Winners & A Freebie!

I SO loved reading all about your favorite Christmas movies!  Sounds  like we have A LOT in common!  EXCEPT…I’m really not a fan of A Christmas Story AT.ALL. {don’t judge!!!!!}  I tolerate it because Mr. Spouse is obsessed.  He’s SO obsessed that he bought me this two years ago for Christmas.  And NO…it was not a gag gift.


That movie brings back memories of my sister.  She would watch it for 24 hours straight every Christmas Eve and I would BEG her to turn it off!!  I won’t lie…in recent years, it’s really grown on me, but it’s definitely not my favorite!  SADSVILLE!!!!  These are the movies I usually have on replay throughout the holiday season…



I know that The Sound of Music isn’t really a Christmas movie, but this is the time of the year when I watch it ALL the time.  And y’all…I’m SO surprised that more people didn’t say you love The Family Man!!!  Aaahhhh!!!  I DIE!  That is one of my most favorite Christmas movies EVER!!!  Makes me cry like a baby!!!  My sister and I will get into some serious texting wars these next few weeks…we’ll go quote for quote on Home Alone lines.  I always win.  {I hope she’s not reading this! HA!}

Okay.  I know y’all didn’t come over to read about my favorite Christmas movies, so without further ado, here are the winners from last night’s giveaway!


These sweet ladies win ALL of my Christmas/holiday packets.

If you didn’t win and you still want a packet or two, you can head on over to my shop.  There’s a BIG Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale going on right now!!  You have ‘til tomorrow night to save 30%!!!

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  1. I.LOVE.THAT.YOUR.HUSBAND.GOT.YOU.THAT.OUTFIT!!!! Omigosh! I am seriously laughing. I love that you put it on and wore it and POSTED a picture! Too cute! My sister is obsessed with The Sound of Music! She wants to have a family night this week to watch the one with Carrie Underwood. :) Thanks for the freebie.

  2. That pink pajama suit is hilarious - a doppelgänger for Ralphie! Thanks for the fantastic freebie . . . **it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas** . . .

    Love to Learn

  3. I'm with you, A Christmas Story is NOT my favorite Christmas movie at all... the Home Alones are pretty good! :)
    Thanks for the freebie! Have a great week!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  4. I have never understood the fascination with the Christmas Story, but I love the pic of you in the pink rabbit pajamas. The look on your face is PRICELESS!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I cannot stop laughing at that pic of you in that wonderful gift from your husband!!!! Adorable, hilarious and perfect all at once!

  6. I could not agree more about not liking A Christmas Story. I CANNOT stand it!!! What makes it worse is that it takes place in Indiana and they mention Terre Haute, where I live, so it's "famous" here. LOL! We have the stupid Leg Lamp that I unfortunately won at an Ugly Sweater Contest 2 years ago. Ahhhh!
    Fun In First

  7. Cara! I so excited!! Thank you!! Best Christmas gift yet!! Doing the Christmas happy pants dance and can't wait to use them! How do I get them from you?

  8. Yea, I am so excited - how do I get these fabulous packets from you? Thanks Cara!

  9. Thanks for the Freebies. I don't like A Christmas Story either. Have you seen the Family Stone? It's another holiday favorite of mine. :)

  10. I am so with you on Toy Story... not a fan and my HUSBAND loves it too!!! He would love to have that leg lamp table parked right in the living room window! And The Sound of Music is a Christmas must... Hubby hates musicals but guess what??? NBC IS DOING a live show Thursday from Broadway!!!! I can't wait!!! But Carrie Underwood as Maria? IDK about that! How did I miss this giveaway :(
    Dirt Road Teacher

  11. Cara...I forgot to add my email address to my comment.
    I'm so thrilled I won and I can't wait to get the units! So excited!!! I love the Elfis Freebie too! I've just got to find an Elf now. My kiddos will go bananas!!