During this time of the year, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate the "holidays" into our learning.  I think it's really important to be sensitive to negative connotations this time of year can evoke.  Let's be real.  Not everyone is a fan of Halloween. And I know many schools/districts don't approve of the symbolism that goes along with it all.   But that doesn't mean we can't make it fun :)

Halloween has always been my favorite.  I mean, I LOVE Christmas....errrr..Winter Holidays?!!?!??!...but there's just something about Halloween.  It reminds me of my childhood.  I can still smell our school Halloween carnival when I close my eyes.  Such FUN memories!!! 

One of my favorite seasonal characters is Frankenstein.  I don't know why, but I LOVE him!!!  Always have.  I've never seen the movie or read the books, but he's always been one of my favorite characters....ummm, symbols...for this time of year.  If you can't tell, I was a HUGE fan of The Addams Family when I was growing up.  I loved me some Herman Munster :)  

When I was at Target the other day, I found these little gems....
I'm thinking they were leftover from last year because I have the tin.  There were only a few of these left and I have about 2-3 already in my holiday stash.  I'm anxious to head out to the "big" Target this weekend because our little one doesn't really have much of a selection. got me thinking.  I absolutely NEED to create some activities that compliment my favorite holiday character!!!   When my boys come home in the afternoon, they {{{shockingly}}} want to do their homework.  I know it won't always be like this, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.  I'm always trying to think of ways to make their after school work more exciting, so I created these activities for them to use for the next few weeks in hopes that it does the trick.  Since my boys are in K and 1st, I made sure to include activities...and variations of the activities included...that would work for both grade levels/objectives.

I created a printable Math packet....a literacy resource...and I also bundled them both together.

We haven't touched on much from the packet, but Landon saw me creating this and he wanted to do it so badly.  And, of course, monkey see monkey do.  Baby brother just had to do it, too :)  So far, this is one of their favorites!!  Hahahaha!!!  Any time they can make something to wear, they get a little excited.  Landon wanted to skip count by 10's and Grant begged to practice counting by 5's.  Sure boys...whatever floats your boat(s) :)

We've been reading our way through these titles...

One thing both my boys need to work on is retell & comprehension.  Comprehension is an area where kids can ALWAYS grow, so I think it's important to give them lots of practice.  Since they bring home a lot of pencil/paper activities for homework, I want to give them something a little bit more "fun". So we we're going to make this little Frankenfoldable.  Ha.  They've seen my example and they're SO  excited!!!!  

We'll talk about the beginning/middle/end of the story and then write about it inside the foldable.  But first things first, of course...making the foldable  We're a family that loves to create :)

This week we'll be making these PRECIOUS snacks...FRANKENPUDDING!!!  Aaaaahhh!!!  I haven't showed the boys yet, but ohmiword.  Anything that involves pudding and Oreos, well...let's just say there won't be any leftovers.  

Since they're both writing, I'm going to follow-up with a little procedural writing activity.  I'll disguise it as writing to explain to Mimi & Daddy how-to make Frankenpudding {since they both work late and won't be around to make this with us}...and they'll eat it right up {no pun intended ;)}
While we're making the pudding, we'll also review our 5 senses.  Even though I'm not in the classroom, I feel like I never left.  I'm sure my mommy/teacher friends can relate.  I don't necessarily try to make everything a learning moment, but I just feel like SO many things lend themselves to teaching or reinforcing skills and concepts they've already learned or are learning, y'know?!  And the teacher in me will always be there no matter who I'm own kids, my classroom kids, or my teacher friends...I just can't turn it off!!!  Just ask my teacher voice comes out more than he'd like ;)  Anyway, here's what I'll use to review that...I'll have them do this during their "downtime" before bed.  

And, of course, I've already busted out my erasers for this one.  We'll be finding numbers on the number line and talking about one more/one less!!!!  I do feel very fortunate that my boys don't really know that they're learning when they do things like these.  I try and make everything a game and so far they're falling for it. Let's pray that lasts a while longer!!!

You can grab the Frankenline in my FrankenFUN Math packet if you're interested in adding a few more seasonal math activities to your bag of tricks.

I also bundled both of these packets together... FrankenFun Math & Literacy.

There are a couple of games in the math packet that I know my boys are going to be excited to play this week.  That's probably how we'll spend our Columbus Day...exploring a few different math concepts and playing games.  Can't wait!!!!


  1. Yay! I looked EVERYWHERE for your Frankenline craft last week and couldnt find template so created my own. Now I can have yours! :)

  2. I LOVE Halloween too! And I agree....spice up some lessons with holiday fun!! And those Frankenpuddings are the best idea ever!! So fun! This pack looks great, Cara!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  3. Oh my...Franken fun! THANKS for sharing. Smiles and stop by anytime!

  4. Cara, just saying: you are so generous to share your material, ideas, expertise, friendship and JOY with other teachers. It is always a breath of fresh air to read your blog. Whenever I get stuck in a rut and need ideas or a teacher pick me up, I know I can read one of your articles and it lifts my teaching spirits! There are other bloggers like this, but you definitely have your own unique twists with your friendly Texas talk and welcoming Texas hospitality! I'm from TX too, that's how I know :0) Anyways, God bless you always, thank you for everything!! Just saying!