Writing Center Fast Finishers

Happy Tuesday!!! (Is it Tuesday already?!)

I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off today and completely forgot to post.  I wanted to talk to y'all about building parent relationships starting at the beginning of the year.  I have some great tips and suggestions for you, but I'm going to save those for tomorrow since I have a lot to say about that and I want to give it my full attention.  

In the meantime, I just wanted to quick tell y'all about my newest addition to the shop....Writing Center Fast Finishers!  Eeek!!

I've been presenting these ideas at conferences for the last couple of years, but haven't gotten around to making them in a "shareable" (is that a word?) format.  SO, if you've come to one of my Writing Center or Anchor Activities presentation(s) in the last couple of years and you've asked me where you can get these activities, here ya go!!! 

Let me break it down for ya.

Pick a Pocket *might* be one of my most favorite writing station fast finisher activities ever.  You can differentiate and modify as needed.  I used this in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  I didn't pull this out 'til about mid-year for my K babies and I modified the choices they could make.  I introduced this to my first graders at the beginning of the year and then slowly opened the pockets as the year progressed.  This is a great activity for reluctant writers.  Basically, the kids just pick different pictures and phrases from the pockets and write a story based on their picks!  They love it!!!

You might remember me posting about these next two activities in March of 2011!!!  Yes, 2011!!!  Crazy to think I've been blogging that long.  Anywho...I've since updated these activities and added more to them.  I've had a chance to be more intentional about them and polish them off, if you will.

I feel like I'm always talking to my kids about adding some "spice" to their writing.  Give me some detail.  DESCRIBE what you're writing about.  This activity was created to help my kids add that detail.  I've changed this activity a bit since I posted about it in 2011 and realized it works a bit better than it did at first.  Goodness...don't we feel that way about SO many of the things we do in our classroom?!  Ha!!!  Now my kids choose a sentence card with the nouns already labeled.  Then they roll a die and pick a matching number of adjective cards to describe the nouns on the card.  I love that they get to see how their writing goes from drab to FAB just by adding a few details :)  

Roll a Sentence is great for getting kids to include nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their writing.  I've since implemented this activity by having my kids focus on one part of speech at a time during whole group.  For example, when we're talking about nouns, I pull out the noun die and focus on those for a while.  We'll roll the die together and then write about the noun we land on.  Then we'll introduce the verb dice a few days later.  We'll roll that as a whole group and then include the verb in a sentence with the noun we rolled.  Then we'll move on to the adjectives and add that to our writing.  
My kids love this activity because I give them free reign to write ANY kind of sentence they want...their sentences just have to include the words they roll.  The possibilities are endless!!

Speaking of being silly, these Silly Sentence menus are my kids favorites!!!  Basically they just choose a phrase from each column of the menu and combine them to write and illustrate a silly sentence!  SO fun!!

If you've been asking for these you can grab them in the store now!!  And tonight's the last night of the TpT sitewide sale.  Don't forget to use the promo code BTS15 to save an additional 10% off the already discounted price!!!  


  1. Cara,

    Just when I thought I was done shopping- you go and share this! This looks great! I'm a huge fan of your writing activities on TPT, I'm sure I will love this one too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love all your writing activities, especially the fact that the students can use the same activity again and again and create something new each time.

  3. I just love your items!! I have to ask, how do you get the shadows in your font on your, "Sale" banner? I have been trying everything and can't figure it out. Thank you!!