A Little Recap. That's All.

I know many of y'all are on Spring Break, but I am not.  In fact, I think I need ANOTHER week off.  We are just getting back in the swing of things after an ever so glorious, albeit way too busy, Spring Break.  {tear, sniff}.  I can smell Summer just around the corner and the fragrance is OH so sweet.  Sweet, sweet summa-time.  

Now before I start daydreaming about being poolside, I'll go ahead and recap what we've been up to these last few weeks.  

We had lots of presidential-sized Kindergarten fun.

As you can see, we're working on our handwriting.  That to be said, heck if I'm not so excited that my littles are getting their thoughts on paper...and I can read it all, too!!!!  

These are a favorite every year, but even more so this year.

And it's all because of this...

I kid you not when I tell you that most of my kids said they'd keep CHEESE in their hats.  WHA?!?!!?

Right after presidents, we learned all about the GREAT{est ;)} state of TEXAS!!!  I didn't really change up too much of what I did from last year {you can read about that HERE}, but I did end up our unit of learning with a Rodeo day this year.  One of my sweet teammates brought her horses up to school and the kids got to ride them {with permission slips signed, of course}.  AND...my FAVORITE part of the day...making and eating {er, devouring} a class bowl of Armadilly Chili!!  YUM!

Our kids worked their little TAILS off for an amazing performance in the school Texas ABC Play.  PRESH.  My oldest took part in it, too.  He played the part of George Strait.  I'm not gonna lie.  I shot pics through the lens of tear filled eyes.  He has my heart, this one.  And I swear I'm not trying to be a braggy momma, but darnit...he did SO good!!!  For being a little introvert, he really surprised me!  Smiled, sang, and played his part just GREAT!!!!

We had a BUSY spring break.  A visit from my best friend and her kids...golf cart rides...a day at the beach...family fun night...redecorating...celebrating my sister's birthday...and a day at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  My boys have been to the carnival before, but this was their first year to go to the rodeo...and they LOVED it!  Especially the calf scramble and mutton bustin'!  HA!

Speaking of being surprised, I about fell out when my shy child exclaimed that he wanted to ride the mechanical bull.  I mean, he BEGGED us to do it.  He even happily waited in line...ALONE...for half an hour.  Who is this child?!  I took pictures through tear filled eyes on this one, too :)

And the boys were SO dang excited to get their faces painted. That was another first!  They've never been interested before.  I couldn't get them to wash their faces for a few days after that!  HA!!!

We hit the ground running on Monday with lots of St. Patty's Day shenanigans.  Of course, our Loopy Leprechauns had to be part of the day.  This one was my favorite.  I'm a sucker for little boys who write about their mommas.

You can see these loopy little leprechauns in action in my first grade classroom HERE.
And you can find the template for them HERE {in case you want it for your files :)}

I found precious mathtivity from Erin over at Eberhart's Explorers...
Adding gold for St. Patrick's day. Also, making graphs with lucky charms marshmellows

I mean, is that not darling or what?!

Anyway, LOVED it so much, but I ran out of construction paper and didn't have enough to finish the task, so I had to do something just a little different.  These are nowhere NEAR as cute as Erin's, but they did the trick and the kids had SO much fun adding their "magical" gold coins :)  #winning

Last but not least, I've added my Rock Your Fluency ~ The First Grade Edition ~ to the shop.  And it's on sale until tomorrow.  2nd & 3rd grade packs will be added by the end of the week.  Whew!  

Have a GREAT night!!!


  1. You have the cutest little cowboy! :)

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  2. Oh, my gosh, "little" man riding that bull…Wow! Great photo! That first grade pack looks like an answer to prayer…heading to your store now:)

  3. Those boys! Too darn cute! I love the Fluency pack, I can't wait to dig in to the first grade edition! I'm transitioning to first next year! Woohoo! Be prepared to be blog-stalked!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

    PS Guess who I saw at Stonebriar this weekend?! SHAY SHULL! I was a total basket case! I kept telling my husband, "That's Shay, OMG that's Shay". And then I finally went up and talked to her and she was soooo sweet! Anywho, just thought I'd share my crazy celeb-siting!

  4. So happy that you made a Fluency Pack for the First Grade Dolch words! I teach first grade and have been using your pre-primer/ primer pack with my intervention kiddos... Can't wait to dive into your first grade set (and 2nd-3rd for my advanced readers)!

    I gave you a shout out in my recent post about intervention in my classroom! I'd love for you to check it out @ Firstie Favorites.

    Take care and thank you for creating those amazing fluency sets!

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  6. I can't stop laughing about the cheese in the hat!!! And I love the writing samples in this post! That one about the mother son date is sooooooooo precious!

  7. Hi Cara,
    Love your blog and your TPT products....you are truly amazing! Not sure if I'm breaking an unwritten rule here, but I wanted to request to pin to your collaborative board Top Teacher Smorgasboard. My pinterest address is:


    Thank you!
    Kathy O

  8. Thanks for the shout out. You're the best!!! :)

  9. Hello!

    Cant wait to do this craft again with my class on Monday! Did it last year and it was a huge success! I was wondering where I could get a template of the gold coin math craft? Thank you!