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Happy Sunday, friends!

I just wanted to pop-in real quick to say "hello!" and give y'all a quick update because I've had several questions about a few resources and I figured this was the easiest and most efficient way to give y'all the details  :)

First up, I'm hoping to see some of my Ohio friends this week at the SDE Ohio K Conference.  This will be a quick trip for me...less than 24 hours in Columbus!...but I'm really excited about getting to share with teachers some of the things I'm most passionate about.  Vocabulary, Behavior Management, Math, and Anchor Activities!!  It'll definitely be a BUSY, but fun!!!, day and I can't wait!!!

Okay...now let's get down to business.  First up, let's talk Science.  Abby and I have had LOTS of questions about our most recent Science cross-curricular resource, The Science of January. You can read more about that resource HERE.  

To answer your questions, YES!  We are in the process of making these available for every month!!  YAY!!!  We hope to release The Science of February next Sunday, the 17th.  We are SO excited about these resources and have absolutely LOVED reading all of the wonderful emails and feedback about The Science of January.  We are beyond thrilled that so many of you have incorporated these activities into your plans and we look forward to bringing you more materials in the months to come.  Here's a sneak peek of The Science of January in action...

And here's a sneak peek of the first week of The Science of February...

Eeeek!!!  Our themes for February will include light, the human heart, candy, and dental health and the science concepts covered will include matter & energy, force & motion, Earth & space, organisms & the environment, and scientific investigation and reasoning.  Be on the lookout if you're interested in including these plans in your instruction.

For my sweet teacher friends who have been asking about my Reading Simple Sentences resources, I just released Reading Simple Sentences - Long Vowels/Silent E.  You can see what these activities include in this post (they're the same for short vowels as well).

Here are the Simple Sentence resources I have available so far.  

I will be adding Simple Sentence resources for digraphs, blends, vowel teams & diphthongs, and r-controlled vowels in the weeks to come.

For those of you who have asked, I do not have any non-fiction penguin resources because there were already so many fabulous resources available.  However, if you're looking for penguin ideas and freebies, head HERE to read what I posted last year.  Lots of ideas and freebies perfect for this time of the year!

And here are some fun and engaging hands-on math and literacy penguin themed centers.  One of our favorite sets!!!

WHEW!  I think that covers it?!  I hope!!! 

Have a WONDERFUL week, friends!!!!  

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  1. OK, seriously - how cute is that penguin craftivity?! LOVE it!