Peek at My Week. My Visual Plans!

It was a BUSY weekend!  Sorry these are a little late {for those of you asking about them}.  TOO much fun with the family!!  Here are my visual plans for the week!  As usual, I’m linking up with the fabulous Deedee Wills.  Head on over to check out her plans as well as many others…and add yours, too!

Click HERE to download the PDF version. {All of the pictures are clickable & will take you right to the featured resource.  You have to download the PDF to access the clickable links…they won’t open in Google Drive!}


Have a great week, friends!!!!!


  1. I love seeing your visual plans. :) Glad you had a good weekend!

    Sugar and Spice

  2. thank you sweet friend for the shout out :o) it was a special treat to be catching up on my favorite blogs this morning to find it! xoxo

  3. Just amazing... everything about your plans look so engaging and interactive. Lucky students!

    Granny Goes to School

  4. Your plans are simply amazing! I love to look through them and see what my kinders are doing in comparison to what yours are doing! One question: As part of whole group math on Monday, you have that students will play magic number/last man standing. I'm curious to know how this game is played. Is it simply that you have a magic number in mind and if the students guess incorrectly, they sit down? I'm picturing you using a 0-10 chart and telling them that their guess is bigger or smaller than the magic number. Am I anywhere close? :) Thanks!

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  6. I am wondering what the alphabet linking chart is?

  7. Hello Cara I have begun writing on my blog recently and I wanted to let you know that I used your schedule cards this year in my classroom and I will be linking you to my blog. Thanks for all that you do for us as teachers!

    Kindness Counts in Kindergarten

  8. Hi Cara,
    I really like your plan format. I teach First Grade and have been looking for a template. I know your plans are for Kindergarten...but I was wondering if there was an editable version available? I liked your LA and Math dessert plans too. Just was curious! Thanks!

  9. I love your organization on your plans. great inspiration, thank you! Paula