Hello there.

I’ve been a little tied up the last couple of weeks.

I’m glad to be back.

My sweet nephew turned one on the 25th and I was commissioned to bake the cupcakes and fancy up a few chalkboards.  Did I mention that I baked 72 cupcakes?!  I only frosted 60 because our sweet little pug ate a dozen.  C’est la vie.  That just meant I had less to frost, so I wasn’t complaining too bad :)Little Man had a Mustache Bash and it was presh.  I mean seriously…is he not the cutest thing?!



A few of y’all saw the chalkboards I posted on Instagram and to answer your questions… 

These are the chalk markers I use.


This is what I use to take it all off. 



I spent this past weekend in Dallas visiting my sweet friends.  Chicken soup for the homesick soul, for sure!  Can you even believe that my precious friend in the middle is pregnant?!  ALL belly she is!!  Just NOT fair!!!!  I love that I always pick up right where I left off with these sweet girls.  Friendships like these just don’t happen every day and I’m SO blessed to call these girls my friends.  They’re the kind of girls that lift you higher when you’re around them…there’s nothing better!  Everybody needs friends like these in their lives.


I also got to spend time with my precious friend, Jill.  We taught together for several years and she is, hands down, one of my most favorite people in the world.  And ohmiword, an AMAZING kindergarten teacher to boot.  I can’t even say enough about her…she truly is amazing.  I sorta want to be her when I grow up.  I love her thismuch.


When I was pregnant with my second, Jill saved me after I fell off the counters at school.  We love to relive that moment when we’re together.  She’s pretty darn good for my soul, too.



I’ll back it up for a second to show you a couple of things I remembered to take pictures of the last couple of weeks.

We made a few little snowmen and did some descriptive writing…


And we finished up our penguin study with this cute little writing craftivity.  I’m sorta in love.



Did I mention that I’m OBSESSED with Scandal?!?!


I finished two seasons worth of shows in two weeks {hence the blogging absence} and my sister told me I’m still missing a whole season.  Darn you NETFLIX!!!!  I need those episodes to be added to my queue, STAT!


Have you celebrated the 100th day yet?!  We haven’t.  Not just yet.  But it’s coming this Friday.  I decided this year that I’d spend the whole week prepping for this monumental occasion.  I always have a gobzillion things planned for the 100th day and never even get around to half of them.  So this year, I’m working ahead and we’re spending the week with lots of activities centered around 100 so that we can spend the 100th day truly celebrating and not rushing around like crazy!

I’m coming back tomorrow to share my most favorite 100th day activities and resources with you…just in case you haven’t celebrated yours yet either.


And lastly, the Winter Games start on Thursday and our classroom is all abuzz.  I seriously love the Olympics…both summer & winter…so needless to say, I’m THRILLED about the upcoming games!!!!  By request, I added a packet full of Olympic themed printables to my little shop.  If you’re interested, click the pic{s} below to see what’s included.


And that’s that.

A whole buncha random. 

Have a happy Monday night!!!


  1. What a cute idea! I love the name of the new packet :) AND SCANDAL IS THE BEST!!!

  2. Your Olympic pack looks AMAZNG!!! You have been BUSY!!!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  3. You are too funny! I love this blog post! Squirrel! Reminds of that sweet dog from UP! I am currently on maternity leave with my little guy and am missing the 100th day! It is usually my favorite day so I can't wait to see what your class does Friday! Thanks for making me laugh & sharing your ideas :)
    Love to Teach A-Latte

  4. How do keep up! I just love you!

  5. Scandal is my all time favorite show...and this past season is "hands down" the BEST season EVER. You will be even more obsessed. My Netflix addiction right now is Revenge!!! I can't tear myself away from the tv!
    Fun In First

  6. The animals were cracking me up!! Too funny! I love how cute the chalkboards for your nephew's birthday party turned out!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  7. The 100th day takes at least a week to celebrate properly! Every year I find one more good idea that I just have to add to my 100th day list. I never seem to take anything off. Can't wait to see more about how you celebrate the 100th day!

    The Math Maniac

  8. OHHH SCANDAL!! Love it!! Can't wait for the end of February when it's back on!! That and Greys are my Thursday guilty pleasure!

  9. New to ScAnDaL & loving it also! Would love to know more about your designs for chalkboards & would love to do this myself. I teach 1st grade, so the Olympics pack will be great! Can you email me at
    jmcmanam@w-sioux.k12.ia.us about the chalkboards? Also love your food blog! Thanks, Jackie

  10. Where did the adorable penguin craft come from? I love it! Thanks for the chalkboard marker idea. Super!

  11. You are amazing! Just love all of it!

  12. Where did you find the chalkboard markers?? Love all your chalkboards!

  13. Seriously, Scandal is the BEST! I keep waiting for new episodes from this season and they won't be back until February 27. February 27?!?! Oh my goodness! So you have plenty of time to get caught up!!!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

  14. Thank you SO much for the Magic Eraser tip to clean off the chalkboard!! I had the hardest time getting everything off and that worked like a charm!