Yearlong Pacing Calendar & Science of the Month Questions Answered

Our resources are targeted for the K-2 grade levels.  The vocabulary and science experiments, investigations, and activities are perfect for K-2.  While they would also be great to modify for Pre-K, the cross curricular activities included are not developmentally appropriate for four-year-olds.  The cross-curricular games and activities included target K-2 literacy and math skills.  Many of the skills included can be modified and adapted to meet the needs of both struggling and excelling students.  With many of the cross curricular activities included, we both try to included ideas for modification in the instructions.

Throughout the course of the school year, our science resources will cover all of the science standards for both Common Core and TEKS.   Many of the NGSS science standards are also covered.
The cross curricular activities included cover basic, grade level skills and objectives that are taught throughout the school year and can be easily implemented in either a whole group or small group setting as well as independent and center work.  

The themes included in each month's resource cover MANY of the science standards our students will learn throughout the school year.  Our goal is to ensure that ALL science standards and skills will be covered throughout the course of the year while using different themes to reach each objective and standard.   While the themes may not be science specific (example:  habitats, life cycles, etc.) these concepts ARE COVERED within the week's themes.  Reading through each month's pacing calendar will help you to identify the science skills and objectives that are targeted each week.  

As with anything you teach, the exact sequence of instruction for these resources is not required, rather suggested.  Our science resources are research-based and while we are presenting you with suggestions and ideas, you are the teacher and you know your students needs best!  Not to mention that you have a specific teaching style that fits you!  Do what works best!

For each week of learning, we provide a book list that compliments our activities.  In no way do you HAVE to have these books to successfully implement these activities.  The books suggested are simply that...just suggestions.  As teachers,  we know that not only do mentor texts enhance our instruction and anchor learning for our students, but they also provide a great way for our kids to make connections to their learning and the world around them.  Typically, ANY book (both fiction and non-fiction ) that you have that also covers the same theme and content will work just fine :)  

Yes, yes, and YES!!!!!  And here's what's included.....

We would LOVE to, but quite honestly we aren't going to put ourselves through that, LOL!!!  As we create each resource, we often realize that some concepts and skills turn out to be a little more time consuming to plan and prepare than others.  While we wish this resource were our only commitment, we also have work obligations and families that require quite a bit of our time :)    These resources get take blood, sweat, and tears to create and because they are so time intensive and comprehensive, we want to take the time we need to make it a great fit for you and your classrooms!  We will typically announce the release of the following month's resource a week before it is available for purchase, so follow us on Instagram (Abby's IG /  Cara's IG) to find out when you can expect the next one as we will post teasers throughout the week leading up to the release!

At this very moment, we have no plans on making a yearlong bundle available for purchase anytime soon.  Most likely, we will wait until August - December is completed before bundling all 10 months and making them available for purchase altogether.   If there were any reason we were unable to complete the resources as promised, we would be devastated that we weren't able to fulfill our commitment.  This is the safer way for now. HOWEVER, stay tuned over the next few weeks for a surprise or two we have up our sleeves.

In the meantime, you can see what we have in store for the year.  We are excited about the year's activities to come and can't wait to get those to you!

If you've been on the fence about implementing these resources in your classroom, check out more details HERE: 



  1. I absolutely love this. I hate that science in first grade is something that sometimes falls through the cracks. They love it so much and it's fun to teach. This will make planning to do it easier.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. I adore you're theme day plans. Themes are my favorite way to teach. Can't wit to see the more posts!

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