The Science of March Book List

Hello all!  March is quickly approaching and if y'all are anything like me then I'm sure you like to get a head start on planning.  Abby and I have been furiously working on our latest resource...The Science of March...and plan on releasing it it this Sunday, February 21st!  We are really excited about this one because Spring themes have us excited about the change in weather and well...the end of the school year, too ;)  

Last week Abby posted a few of the books we'll be using for our lesson plans and I wanted to quickly pop-in and follow up with the rest of the titles in case you're interested in grabbing them!  
Here are the themes we'll be covering in March
Remember that these titles are RECOMMENDED, NOT REQUIRED :)  Any non-fiction text you own or have access to that cover these themes will work perfectly!  The lesson plans are not dependent on these specific texts...again, just recommended :) 

Space is a broad topic, so we narrowed our learning down to the Sun, Moon, & Stars.  Perfect for our primary kids and part of the standards, too.  Win, win! 

Spring weather will cover rain, storms, wind, and tornadoes.  We won't be going into the specifics of the water cycle and whatnot, just diving into the weather we experience when the seasons change :)

Here are a few great titles to supplement learning as well!!  These are definitely not required, but when I'm teaching thematically I like for my kids to have a wide variety of books to read that cover the same concepts and ideas.  These are some of my favorites!!!!

Head on over to Abby's blog to see the rest of the books included in this resource and mark your calendars for Sunday, Feb. 21st!!!

If you haven't been using our comprehensive Science resources and you're wondering what they're all about, here's a little rundown.

Our science resources include a visual pacing calendar (this one is from February's unit)...

As well as table of contents, suggested book lists, and detailed lesson plans...

In addition to the science lessons, we include optional activities in both Math & ELA to give you the opportunity to carry these themes across the curriculum.  And we place a strong emphasis on vocabulary, too!!!  Teaching thematically is our favorite way to teach and research supports the idea that students learn more and retain more information when content is presented thematically.

These have been a labor of love for the both of us and we're so proud of our "babies" :)  We both believe in giving kids the "total experience" when it comes to learning...hands-on, fun, rigor, thematic, and everything in between!!!!   We love what teachers are saying about using these resources in their classrooms, too!   You can click on the pics below for a detailed look at what these resources look like up-close.

As usual, if you have any questions feel free to ask!  

In the meantime, let's get ready for March!!!! 
Happy teaching!!!!

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