Dental Health and President's Day

With President's Day behind us, I figured it would be a great time to take a walk down memory lane to look back in time to what went on in my classroom this time of year.

President's Day has always coincided with our study on coins.  These bubble maps focusing on both the coins and their attributes really tied in nicely with these concepts!


As usual, no unit on President's Day is complete without this darling George Washington craftivity and writing!  I think I've been doing this one just as long as I've been teaching!  An oldie, but goodie...always a favorite!


It took NO time to cut out the hats {steps below} and the kids used construction paper to make the eyes, nose, & mouth.  The art piece to this little project was really pretty quick! 

For the hat…

Cut a 12x4 piece of blue construction paper

Fold in half {bring the left side over to the right}

Cut off the right side bottom corner {diagonally} and cut an upside-down triangle on the top.

Now open it up and VOILA!  George Dubya’s hat :)

Too cute!  

Let's not forget about Abraham Lincoln, though.  No President's Day is complete without this historical figure.  So we always write about what we would keep in our hats if we had a hat like Abraham Lincoln.  The kids are always fascinated that Lincoln kept important papers in his hat...they think that is amazing!


Call me crazy, but cheese wouldn't be my first choice when thinking about what I'd keep in my hat.

Dental Health Month is this month.  Have y'all started learning about dental health??

This is my son's most favorite dental health experiment...

Look at that face, LOL!!!!  Both of my boys ask to do this every.single.night.  I bet they'd love it if I said "yes". #lazymomproblems
We included this experiment along with an observation and investigation log in our most recent Science of February resource.  Good gravy we love creating these for y'all!!!

We also included some of these fun and engaging extension activities to go with our science experiments and non-fiction readings.  We love incorporating cross-curricular activities into our resources!!! 

You might remember me posting about this precious writing craftivity we did back in 2011.  Seems like forever ago!  I've been having my kids recreate this every year and they're always a hit!

What Do the Fairies Do With All Those Teeth? - Dental Health Month Books for Kids
And for a little reader’s response, the kids wrote about what they thought the tooth fairies did with their teeth!  And they made some cute little scrapbook tooth fairies to go along with their writing.
  This is probably my favorite thing we’ve done to date!  I LOVE how they turned out!
The kids did pretty much ALL of the work themselves.  I showed them an example, but told them they could make their fairies look however they wanted. I cut out the heads, arms, & legs.  I also cut out the star on the wand {using our die cuts}. I really wanted them to focus on the writing piece more than the art…but I LOVE how different they all came out!!! 

The kids have been having *12 kinds of* fun using their “teeth” and mouth math mats for dental themed problem solving in our math journals.  I know this is all shades of ridiculous, but I really love problem solving with the kids!  I think it’s so neat for kids to talk about their problem solving strategies and see that even though they solve problems in different ways, they can still come up with the same answers!!


The mouth mats and problem solving prompts are included in my Dental Health Mini Unit on TpT.
We’re still truckin’ along with money, too.


  This was one of the activities in my Coin Collection packet on TpT.

Here's a fun word work activity!  The kids loved it!  I love hearing them when they find one of these vowel combos in their reading books…they get so dang excited! 

This little activity is in my Dental Health Mini Unit, too. You can grab it at TpT if you’re still in the market for some tooth trouble ;)

Stay tuned for some fun freebies for counting coins and financial literacy!  I can't wait to show you what we've been up to!


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