Elfis is BACK & a HUGE Sale!

Our family elf, Elfabet, is back at our house and visiting us from the North Pole.  He is one of my favorite family traditions because his silly hijinks always make my boys laugh.  There is just no sweeter sound to wake up to in the morning, I swear.  Not only are the elves flying back to homes everywhere across the country, but according to my calendar, they're flying back to classrooms everywhere, too.  
Last year I posted all about our classroom elf and I wanted to share that post again in case you could use this fun freebie in your class, too!  Click on the picture below to read all about it.

You can grab the freebie HERE.

And if you're in search of some elf ideas, I posted a few on my domestic blog last week.  You can check those out here...

And have you heard the news yet?!  

Best time of the year!  This is when I like to stock up!!  If you're in need of a few more seasonal resources, here's what I have available...

I have lots of phonics and alphabet resources....math activities and content...and MORE!  You can visit my little store and click on the custom tabs on the left hand side of the screen to find exactly what you're looking for!  Until next time, happy cyber shopping!!!!


  1. Your Elf packet was a lifesaver last year, thank you! I just got a copy of Mooseltoe & have NEVER taught it - I'm excited to try out something new this season. Love the pictures, thanks again! Jen

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  3. you are hysterical! i was shocked to see a typo in your post title because everything about your blog is so darned fabulous and then i read on and saw...ELFIS is in the building! REALLY!??! Too funny! thanks for sharing more great ideas!

  4. hi!! i loooooveee your blog! so inspiring. i have something to ask about your anchor chart. did you draw them?? or you have a link somewhere here where i can retrieve them ;)