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Hello from New Orleans!  I'm in Louisiana today for the SDE 1st Grade Conference.  Fun stuff!  So excited to meet the teachers here, share a few things, and (fingers crossed) eat some beignets :)

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This past weekend I added a few new things to my store.  If you already have my Guided Reading Phonics Bundle (Volume 1), you might want to check this's Volume 2!!

I included several different tried and true activities my kids loved doing at teacher table and maybe you'll be able to use them with your kids, too :)

First up, fun with syllables!

Syllable Towers were always a class favorite.  Any kind of activity that involves building is always a hit!  Great for the kids who need to visually "see" the syllables in a word.

I also included the sound posters I used in my classroom.  I displayed these on my focus wall as the sounds were being introduced. I kept a set on a large binder ring for quick sound assessment and review, and I had some displayed by my teacher table.  I kept a small group set of each linking chart at my guided reading table as well.  These were great resources for my kids.

I loved having a set of activities for sound reinforcement that were readily available to use during our small group time.  These clip & cover cards and Connect 4 games were great for that and easy to differentiate for the different levels of learners I had in my classroom.

We used the clip & cover cards as a "which one of these is not like the others" activity.  My kids had to identify the beginning/middle/ending sound in the main picture and then identify the picture that wasn't like the rest of them.

These Spin It activities are super easy to use and I often had them on the teacher table when kids came to work with me...we used them as a warm-up activity.  Because of the variety of Spin Its, these were super easy to differentiate for each kid/group.  I placed them in plastic sleeves and set out vis-a-vis markers so that I wouldn't have to make a jillion copies.

Lastly, we loved making salads...segmenting salads, that is :) The idea behind this game was that I would read aloud segmented words and my kids would have to blend the sounds together to say the real word and then find the matching picture on a piece of fruit.  The first one to blend and find the picture got to keep the fruit to add to his bowl.  The first player to add x amount of fruit pieces to his bowl and make their salad first, wins!  Ha!!!  They LOVED this!

I hope these are helpful for you!!  

Have a great first day back!  3 more weeks 'til the next break!!!

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