Back to School...It's Here!

I'll say it about 500 more times until we have to go back, but ohmiword.  It's already here.  Some of y'all have been back for a few weeks.  Some of y'all are starting your first day today.  Some of us still have a few weeks yet to go.  Either way, it's here.  And this sorta sums it up perfectly...

Can I get an amen?!

It seems like the back to school prep is never ending.  NEVER.ENDING.  There's always one...or a hundred....more thing(s) to do.  


And it stays like that for the rest of the year.  

Uh...scratch that.  

It stays like that for all of your teaching career :)

By the time you've organized your classroom, planned meet the teacher, decorated, and everything else in between, you've still got a few weeks worth of planning to do.  You know, for those little people you have to teach :)

LUCKILY, there's a sale for that!

That's right!  The TpT Back to School sale is in FULL swing!  

Here are a few little resources you might find helpful for back to school!

My little store is on sale and my latest addition was just added...

A first grade edition is in the works as I type and will **hopefully** be added in the next day!

Here are the literacy & math anchor charts and printables that help me start my year.  The anchor charts will be displayed all year and the kids LOVE using them as a resource!

These back to school math & literacy centers {with I Can cards} were the perfect way to start the year last year!  My kids loved them and I love that they're already prepped & ready to go for another year.

Of course, the first few weeks are nothing short of crazy.  I'm always need a little something "extra", so I created a little survival stash of activities to help with that!

My first graders LOVED doing these at the beginning of the year!  I even included a few in my little survival stash of goodies!  They were a HIT!

I know our fine motor skills will need some practice, so these letter booklets will be introduced the 2nd week of school.  

Our alphabet notebooks will be prepped and ready to go the 2nd week, too!  SO excited about these!!

These are my two most favorite units to start off the new school year....

Say My Name!  Lots of hands-on, engaging name activities!!  I LOVE working with names!!! After all, their names are the most important word in their vocabulary :)

Right after we learn about names, we learn about colors!  And not just colors, but color words!  I hit this hard for about two weeks.  Sounds a little crazy, but there's a definite method to the madness!!

Our sight word fluency center is prepped and ready to go from last year.  I know most of my K babies won't be able to read any of the words, but there are always a few that surprise me and I want to be prepared!

You might have seen that my writing center is already prepped and I'm busy creating work on writing activities for the rest of the year, too!  

And here's a class favorite!  I can't wait to introduce this to them, too!!!!

Now it's time to get my shop on ;)  I have a cart full of fun just waiting for me to click "buy"!!  

Happy MONDAY!!!


  1. Love all your stuff and pretty much want to buy the rest of the things I haven't purchased from you! After 13 years in 1st grade...I am moving to k. I can't wait to shop some more.

  2. My 2nd graders liked the secret messages in your back to school packet. Thanks! Sara

  3. Nice worksheets! Wishing to buy from you asap.