Kindergarten...enough said!  The perfect way to start the year!  Love, love, love this resource!!!

2.  I'll be beefing up my science with these Science Blasters from Kim Adsit at KinderGals!  17 experiments & printables ready to go!

3.  We start the year out with an All About Me unit and this packet from Natalie at What the Teacher Wants was too perfect to pass up.

4.  I'm always on the hunt for more math activities and these Center in a Minute resources from Abby at The Inspired Apple is just what I need.  I swear she was reading my mind when she created it.

5.  Cheryl at Primary Graffiti is my hero. I've had my eye on this Yearlong homework packet and now it's mine!  I love that I don't have to think of these things on my own!

6.  LOVING these Shout Outs from Katie at Teacher to the Core!  Perfect for little paper pieces of praise!  I know the kids will LOVE them!

7.  I needed a little more for our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom day, so I picked this packet up from Katie at Little Warriors.  Eeeek!

8.  And this Superhero resource from Holly at Ehle Kindergarten is just TOO much!! Had to buy!

My store is on sale ... 30% discount!!!....until it ends tonight!!  


  1. I had to check the name at the top of the post when I started reading to make sure that it wasn't mine, lol. Because my room always looks GREAT on the day before the kids come back. Then it is a slippery downhill slide to mess. I always know where everything is... but cant seem to get anything put away. Ever. It's the paper! Charts, finished work, unfinished work, work that we didn't make it to (store for next year!)... etc. etc. etc. I hope that you show a picture of your class in a month. We are counting on you to inspire us with your determination :)

  2. Love your new organization idea. I decided to get rid of my teacher desk this year because it always was my biggest eye sore. It will take some getting used to not having it in my room.
    Melissa Baumgartel

  3. Super cute crates, and I, too, just did some damage at the TPT sale! Got your Chalk It Up to Organization labels, and your Write the Room September packet, in addition to some clip art from Krista Wallden!

    Primary Explorers

  4. Oh my dear Cara, I thought I was the only piler/stuffer. I have piles everywhere and then like you I start to stuff. I am embarrassed to tell you that I then take it a step further and put my piles into boxes. Unlabeled boxes because what would I write? "Assorted papers and things that need to be sorted"? Sigh.

  5. Please come to my house to make those labels for me!

  6. I love your organization crates - super cute!! I can't wait to see your classroom photos!

  7. The crates are adorable... I have a teacher desk for the first time this year (my old room was too small to put a teacher desk in it) and I hope I stay organized.

  8. I am SO happy to know that THE Cara Carroll, one of my teaching idols, might just be almost as disorganized as I am! It is really a relief to read that someone as successful and seemingly put together as you has the same issues as the rest of us. Your crates are adorable, and I love your jars even more!

  9. Hi Cara,
    I am going back in time on your blog to the beginning of last year to use some of your ideas, I am wondering what kind of icebreakers do you do on the first day?

  10. Cara! I hope the Shout Outs are a joy to your kids!
    Teacher to the Core