Summer & Supply Labels

Happy Summer!!!! Well...for some of you, anyway.  I know that's not the reality for everyone right now (and I'm sorry!!!), but for those of you relaxing poolside reading something other than a staff email or PD book, happy summer to you!!!  Our last day was last Thursday and here's how my boys celebrated....

Pretty awesome! 

What that picture doesn't show you is how I forced my boys to get dressed as quickly as possible ...with their "mud" shoes...and race outside to take a pic before the sky opened up & rained yet again.  They were not amused with my desire to capture their last day.  I was all, "get excited!!!" and the result is what you see above.  If you look really closely, they're not smiling, LOL!!!!  Naturally, I picked them up from school and let them eat popsicles in the rain.  It was their last day, after all.  Thankfully that did result in a few grins.

SO....what does the summer look like for you?!  Will you be up to your ears in workshops?  Or spending your lazy days up at school moving classrooms??  Or planning out your a new classroom arrangement?!   I'll be working and traveling for a few weeks and then spending the rest of the time soaking up the excruciatingly hot Texas sun.  Eeek.

First up on my list, DALLAS!!!!  I'll be presenting at the Get Your Teach on Conference with some of my most favorite people!!!!  Will I see you there?!

I'm super excited to be back "home" for a few days and I fully plan on heading to my most favorite restaurants while I'm in town and not working.  Adam and the boys will be joining me at some point during the week so that we can all celebrate Landon's 9th birthday!  Great Wolf Lodge, here we come!!

After Dallas it's up to Michigan and Indiana to spend some QT with our family.  An annual tradition I absolutely adore!!!  

After heading to the midwest, we'll be back home for a very short week and then it's off to Vegas to spend the week at the I Teach K/1/2 Conference(s).  This is one of my most favorite events of the whole year and I can't wait to see so many presenters and friends who inspire me on the daily.  The energy is always so palpable!!!  

Then after that, a little professional development workshop for some local schools...and a break.  A *tiny* little break before the back to school hustle and bustle.  Does anybody else feel like their summer is almost over before it even started??!?!?!

As you can see, I have to stay on top of things (which is not in my nature at all).  I'm trying to prepare early so that I don't panic later.  With so much out of town travel, I really have to discipline myself!  SO, I went ahead and started working on some things for the new school year.  Organization is something that is always on my mind...because I'm awful at it...but really trying to be better.  

I went ahead and created a pretty basic set of supply labels that can go with any color scheme or classroom theme and I absolutely love them!!!  They're simple and clean with easy-to-read print and the best part is that they're printed and ready to go!  One less thing to worry about come August.  

I included 184 labels with a few editable templates, too!  And you can grab these for 20% off right now!  

And in the spirit of organization, I also discounted this resource as well....

So tell me...what are your summer plans?!?!?!?


  1. How fun! I love the pic! Where did you get the letters? Thx! :)

  2. Yes! Where did you get the lawn sign? Super cute!

  3. Oh, how I love all types of organizing tools! Now, actually using them on a consistent basis is a whole other story... :-)

    I just had to tell you that I saw your little guy's word wall on Instagram and my heart just melted! To offer you hope for the future, I teach middle school Language Arts, and I still have kiddos who ask for extra work for the summer. It just does my teacher heart good to know they love school and learning THAT much! Ha!

    Enjoy your busy summer!


  4. Where did you get the letters in the lawn?!

  5. Hi Cara!
    I am taking lots of PD! I love, love, love to go to PD. I am going to ITeachK, TOTS (technology in Friscoe), Daily 5 (in Addisen), a Project Based Learning class through Region 11, and I am presenting for a writing training for primary teachers. I also have a few required trainings by my district- promethean, math curriculum, etc.
    Thanks again for all you do to inspire educators and to share your creativity!
    Author of Sprinkles to Kindergarten