Sight Wordle - Simple Sight Word Center

Now that we've talked all about the Writing Center, let's move on over to one of my other favorites...the Sight Word Center.  Do you have a sight word center in your room?  I LOVE mine.  A special little center dedicated to nothing but sight words.  

This center is filled with TONS of options for the kids.  Playdoh & letter stamps, sight word rings & cards, games, sight word books....the list goes on.  I try not to keep out the same choices any longer than 2-3 weeks because, again, the novelty wears off.  I'll always bring back activities at different times of the year, but I like to change it up often to keep the kids engaged and excited.

Here's one of my favorite sight word center activities.  I shared this in Vegas during my "I Know it By Sight" presentation and thought you guys might want to check it out, too!  It's too simple not to try out!

The objective of this activity is to have your kids search for sight words.  I keep my Sight Wordles in a plastic sheet protector and have the kids use their Expo markers to highlight the words they find.

You can do this lots of different ways...

* have the kids search for words they KNOW {this would be great for a quick assessment!}

* have the kids search for SPECIFIC words {great for a review!!!}

*have the kids search for words with 2 letters, 3 letters, etc.

* have the kids search for words that rhyme with __________.

The list goes on....

This is one of my kids' most favorite sight word activities!  You can print off several at a time for more variety.  You can differentiate by lists.  The possibilities are endless!!!

When I taught 2nd grade, we used Wordles for EVERYTHING :)  

Never created one before?!  Here's a little breakdown....

Head to the homepage at WORDLE.NET. and click on the button that says CREATE.

Now you'll come to a screen prompting you to enter your words.  This is where you'll enter the list of words you want to appear in your Wordle.  Just because you type a word in more than once doesn't mean it will show up more than one time.  It will actually make the word LARGER.  SO, you might only want to type in each word once.  Then click "GO".

You'll be redirected to the next page where your Sight Wordle will show up and you'll probably notice that most of your words are missing.  WHAT?!?!?!?  
Don't panic.  Just click on the LANGUAGE tab and select the "DO NOT REMOVE COMMON WORDS" option.

Aha!!!  MUCH better :)

As you can see, the word "THE" is the biggest word on the page.  This is what I was talking about earlier.  I typed that word in several different times when creating my list, so that word appears bigger than the won't show up more than once.  

You can play with the font, layout, and colors by playing around with the tabs.  SO many options!

And there ya have it!  A simple sight word center in just minutes!!!


Hopefully you'l be able to use this little idea in your classroom!!  Like I said, the possibilites are ENDLESS.  You could use this with any subject you teach or any skill you want to reinforce with your kids.  I love me a good Wordle ;)

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We use that at the time but never thought about that! You're a genius!

  3. I love me a Wordle too! I've never thought of using them for word work either though. Now, I am off to make one for every list of words that we have! Love it, love you! Thank you for the easy idea. *Pretend that I just pushed the easy button! {or the love button}

  4. That is such a great idea! I'll be making them for our reading units.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a great idea! I'm off to make them now

  6. Amazing idea!! I know what I will be making!

  7. Ah! I adore this idea. I just did Tagxedos as part of my bridesmaid gifts, and as student gifts, but I never thought to use them as a center. Thank you!

    I'm switching from second to Kindergarten this year, and your blog and TPT store have been such a help and inspiration. Thank you for all that you do!

    And, I'm just getting started on a blog myself, if you have a moment to check it out!

    Primary Explorers

  8. This is going to be dangerous! I am going to LOVE this new addiction! :)

    YOU ROCK! Thank you dear friend.

    Heather's Heart

  9. Oh my gosh Cara, this is brilliant! I love it! Can't wait to use it in my sight word center :)

  10. I'm always up for an easy center! These would even be fun to let the kiddos make towards the end of the year for each other!

    For the Love of First Grade

  11. That is a great idea! I saw Wordles a while ago but I never knew what to do with them! I cannot wait until I use them. Our district doesn't have many resources currently while we are changing over to the Common core and I m looking for whatever I can! I'm also starting to create my own stuff.

  12. Easy to make, fun and colorful! I have seen Wordles used for decorations before but never like this. I think I may adapt this idea for letter recognition with my preschoolers. Inspiration... Thanks for sharing such as great idea!
    The Chalkboard Garden

  13. I love this idea and all of the suggested ways to use it - so many possibilities. Thanks so much for sharing this idea : )

  14. I seem to have a knack for taking simple things and going absolutely haywire over them. This is one such example.
    Thank you so much for sharing and if you'll lean slightly into your computer, turn your head to the right... a little more to the right... now listen closely. Do you hear them? The wheels in my head are turning at maximum speed and I'm thinking this is likely to be a late night for me. :) Thank you again!

  15. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Going to try it this year!

  16. our librarian loved doing wordles... for everything! Brilliant idea for a sight word center though :)
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach

  17. I love your ideas and it is aimed to all type of learners, although the wordle is not available, wanted to see if they had a different language to perform the same task. Overall it can be created as well by the student on white board. I simply just loved it! Have a great day! Marie

  18. I love youuu! <3 :) You make me love my job even *more*. And I didn't think that possible ^_^