Now that we're in October it's time to focus on all things seasonal.  Or is that just me?!  ;)

I wanted to re-post something I shared last year in case you might be able to use some of these ideas soon!  If you're anything like me when it comes to planning, it helps to look at the "big picture" and start planning and prepping materials in advance.

These skip counting "hats" were a favorite last year!!!  The kids have the option to skip count by 5's or 10's and the hats are super easy to prep.  My boys loved them!

These are some of my most favorite monster themed read alouds...

One thing both my boys need to work on is retell & comprehension.  Comprehension is an area where kids can ALWAYS grow, so I think it's important to give them lots of practice.  Since they bring home a lot of pencil/paper activities for homework, I want to give them something a little bit more "fun". So we we're going to make this little Frankenfoldable.  Ha.  

We'll talk about the beginning/middle/end of the story and then write about it inside the foldable.  But first things first, of course...making the foldable  We're a family that loves to create :)

This week we'll be making these PRECIOUS snacks...FRANKENPUDDING!!!  Aaaaahhh!!!  I haven't showed the boys yet, but ohmiword.  Anything that involves pudding and Oreos, well...let's just say there won't be any leftovers.  

Since they're both writing, I'm going to follow-up with a little procedural writing activity.  I'll disguise it as writing to explain to Mimi & Daddy how-to make Frankenpudding {since they both work late and won't be around to make this with us}...and they'll eat it right up {no pun intended ;)}
While we're making the pudding, we'll also review our 5 senses.  Even though I'm not in the classroom, I feel like I never left.  I'm sure my mommy/teacher friends can relate.  I don't necessarily try to make everything a learning moment, but I just feel like SO many things lend themselves to teaching or reinforcing skills and concepts they've already learned or are learning, y'know?!  And the teacher in me will always be there no matter who I'm own kids, my classroom kids, or my teacher friends...I just can't turn it off!!!  Just ask my teacher voice comes out more than he'd like ;)  Anyway, here's what I'll use to review that...I'll have them do this during their "downtime" before bed.  

And, of course, I've already busted out my erasers for this one.  We'll be finding numbers on the number line and talking about one more/one less!!!!  I do feel very fortunate that my boys don't really know that they're learning when they do things like these.  I try and make everything a game and so far they're falling for it. Let's pray that lasts a while longer!!!

You can grab the Frankenline in my FrankenFUN Math packet if you're interested in adding a few more seasonal math activities to your bag of tricks.

I also bundled both of these packets together... FrankenFun Math & Literacy.

There are a couple of games in the math packet that I know my boys are going to be excited to play this week.  That's probably how we'll spend our Columbus Day...exploring a few different math concepts and playing games.  Can't wait!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - THANK YOU!! We have Crankenstein lined up in the next couple weeks and now I can add so many of these ideas. Thank you again :) Jen

  2. Thank you for sharing, very creative! Also like your last year spider theme :) looking forward to share it with our daughter.

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