Science of September

Hello friends! Happy Monday!

I'm heading out for mentoring in just a minute, but before I leave I just wanted to pop in and let y'all know that The Science of September has been posted...just in time for September, HA!  
It's jam-packed and chock full of 4 weeks worth of  science lesson plans, vocabulary, read alouds, anchor chart suggestions, experiments, and cross-curricular activities.  Whew!  

September's resource will cover various science skills and concepts using the themes of Five Senses, Farm, Apples, and Fall.  Some of the skills covered included observable changes, organisms & their environment, changes in physical properties, plant & animal comparisons, plant parts, five senses to explore, seasons, and MORE!

We're starting the month working with our five senses and this is a theme that will carry throughout the remainder of the weeks included in this resource as well. LOTS of opportunities for exploration through the five senses.

You'll follow-up your five senses investigations with a week full of fun on the farm!  Not only are there a few farm animal activities included in the mix, but the week of farm fun will also cover items produced by plants vs. animals, plant and animal comparisons, and farm crop & animal experiments!  Get ready to get your kids excited about what they can do with things found on farms!

Of course, NO September resource would be complete without included some type of apple activity, so we included a full week full of apple experiments, lesson plans, vocabulary, and cross-curricular activities.  Anchor chart suggestions are included as always, as well as a variety of (optional) craftivities to provide your students with hands-on visuals of their learning.

And just in time to head into October, we're ending the month with a study all about Fall.  Lots of opportunities for hands-on investigations and exploration using five senses.  

September is definitely going to be a GREAT month full of lots and LOTS of learning...and FUN!!!  Exactly what we believe learning should be...hands-on, engaging, and FUN!  

If you're interested in checking out this resources in greater detail, just click on the pic below.  

Have a great week!!!

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  1. I cannot get the teacher pay teacher website to won't let me set up an account. I would like to buy this kit and one other item for my daughter... are there any other options to doing it?