Hello? Hello? Is Anybody There?

Hi friends.  Maybe you remember me?  I’m the girl who used to be semi good about blogging here at The First Grade Parade.  Is anybody there?  I’m convinced no one reads blogs anymore…or maybe just that no one reads this one.  I’m sure it doesn’t help when I don’t post for a month :)  Living in a small little town means that sometimes you don’t have internet access…for extended periods of time…even when you call your provider and practically beg for them to restore your service. {{Sigh}}
So I enjoyed the temporary lapse in blogging.  And when Internet service was restored, I kept on enjoying my break.  Sometimes you just need a break, y’know?!  I know I’m not the only one.  I’m just glad that the good Lord forced it through means of an Internet outage.  Now I’m refreshed.  And I actually miss blogging.  So here we go. 
I was terrible about taking my camera to school this last month, so ignore the quality of some of these pictures.  Scary, at best.  Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?!
Right after my last post, we celebrated Halloween at school.  I know it’s almost Thanksgiving, but bear with me.  Here’s a little activity I did with my kids for Halloween, but you could absolutely do it ANY time of the year.  We practiced working with the “Franken”line.  My kids thought that was hilarious.  I really want my kids to be fluent in using the number line and being familiar with the vocabulary we use to talk about numbers.  I love that they have a connection to refer back to when we work with the number line now.
Each of my kids got a “Franken”line, a little Frank eraser {Target $1 spot….holla!}, two dice, and a recording sheet.  We started at the point of origin…yes, I expect my kids to know what that is!…and had them roll their dice.  They walked the line that number of spaces and placed their little Frank on the number on which they landed.  Then I had them count up one number and use that in a sentence.  For example, if they landed on 6, they would move up one space to 7.  Then I had them tell me, “7 is one more than 6”.   Then I had them return to the point of origin, roll their dice again, and move their Frank to that number.  Then I had them find the number that was 1 less than what they rolled….and they had to tell me in a sentence what that was. {5 is one less than 6}.  catchup12

After we did this a few times, the kids recorded their work and then made their own little Frank as a visual connection.  They LOVED this!!!

The printables & templates for this mathtivity can be found in my FrankenFun Math packet if you're interested.

Moving right along…
We started the month of November with a pumpkin week.  Nothing but pumpkins.  And it still seemed like there wasn’t enough time for everything I wanted to do!! 
You might remember me posting about these activities a few years ago.  This year I changed up my brainstorming map just a bit…to make it easier for the kids to tell the difference between the descriptive words for both the outside and inside of a pumpkin.  We created these little anchor charts as we were doing our pumpkin investigations
We used the descriptive words in a little writing activity that you can check out HERE.  We didn’t use similes though…my kids just completed sentence prompts…The outside of a pumpkin can be _______.  The inside of a pumpkin can be ________.  My camera died before I could steal a pic! BOO!
We did some non-fiction pumpkin writing as a follow up to the schema/new learning chart we created.  I’ve noticed that my kids tend to write so much more…and so much better!…when we’re writing non-fiction pieces.  I know it’s because it’s not so abstract, but still.  I’m just so proud of them!
catchup18  catchup19
At the end of the week, we culminated our pumpkin learning with a little pumpkin tasting party.  Just as I predicted, the kids were pretty reluctant to try some of the pumpkin flavored goodies.  I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan either.  I like it in small doses.  I love pumpkin bread.  Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.   And even a few little bites of pumpkin fluff.  But everything else?!  Notsomuch.  I still can’t get on board with the beloved pumpkin spice latte everyone raves about.  But I digress.
Here’s what was on the menu…
Pumpkin pie.  Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights.  Pumpkin Fluff with Vanilla Wafers.  Pumpkin Bread.  I was going to have the kids try pumpkin pie pop tarts {ewwwwww}, but they were out!
2013-10-25 14.30.15-2
Here are the results…
I had a few that refused to try anything.  Bless their hearts!  I know my son would’ve been the exact same way!
Oh…I almost forgot.  We used our life sized tens frame & number line {to 10} to practice addition to 10.  We tossed the die, moved the counter on the number line to match, and then filled the tens frame that number of spaces.  Then I had the kids write down the first addend {the number rolled}.  Then we talked about how many more counters we would need to get to 10.  We counted it on the number line and filled the remaining spots on the tens frame.  Then I had the kids complete their number sentence on their little dry erase sleeves.  Love.
We had fun celebrating the 50th day.  A whirlwind of a day, of course.  We spent the day working on lots of activities from my 50th day packet.  Making root beer floats was definitely a class favorite!  Mine too :)  You can check out some of the things we did HERE.  Once again, I didn’t take very many pictures!

We also celebrated Veteran’s Day.  We read a couple of non-fiction stories about Veterans and then made a little anchor chart.  We used our anchor chart to help us with our writing craftivity.

You can find this writing craftivity in my Veterans Day Mini Packet HERE.
“Veterans help.  Veterans are strong.  Veterans are in the Army.”

I also had the kids write about their real life heroes.  I LOVED reading what they had to say!  Just PRECIOUS!
This template is also included in my Veterans Day Mini Pack!
“My hero is my Popo because he fights for our country.”
“My hero is my mom because she takes care of me.”
That one **might** have made me tear up.
This past week we worked on TONS of Thanksgiving stuff.  And sadly, I took a picture of NOTHING.  Well…I took lots of pics of my kids in their Native American vests and headbands, but that’s about it.  However, I did a lot of things I’ve already done in the past, so not much changed about my plans for Thanksgiving stuff.  If you want to check out what I’ve done in years past, you can read about it all HERE.
One new thing I added to the mix this year was this fun little Turkey craftivity.  Colorful and fun, we made these little turkeys to go along with some non-fiction writing.  The kids absolutely LOVED these and they were SO easy…and quick!…to prep and create!
So…in a nutshell…that’s what we’ve been up to in Kindergarten. 
We have the WHOLE week off this week and it is MUCH needed.  I’m prepping for North Carolina {will I see you there?!?!?} and finishing up a few requests I’ll be adding to the shop later this week.  I did manage to add a little something new last week to help some of my kids who need more support with “sneaky e”.  You can check it out HERE.
2013-11-18 09.00.31
Glad to be back to blogging!  See you tomorrow!!


  1. I made and loved your Pumpkin Fluff! I was wondering where I could get a copy of your Franken Line. It would be great for my SKs.

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  7. Oooops. . .I meant "world of education." :)

  8. Sometimes we all need a break from blogging :) Been there, done that!
    I've made pumpkin fluff for years and love it!
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

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  10. Wow! That was worth waiting for! But I did miss reading your blog. I am forever going back to see what you did in the past and then trying to recreate it for my class. Love all your ideas, but I have no idea how you do it all! So glad that you are back!

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  12. I'm so glad you're back to blogging-definitely missed your posts! Such awesome activities you shared! I bought some of those erasers at the $1 spot, too! (Sadly, they never made it out of the packaging... Oh, well! There's always next year!) Enjoy your week off! Happy Thanksgiving! I, for one, am thankful that you blog-you're a constant source of inspiration!!!

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  21. Welcome Back!!! I just recently started a classroom blog for my kindergarten class so I love reading and getting inspired by other activities that people are doing in their classrooms. Thank you for taking the time to update us on new activities you have done. I am getting excited because we are thinking about doing The Grinch Day since we have been talking about empathy at school l and thought it would be a great idea. New year I am looking forward to trying the Frankinline with the children.
    Thank You again.

  22. So glad you're back! I absolutely LOVE your Franken-line activity. My kiddos really struggled with the concept of one more and one less and I felt like I was running out of ways to teach it. This will be a great review activity for us to try (with a switch for the season, of course!). Thanks for all that you do! It's great to have you back! :)

  23. Welcome back! So glad you're refreshed! This post has fantastic ideas in it. Would it be possible to get a copy of the Frankenline printables? It's great! Thanks. Vivian

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    Lessons with Laughter

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    Science for Kids Blog

    1. I love it too so I bought it! It's from her volume 3 font pack!

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    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care!

  27. I read!!!! Thanks as always for sharing! It's hard to keep up with blogging being a working mom sometimes. I am not so good about keeping up with it either. But please don't stop!!!! I love checking in on you!



  28. Cara
    Of course we still read blogs! Cara I honestly don't know how you do all that you do with two little ones. I was totally inspired by you and your love of sharing great educational freebies so I started a blog to do the same . I am sharing but the post are very sporadic , the time it takes just to make a post amazed me not to mention all the other responsibilities

  29. My 3 are 10, 15, & 17 and it seems like they just came into this world . Enjoy your time with those boys it goes by so fast as one school year turns into the next .

  30. Please don't ever think that your blog isn't followed or read. I am a faithfully reader of it weekly. I was actually very worried about you this past month and am glad to know you are doing ok. Since I don't know you personally, didn't know if it would have been creepy to get a message from some gal in Virginia asking how you were!? Anywho... just know that I get so many terrific ideas from your site and am constantly in awe of what you do with your kinderbabies! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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  35. I love seeing pictures of your kiddos in action!
    You are so creative!!
    Miss Elementary

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    Renee from Science School Yard

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    Happy Sunday!!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

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  52. I love the Frankenline Lesson. Would you be able to send me the templates to my Email adress. Thanks in advance. Filomena12350@yahoo.com

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