Science of March FREEBIES!

Last week I popped in to tell y'all all about the books Abby and I are using for our Science of March resource.  We just released it yesterday!  WOO HOO!!!  Here's a little sample..

Rainbows/Color Science, Clouds, Weather in Spring, and Sun/Moon Stars.  That's a mouthful!  Here's the pacing calendar for those of you who asked...

If you're interested in adding this to your science resources, just click on the pic.  Four weeks of detailed science lesson plans plus additional cross-curricular activities, too!  We always put our science resources on sale (20%) off for the first 24 hours, so you can grab through the end of the day today (Monday - Feb.22) for $12!  

Now let's get into the fun stuff....FREEBIES!!!

Here's a little weather week mathtivity that's perfect for this time of the year...

For this activity, your kids will need a pair of dice and the tracing templates provided.  Prompt the kids to roll the dice to determine the addends.  They'll write those on the umbrella.  Then prompt them to add the numbers together to get the sum (the third and final number in their fact family).  The kids will use the raindrop templates to write their related facts and then glue it all together to make a little rainy day (math) scene!  Simple and effective...and pretty cute, too!  hahaha

For the week we're learning about the sun, moon, and stars, I created these constellation sight word templates.  Constellation is one of the vocabulary words for that week as well and there are several activities included in the Science of March resource covering the concept of constellations.  Personally, the cross curricular constellation activities are my favorite!!!    I thought these would be a great supplement.

There are 10 sight words included in the freebie (was, said, down, come, where, make, would, have, did, so).  Unfortunately, this is not an editable freebie :(  But it is free, so there's that ;)  

The idea behind this activity is for students to connect the dots in each constellation to determine the letters in the sight word.  After they connect the dots for each letter, they'll determine the sight word and write it in it's entirety.  Simple, fun, and meaningful!   Hopefully these words work for you, and if not, I apologize.  I'm thinking about finishing out and entire Dolch word set,but don't know if that's even an interest, so I'll hold off unless I hear otherwise :)  

You can grab these constellation sight words below.

Hope y'all had a great Monday!  Here's to a great rest of the week!!!!


  1. This was the first I saw of your Science post for March as it just showed up in my bloglovin today. Any chance to get the 20 percent off???? I have purchased your other Science packets and love them.

  2. I am making binders for each month. Any chance you would make some binder spines and a cover? You would just be the best!!!!

  3. This is amazing! You are a wonderful person and I love the cute,creative, and engaging activities that are included!

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