Thanksgiving Math Freebies!

Hello all!  I hope this week's supermoon hasn't throw your babies off at all.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  I know it has, LOL!!!  Here's to you and making it through to the Thanksgiving holidays up ahead!  Halleluia, right?!  

Okay, so let's talk math, shall we?!

I just wanted to share a couple of math activities from my Simply Social Studies Thanksgiving Mini Unit (K/1) that you might be able to use in your classroom this week or next.  I always try to include ELA & Math extension activities in my social studies lesson plans.  I love cross curricular teaching and our kids tend to build a more authentic and meaningful connection to key concepts and ideas when learning on a cross curricular level.

First up, a little Mayflower Math.

For this activity, you'll need the printable, a bingo dotter, and a die.  

Prompt students to roll the die and identify the amount.

Then prompt students to add a matching number of pips in the tens frame with a bingo dotter (or marker/crayon/sticker if you don't have the bingo dotters available).  

The objective of this activity is to make 10 altogether. SO, your kids will identify the number in the tens frame and then determine how many more are needed to make 10 altogether.  
Prompt them to use the pilgrim cut-outs to show how many more are needed to make 10.  
In this example, I rolled a 3, dotted three, and then identified that 7 more are needed to make 10 altogether, so I glued 7 pilgrims in the Mayflower to represent that addend.   Then have students write the matching equation in the space provided on the sail.

This would be great for a small group activity to provide extra support,but it would also be perfect for an independent task!

Next up, Pilgrim Place Value.

You'll need the printable included and a set of number cards.  I happen to have the yellow ones pictured, but they aren't included in the download.  You can use ANY number cards you have available or create your own quickly using index cards and a marker :)  

The objective of this activity is for students to draw two numbers from the number card pile and make the biggest number possible then use the base 10 blocks to represent the value.

First, draw two numbers from the stack and write the biggest number possible in the space provided (you could also have kids make the smallest number if you choose).

After identifying and writing the greatest/smallest number, prompt students to use the base 10 blocks to represent the total value and glue them in the matching columns.

If you want to add these activities into your plans this week, just click on the pic below :)

Have a great week!!!


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