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Welcome back for another day of Teacher Week!!

Today's post is all about the classroom...

I thought today would be the perfect day to take a look back at my classrooms through the years.  Well, the last 5 years anyway ;)  Since my classroom has always been my home away from home, it was important for me to have a space that was comfy, cute, and functional while being suitable for my babies at the same time.  I think my past classrooms were all that, but when I return to the classroom I think I'll do everything different.  I'm sure my husband will love that ;)  

Kindergarten 2013-2014. My second year in my "new" school.  I changed things up just a bit from the year before.  Left lots of space on the walls for student work so my classroom didn't necessarily look "finished" at the start of the year, but that was PERFECT!!!!  It doesn't need to be "finished". before the kids get there!!

Kindergarten 2012-2013.  My first year in my "new" school and back to Kindergarten after a 3 year break from that grade level.  This was the first time I had desks in Kindergarten, so that was fun.  I loved having a completely blank canvas with which to work.  It took me a year to figure out what worked best and what didn't with this arrangement, but it definitely served it's purpose that year!

First Grade 2011-2012.  This was my 2nd year in first grade and I didn't change things up too terribly from the year before.  I added a bit more, but the arrangement was still the same.  

First Grade 2010 - 2011.  This was my first year in 1st grade and I went a little crazy with the decor.  All of my walls were covered and it really cozied up the space.  I loved the kid friendly factor.  It was so bright and cheerful and I spent tons of "off-the-clock" hours in this little classroom.  

Second Grade 2009-2010 - This was my first and only year in 2nd grade and my first year at a brand new school in a brand new district.  I was SO excited.  Random story.  I inherited this room from my best friend, Kara, who was resigning to stay home with her kids.  Couldn't believe it!  She had all the wall art painted by one of her moms and since I was sticking with a jungle theme it worked out perfectly!  I added the tree and other decor, but the hand painted animals were there when I arrived.  I absolutely LOVED that classroom and so did my kids!

I wish I had pictures of my first two Kindergarten classrooms from my first 8 years of teaching.  GOODNESS...things have really changed over the years!!!  

Now for today's Teacher Week Deal of the Day!  Are you planning for Place Value right now?!  Here are my favorite resources for that all marked down 20% TODAY ONLY!!

My Place Value Intervention packet is truly one of my favorite resources. Chock full of independent activities, 10 games, and 15 reinforcement Print & Go sheets plus LOTS more!!!  I absolutely LOVE this resource not just for intervention, but regular instruction & independent learning as well!

My Place Value Mystery Pictures is one of my very first additions to the shop and my best seller!  Great quick and easy place value reinforcement perfect for independent learning, morning work, or even homework!  My kids have always LOVED these!!!

My Place Value Packet of Fun is another favorite and my 2nd all-time best seller!   Tons of independent games and activities perfect for math centers or even small group!  

Can y'all tell how much I love teaching Place Value?!  It's always been my favorite math concept/skill!!!  

I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my favorite tried and true time saving tips that help me keep my sanity throughout the year!  

And in other news, I finally decided to start tweeting.  Is that what you call it?!  I've had a Twitter account since July 2010, but I'm just now starting to post...or tweet...or whatever the heck you call it.  I'm sure I need to avoid another form of social media, but I went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon anyway.  Now that Blog Hoppin' is hosting Twitter Chats I had to do it!  I hope you join us for our next one!  You can find me at @CaraCarroll1st :)  Come tweet with me!!

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  1. Wow! I have never seen anyone cover their walls with paper and borders like that! What an awesome and unique (and time consuming!) idea! Love it!! :)

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press