Odd & Even Anchor Activity

Do y'all use anchor activities in your room?  I do!  I refer to them as anchor activities & desserts...a little something for the kids to do {independently} when they're stuck or when they're finished with their work.  I love anchor activities because they lend themselves to easy differentiation.  They give kids a sense of independence and autonomy, too.  

 The activities I include in mine are concept/skill specific and thematic.  I keep them out for a few weeks, until I feel the novelty is wearing off, or until the themtic unit of study comes to an end. The activities included are always independent activities or activities that can be played with a partner.  Nothing I put in my anchor activity/dessert tubs requires reteaching.  I mean, I introduce the activity{ies} to them, but they aren't coming up to me every 5 seconds asking, "how do I do this?!?!?!?"  Too much redirection defeats the purpose!!!

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for more activities to incorporate into your anchor activity/dessert tubs.   I thought I'd share this quick and easy activity I shared with my friends at the TN 1st grade conference.  This is a perfect activity for K & 1.  Even though this particular skill may not be in your standards, it's still a concept that has to be taught....and reinforced.  And when are you supposed to do that if it's not in your curriculum?!?  ANCHOR/DESSERT TUBS, of course!  

Materials needed: 120's chart, 2 different colored counters, a coin {the one pictured above is oversized and huge...I got it several years ago at the Dollar Tree in the party favor section}

 This game can be played independently or with a partner.  

Independent play:  Toss the coin.  If the coin lands on heads, the player will cover up an EVEN number with a red counter.  If the coin lands on tails, the player will cover up an ODD number with a blue counter.  Player will continue to toss & cover odd/even numbers on the 120's chart until X amount of numbers are covered {you can choose the amount or give the kids varying amounts from which to choose}.

Partner play:  Player 1 tosses the coin.  If the coin lands on heads, the player will cover up an EVEN number with a red counter.  If the coin lands on tails, then the play goes to player 2.  Players will continue to toss & identify until one player has 10 counters on the board {or you can determine a different amount players have to have on the board....or players choose the amount they have to have on the board}.  To switch up play, you can also have the kids toss and cover up ODD numbers instead.  

What I love about this very SIMPLE activity is that it reinforces a necessary concept/skill and provides choice for the kids.  They NEED that autonomy.  I also like that the kids aren't tied to playing the game just one way.  Offering them choices within the game helps to give them a sense of ownership and keep them engaged as well.

I'd love to hear more about what you do for your anchor/dessert activities!!!

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