Keeping it Organized

Before I go any further, I must say…I.AM.WORN.OUT!!!!! 


Getting back into a routine sure is hard, isn’t it?!

Anyway, I was pulling out a few things to get ready for next week and thought I’d share a quick way I **try** and stay somewhat organized as far as filing materials/activities goes.  I shared this little idea in Chicago and maybe you can use it, too :)

When I create a new activity or make one that I purchase, I always write them down in my little monthly activity binder.  I jot down the name of the activity, the author, and where I put it {because I ALWAYS forget!!!!}.  This makes prepping for planning SO much easier!!


The pages in my binder are organized by theme.  IGNORE the SCARY handwriting….but this is about being efficient, not neat :)  My materials are stored in my filing cabinet or monthly drawers and while that might sound like something I don’t need to keep track of, trust me when I say it’s a necessity!!!!  What may look tidy on the outside is a HOT MESS on the inside, so at least knowing where I can find it makes the search so much more bearable :)  I like to include the author and the product name so that if I’m missing pieces of the activity, I know exactly where to go to print them out instead of searching through file after file.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Hope this little idea helps you a little :)  Happy Monday!


  1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I do this too, but digitally. When I create or purchase something I copy & paste a PNG of the pack and then add the clickable link to where I can find it. I sort mine all my month, then by subject. I also find that Pinterest is great for keeping track of all the ideas I gather! Great tip!
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

  3. I've never thought of organizing thematic materials this way! Super helpful :) Thanks so much!!

    Little Miss Primary

  4. Good idea! I never write down locations... things might be put away, but I sure can't find 'em!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I have been getting into taking pictures of all the things that I have for each month and storing them in a photo album scrapbook thing because I am very visual and this has really helped me keep track. I think I might add a writing piece to it as well though so I have both sides covered. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Girl you never cease to amaze me! Love this idea!!!! :)

  7. This is a great idea... so simple, but it is going to be a big help in saving myself time! Also, I was at your Chicago session and had to re-deliver some things I learned to my staff, I showed them how you used (and now I use) a manila folder for your center group organization / mastery of standards .. and they loved it! Thanks for your ideas!

    The First Grade Formula

  8. Thanks for sharing! I remember this from Chicago but have already forgotten about it until now. I need to make a page like this for all of the things I learned in Chicago.

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  9. Totally feel ya on being worn out! I felt like a party pooper this past holiday weekend since I passed out around 10 on Friday and Saturday. #backtoschoolteacherproblems Anywho, LOVE your idea for keeping track of centers and materials. I have bought and downloaded SO many things from teacherspayteachers and downloaded freebies from a bunch of blogs, that I'm starting to lose track of where they came from. Now that I have my blog up and running, I really need to take on your system so that I can properly credit people. Thanks for the great idea!

    Samantha :)
    Tales of a #teachernerd

  10. Awesome tip. I'm so not that organized. YOU ROCK

  11. Love this!! It's funny because I literally told myself the other day to start making a list of what I used for each skill instead of worrying about getting all that info in my plans where there's no room, and I don't really look at them too much the next year! So this post was perfect timing! I'm definitely going to write exactly where I got it from like you said which will be sooooo much more helpful!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd

    1. OH, and where I stored it will be perfect!! That is my problem! I got rid of a filing cabinet because I don't use them. I went to organizing with binders more since they are out, and I can see them! hah

  12. I had a book for a lesson that I SWORE I knew right where it was. When it came time to teach the lesson it was gone. Gone I tell you! I don't know if I let someone borrow it or if a kiddo checked it out and it is now mixed in somewhere else. It has created a lot of unwanted reconfiguring on my part! This is a GREAT idea! (I would add a little spot for and so borrowed this!) Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is a great idea! I am so glad you shared it because as I have created or purchased more materials, I know things have been lost!

    The Math Maniac

  14. So simple, so easy, so brilliant! I always forget what I have from year to year!! haha!!

  15. Thanks for sharing a quick and easy tip that is so useful. This will also help when blogging about an activity so I don't have to find it to credit the right person. Plus I hate when I forget about a great idea and find it when it's too late :)

    First Grade Smiles

  16. I love the idea of keeping track in front!

  17. Love this idea!! Making this now for my units. Important question though, what font did you use? :-)

  18. “...knowing where I can find it makes the search so much more bearable.” - This is one great advantage of organizing your stuff. You will save a lot of time trying to locate what you need. It will also keep your house neat and tidy from a clutter of files and documents. Thank you for sharing this little trick, and I hope that you'd keep to your organizing.
    Ruby @ Williams Data Management