Lemonade & Retirement.

Goodness I love that word!  Unfortunately I'm nowhere near the age I'm actually able to reap the benefits or enjoy it myself, but I do love that word a lot.  Although I'm not quite ready to retire anytime soon, I do have lots of resources that are ready to take the leap.  And because retirement has it's benefits, these resources will be offered at a deep discount before they're gone for good!!!  I'll be posting my retiring sets throughout the summer, so stay tuned to see what's headed out & grab 'em on the cheap before they go!

First to retire, two of my favorites!  

These files have been bundled and the set is only $5!  That's 10 literacy centers and 7 math centers (in both black & white and color) for only $5!  If you currently own these resources, you can still access them through your purchases page.  The individual listings have been removed and soon the bundle will be gone as well.  Retirement is a beautiful thing :)

Speaking of lemonade, let's talk about some of my favorite lemonade themed activities and ideas.  I'll be using these over the summer with my boys.  First on the agenda is having their very own lemonade stand.  They both want to make lemonade and bake a few goodies to sell.  They said they want to keep some of the money and give the rest away to people who need it.  Bless.  Here's what I'm hoping I can talk my husband into making for them....

Okay, so let's be real.  It's more for me than for them.  But they like to humor me, so I think I can swing it. And I'll replace the swag with a chalkboard so they don't tell me it's too "girly".  Bless.
If they protest too much, I can always head to Amazon and grab this one instead....I guess ;)

Before I turn them loose with their money making venture, we'll do a little research.   Sure...these are picture books...but they're my favorites for teaching about supply & demand, earning money, and saving & spending!  Nothing wrong with lesson in economics for the littles.  These are great mentor texts for these concepts and I already have them on standby since the boys have informed me that they'd like to start selling as soon as school lets out. Oy vey.

It goes without saying that summer science is a must! We'll definitely be visiting the science experiments from our Science of Summer resource....

but we'll also have to incorporate these before and after our lemonade stand!!!  The boys will absolutely LOVE these!

And, well, this one looks too amazingly awesome to pass up.  Anything that fizzes and explodes is an instant winner in this house.  

Of course, I'll keep my kids writing this summer because I know that writing is one of those skills that takes time and stamina to perfect.  While I don't expect perfection....especially over summer break!!!!....I do want them practicing.  Quiet time is a must and quiet time for us in the summer usually includes reading and writing.  Luckily my boys love to do both (thank you, Lord).  I don't really have to twist their arms to humor me with my requests...YET.  So...here's what I have planned for writing.

Expository writing...how to make lemonade.  Wouldn't this craft be cute to pair with that writing?!

I also want to do a little writing with similes, too. 
________ is as sour as a lemon.
Lemons are as sweet as ______.
_______ is as yellow as a lemon.

You get what I'm saying.

And of course, they'll definitely be writing a personal narrative about their lemonade stand experience.  I've already bought their summer journals and my oldest is chomping at the bit to get started writing in it!  Bless his school loving soul.  I hope that doesn't ever change!  

As far as math goes, we'll really be focusing on money & measurement.  Although there's a TON of skills we could incorporate, I really want to focus on the economics side of things.  I'll be grabbing a lot of the hands-on math and literacy from my retiring sets...they both cover concepts and skills that are perfect for review for the boys.

If you're interested in either the math or literacy lemonade themed activities, you can grab the bundle HERE before it's gone for good!


So that about covers it!

Any other lemonade themed ideas or books you love??  What am I missing???

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  1. I purchased this a while back for my Special Needs class of 1st and 2nd graders! They "drank" it up! It's great for when I have meetings "ALL" day and I can leave it in my Sub Plans. Good luck on your lemonade stand. I remember those days with my girls. :)