Last Minute Valentines {My Favorite Pins Edition}

I know Valentine's Day is an especially cheesy {commercial} holiday, but I love it nonetheless.  Really, I love ANY reason to celebrate.  This just happens to be one of my favorites.  Not because of the "lovey-dovey" idea behind it all, but it brings back SO many childhood memories.  Class parties, popcorn balls, Valentine exchanges, decorating shoe boxes...I could go on and on.  

Mr. Spouse and I don't go out of our way to make Valentines a big deal.  In fact, we have a Valentine Day tradition I ADORE.  We started it when I was pregnant with my first.  We don't love waiting in lines for anything {who does?!}...especially when we're hungry and ready to eat.  Instead of making reservations for a romantical dinner somewhere fancy, we decided years ago that we'd celebrate at our favorite Dallas restaurant...Snuffers.  Home of the world's BEST cheese fries.  Ohmiword.  Now that we don't live in Dallas, we're finding a new low key spot, but that was the best idea we ever had.  Hot dogs, cheese fries, and milkshakes for Valentine's Day...a tradition my WHOLE family loves :)

Given that I have two little boys who won't be little forever, I try and make the day a teensy more special for them.  I know it's cheesy.  And completely unnecessary.  But I love it.  And so do they.  And I hope that when they're grown and old they remember the silly things mom used to do to make *special* days a little more special.  I'm definitely taking advantage of their age while I can!!!  

Here are some of my most favorite Valentine ideas!  

For Your Class

I made these for my kids last year.  This was SO very simple and my kids absolutely LOVED it.  Cheap, too!

For something LESS sweet, but just as cute, I think this is a precious idea.

I also LOVE all of Rachelle's ideas for her "no food" Valentines.  GENIUS, I tell ya....and SO cute, too.

For YOUR Kids

My boys want the tried and true Valentines from a box and I am NOT complaining.  Trust me.  But if you're more inclined to take the creative route, here are some cute ideas...

I made these for my boys to hand out last year.  What I thought would take me no more than an hour had me busy ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Cute?!?!  ABSOLUTELY.  A beating and a half!?!??  Like you wouldn't believe.

If you want to make Valentines WITH your kids and not FOR them, this is SO fun!!!!  

Who doesn't love gum?!  I ADORE this one!!!

If I did make a Valentine treat for my boys' classes this year, it would have to be this one.  Ohmiword...the boys are OBSESSED with this stuff.

For Your Teacher/CoWorker

Brownie Points!!!  Hahaha!! YES!!!!!

It takes a BIG heart.  LOVE this.

For Your Significant Other

I know I said Mr. Spouse and I don't go out of our way to do much, but I do like sprinkling him with little treats to remind him that I do love him to pieces...even when I act a little crazy ;)  

He loves nuts and I love this.  Too cute.

I've been looking for excuses to put this jar of mine to use and this is the PERFECT occasion!

These are ALWAYS a hit...and SO much fun to open!!!

And you can bet he'll be getting this for breakfast ;)  My sweet stud muffin.

Want MORE fun ideas?! You can check out my HAPPY HEART DAY pinboard.  I've got TONS of ideas pinned for food, treats, decor and MORE!


  1. There are so many cute ideas out there!

  2. Love the shooting for brownie points teacher gift idea. I think I will make this for my boys' teachers.

    The Math Maniac

  3. Way too much fun!! Thanks for including the Hubby ideas! I've been so busy having fun planning for my firsties that I didn't do anything special just for him! Stud Muffins are in the oven now!!

  4. I saw your letter that you had created for students to write to the Easter Bunny after you read The Best Easter Egg Ever. Could I possibly get a copy of this letter to use with my class? I saw it on your blog page under April 2. I love your stuff and have bought quite a bit of it. Thank you for sharing your creativity.