Christmas Conversation

With 4 days left until Christmas, I thought today would be the **perfect** day to link up with my dear friend, Abby, and join in on her Christmas Conversation linky...

** I absolutely LOVE reading this version of The Night Before Christmas to my they're snug in their beds...on Christmas Eve.  It's become a yearly tradition and we only read it...aloud...on Christmas Eve.  I keep it on a shelf they can reach in their room, but they've gotten to where they only want us to read it to them.  SO sweet.

**My grandpa makes the most AMAZING Faccia di Vecchia every year for Christmas Eve.  I'm obsessed and I tend to eat it by the fistful since I only get it once a year.  If you don't know what it is, let me dish you the skinny.  It's Italian bread made with anchovies and topped with olives/parmesan/romano...aka - Fish Bread. Sounds awful, right?!  My husband thinks it's the most disgusting thing in the history of food, but he married into the holiday traditition and didn't grow up learning to love it like I do, so I give him a free pass.
I also love drinking the Carroll Family drink every Christmas.  I'm not sure about it's exact ingredients, but it does contain a fine "spirit" and I know there's a raw egg in it, too.  YUM.

**I'm sorry, but I've had just about enough of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".  I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!  I've even gotten to the point where I have to fast forward through the song when I watch Home Alone. {{{shudder}}}  All that to be said, I haven't stopped listening to Christmas music since mid-November.  I stream my Christmas playlist through Spotify and LOVE it.  

These are my top 10 Christmas songs...

These are my boys' top 10 Christmas songs...

**Home Alone, Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, & The Family Man are my top 4 MUST WATCH (at least multiple times) movies during the holiday season.  Here are my top 10...

** We have lots of Christmas traditions, but baking a birthday cake for Jesus and then eating it first thing on Christmas morning...before opening my most favorite.  My boys love this tradition just as much as I do.  You can read all about our other family traditions on my domestic blog.

**I know it sounds cliche, but it's true...any gift I get from my boys is my favorite.  They are just SO proud and SO excited to show me what they got/made me.  I treasure their trinkets more than anything!!!  

** This year will be the first year we've spent Christmas Eve with my family since Landon was 6 months old.  We've either been in Indiana or at our house in Dallas every other year. Adam's work schedule just happened to work out to where we can travel on Christmas Day and come back before NYE.  Both families have HUGE Christmas Eve celebrations and's the biggest day of the year for both!!  Christmas Eve is pretty darn special no matter where we spend it!!!  

**As much as I want my Christmas decor to disappear during the first few days of January, it never happens.  I usually start taking it down around mid-January and then the last of it is all boxed up and stored away by the first weekend in February.  L-A-Z-Y.

**Since Landon was a baby, we've always traveled on Christmas Day.  It's shockingly not too busy at the airports (well, it hasn't been in the last few years, anyway) and I actually really enjoy it.  Everyone is overly friendly and the Christmas spirit is palpable.  Sure...we'd rather be snug in our jammies playing with our toys on Christmas Day, but we're always so excited to see our family that it's never really bothered us at all.  

If you've been ****PATIENTLY**** waiting for me to add my January Edition of Work on Writing to the growing bundle and to the shop, let me apologize...again...for the delay.  Praise Jesus it's finally added!!!!  Thank you for giving me grace in this situation.  This is what I came home to on Friday...after the ENTIRE packet was already finished and ready to convert!!!!


I cried.  For real.  145 pages of missing content.  It happened when I went to convert to PDF.  So....I spent the next 24 hours replacing the missing content and finally uploaded it late last night.  
SO...if you've been waiting on it to appear in your bundle, go back into your purchases and download it now!  If you're interested in adding this to your collection of January materials, you can grab it by clicking on the picture below.  It's $2 OFF 'til tomorrow!!!

Have a RELAXING week, friends!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for blogging. Your blog is my absolute favorite. I cannot thank you enough for making a solo first grade teacher feel like she has a "partner".

  2. (P.S. I do realize you've made the switch to kindergarten, but your ideas are still useful and so much appreciated!)

  3. Love your Spotify Christmas playlist! I've played it non stop :) thank you!

  4. It's a WOnderful Life is my favorite. My hubby was blessed to play the part of George Bailey the last two years here in Round Rock/Austin for his theatre. He did great! Thanks for always sharing your ideas with us fellow Texas teacher peeps. :)
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten