Snag It Saturday (EOY Freebies!)

Happy Saturday!!!  Did y'all survive Friday the 13th?!  I honestly had NO clue that was the date until my brother mentioned it last night.  Then I came across this meme and laughed WAY harder than I'm proud to admit.....

DYING. my Friday the 13th was filled with celebration.  My college BFF recently had her third baby and I got some snuggle time with him.  It didn't send my ovaries into a tizzy which was wonderful...I mean, we really are finished having babies.  Ha!  And then we went to a little gender reveal for my brother and his wife.  We were all certain they would be having a girl, but it looks like my boys get another boy cousin to play with!  We're all SO excited!!!!! let's move on with a few things you might want to snag for the end of the year craziness.  

Here's a little idea I think you'll love. 
When I taught first grade, I loved having my kids write letters to the kindergartners. Their letters included (hilarious) advice, what to expect, and a few encouraging words.  We'd invite one of our kinder classrooms to our first grade classrooms, pair up the kids, and then have my first graders read their letters to their K partner.  Then their K friend got to take the letter home with him/her.    I'm sure you already do something similar in your class.  Great way to get the incoming kids excited about the next school year. 

Well...I think it would be equally as fun to have your kids write a "survival booklet" of sorts for incoming kids, but instead of sending the booklets home at the end of the year, save them for your Meet the Teacher night and have your new class of parents and kids read the booklets as they familiarize themselves with the classroom.  Here's what I'm talking about....

Your kids will essentially be writing a letter to your future class, but in a booklet form.  And these really would be a great addition to add to the reading material you place on student desks for Meet the Teacher.  I love the idea of parents AND kids reading these together.  And hearing about their new class from a former student's perspective?!  Priceless!

You can use as many...or as few...booklet pages as needed.  Here's a sample of a few of them...

Click on the pic to download your copy...

Speaking of end-of-year activities, here's another one your kids are sure to love!  Find-a-Friend Bingo!
Instructions are simple.  Just print and go!  Prompt your kids to get up, move around the room, and find at least one person under each letter (B.I.N.G.O) who matches the statement in one of the boxes.  The kids can use a crayon or bingo dotter to mark the spaces and even write the matching name of their friend in the box, too!  


Hope you can use these activities in the next few crazy days/weeks to come!!!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for these freebies! A little push to keep me going--just what I need right now!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I really appreciate it!