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A Look At My Day

Hey y'all!  It's Thursday and that means today's Teacher Week Topic is WHEN....

It's all about our schedules today!

I've taught for 13 years.  In those 13 years, I've taught at 4 different schools and in 3 different grades {K-3}.  Each year I feel like I have the "best schedule ever".  Really.  But I have to say, the schedule I've had the past two years just might take the cake.  Let's take a peek, shall we?!

Now let's break it down.

Our kids all meet in the cafeteria every morning.  That means no parent drop offs in the classroom.  Except for the first two days of school.  Every day after that, the kids get dropped off in the cafeteria for Morning Meeting.  This is where one teacher from each pod watches the kids and then around 8 am, our principals play fun and engaging music...typically Dr. Jean...and the kids dance.  Then we say the pledges, offer a moment of silence, and recognize and celebrate the kids who have a birthday.  This was started in an effort to decrease the amount of tardies and from what I've seen, it totally works!  I *rarely* have kids who are tardy to the party!

When the kids arrive in the classroom...most times before 8:20...they all come in as a group since they're coming from Morning Meeting.  We do a little "wake up work" when they come in.   This is typically hands-on.  Something to get the kids going.  We work on fine motor activities, out of the box thinking, and lots of other things.  

At this time, half of the class leaves for a specials class {science/social studies, library, computer, art}.  The other half stays for small group guided reading instruction and literacy tubs/stations.
So it works out to where I only have about 9-10 kids for an hour.  I get to meet with each one individually for guided reading while the rest of the kids work at their literacy stations/tubs.

At 9:30, the half of the class that left for specials comes back. Then the WHOLE class leaves for PE/Music and we have an hour for conference/planning.

At 10:30, we pick our kids up and bring them all back to the room.  Then the other half of my class who previously had guided reading instruction leaves for their specials class.  The half that was in specials earlier gets to stay for small group guided reading instruction & literacy tubs/stations.

Around 11:30, my half group comes back in and the whole class meets on the carpet for calendar concepts/morning message/daily dish.  

At 11:50 we go to lunch.  We walk the kids to the cafeteria and then we head out to shovel food down our throats as fast as we can :)  A "working lunch" if you will ;)

The kids get picked up at 12:20 and then we head back to the room for a quick brain break.  No time to be tired after eating :)  Around 12:30ish...give or take... we move right into Writer's Workshop.  Depending on the day, this lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes.  A quick mini lesson and then independent writing.  I spend this time doing individual writing conferences as well.

Around 1:00 or a little thereafter, we start on Math.  Whole group and math tubs.  I'm really flexible with the timing here because some days lend themselves to a longer whole group lesson/longer tub time than others.  We spend between 15-30 minutes on a whole group lesson/game/activity and then the rest of the time is spent on working in math tubs.  I also do math conferences during this time.

We head outside for recess around 2:00 and let the kids play for about 30 minutes...give or take ;)  Because it's so hot here, the kids spend a good bit of time at the beginning of the year playing indoor for recess.  

When we're all back inside, we finish the day with "theme".  This typically involves a read aloud, thinking maps, research, writing, and craftivities...but not all on the same day, of course ;)    We end about 10ish minutes early to pass out agendas and end the day with a fun little read aloud or a quick "look at what we did today!!!".  Then it's backpacks and time for dismissal!

Dismissal happens around 3:30, but we have kids in our classroom until about 4:15-4:30.  That's usually when the last student leaves.  We keep all of our kids in the room until the parents and buses pick them up for the day.  The silver lining in that arrangement is that it gives us more time to pull kids for one-on-one intervention :)  We're not required to instruct during this time....there's usually a movie on to calm the masses...but it definitely gives us time to target the kids who need the extra help {if they're not one of the first kids to leave}.

Not too shabby!
That's what a day in my classroom looks like {in a nutshell}.

And just for my first grade friends, by request I created and uploaded a printable packet of back to school no prep math and literacy activities.  You can read all about it HERE or by clicking the pic below.

Have a GREAT day!

Schedule Cards are HERE!!!

Okay friends!  They’re ready to go!!  My schedule cards have been updated, revised, and uploaded to my TpT shop…for FREE!!!  Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions.  I’ve added lots of new cards, so I hope you’re able to find what you need.  For those of you that have requested an editable version of these cards, I’m afraid I WILL NOT be able to share that with you due to graphic/font copyright.  Thank you SO much for understanding!!!!  If you are interested in adding any additional schedule cards to your collection that better fit your specific needs, you can grab the clipart from Scrappin’ Doodles and the font {smiley monster} from Kevin & Amanda.  I do not plan on creating any additional cards at this time!  Head on over to my shop to pick up your FREE copy! 


FAQ’S {The Math Edition}

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!!  I've recently had a lot of emails and a few comments asking questions about how I set up my math tubs & what my math time looks like, so I thought I'd just give you a little breakdown right here :)

Math Mania ~ 8:00-9:30

Morning announcements are broadcast around 8 and as soon as they’re over, we start our calendar routine {you can check out the details HERE}.  Immediately following calendar, I send the kids back to their desks for some Math journaling.  This usually consists of “Number of the Day”  and a problem solving prompt.  I usually give the kids a couple of minutes to work alone, and then we share aloud. 


After Math journals, we meet back up for a whole group lesson and/or activity.  This could range anywhere from 15-30 minutes…just depends on the lesson :)

Once the whole group lesson is over, the kids visit their math tubs.  {Now…let me just say that I’ve organized my math block like this for several years and I LOVE it.  I know there are probably MANY different ways to set things up, but I LOVE the way this system works for my classroom!!}  I have 4 math stations/tubs 4 days a week.  3 tubs are set-up to reinforce objectives and the 4th isn’t actually a tub…it’s computers!!  The kids on computers have a choice between several different math programs that reinforce the objectives, too!

Here is our station chart.  Each picture represents a different tub.  Each group will visit a different tub each day.  I know that a lot of teachers love for the kids to choose their stations, but I might be a little controlling in this area?!  HA!!  Seriously though…I group the kids by ability level.  Each small group has a mix of high/med/low ability kids.


If the kids have time after visiting their math tubs, they can choose an activity from my math shelf.  The activities on the math shelf are activities that they’ve already visited in the previous week’s math tubs.  They LOVE to revisit “old” station activities and games :)


The kids visit math tubs Monday-Thursday.  I use our whole group time to introduce/explain/demonstrate the week’s math tubs on Mondays.  Fridays are our game days.  I LOVE game day Fridays!!!  Our 3rd grade book buddies come down to read with us during our math tub time, so incorporating a “game day” into our week just seemed perfect!! 

I LOVE math games for the kids!!  I think they’re great tools for reinforcing problem solving skills and creating/using appropriate strategies.  The kids also have the opportunity to share their ideas with their peers, work cooperatively, use math terms and language to communicate with others, and practice visual discrimination and memorization skills.  I set out lots of different games from which they can choose, but their favorites are always the BIG “board games” I make myself :)  I’ve had this one since my FIRST year teaching 9 years ago!!! HA!


I hope this explanation is helpful!!  Like I said…I know there are MANY different ways to organize, but this system works SO well for my classroom!! 

I would love to hear how your math time is organized!!  What do your math tubs look like?!  I LOVE new ideas!!!!