A Whole ‘Lotta Back to School Randomness

And so it has begun.  Another new school year.  As cheesy as it sounds…I’m SO excited!  Another year to grow…to try new things…to do things better…and to love on {and teach, of course!!} a new bunch of sweet babies!!  This year is extra special to me because BOTH my boys will be with me…the littlest love will be starting Pre-K and my first born is starting Kindergarten!  STOP.TIME.NOW!!!!


I really tried to savor every last bit of summer that I could.  That meant that I stayed out of my classroom until a few days before teachers started back….which was this past Monday.  I work way better under pressure anyway, so I was pumped to spend as much time with boys before the school year as possible :)

Our rooms get rearranged over the summer with all the cleaning that goes on.  I spent the bulk of my summer break *thinking* about my room and trying to formulate a plan for it…I wasn’t crazy about the set-up last year and I was stumped as to what I should do this year!  But I didn’t have to do too much thinking.  Our sweet janitors rearranged a lot of the furniture just trying to put it in a place after they deep cleaned the carpets and I absolutely LOVED the way they set it all up!  Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes, y’know?!


One of the {minor} things that bothered me the most last year was not having ANY staple-capable walls in my room.  I tried adhering clothespins to one of my bulletin boards, but the weight of the pins tore the paper off the wall.  Fail.  SO…I started taping things up, but every time I removed what I taped up, it would tear my fadeless paper and well…it looked a HOT mess!!  Fail…again. 

So this was my solution…


Cork rolls!  They adhere to the wall {using hot glue!} like a boss.  Then I just covered them with butcher paper and now I can staple at my leisure.  Praise Jesus!  {I got these at Hobby Lobby…I think they’re $14.99 a roll.  I stocked up over the summer using my 40% coupons with each purchase :)}

I also used this fun little idea I found via Pinterest…hot gluing push pins to the back of clothespins!  It took 5.4 seconds and they work perfectly!!  I can remove them SO easily and they don’t damage the paper…they just leave little holes and that looks WAY better than rips & tears!


We had Meet the Teacher night last night which would explain my blogging absence over the last week{ish}.  I’ve been super busy trying to put the finishing touches on my room {still not finished} and getting things ready and organized for our first day {Monday!!!}  Let me just tell y’all that I have the absolute CUTEST, most precious little kinder babies and I can’t wait for our first day together!!!!  I sent them all home with a bag of “Ready Confetti” and a cute little poem.  Thank you, Sarah {First Grader at Last!} for this precious, PRECIOUS idea!!!! 


I even have a sweet little class mascot this year {inspired by Teaching with a Smile}…


I found him at Wal Mart in the supply section {$5, I think?!}  He’s a little pencil pouch!  HA!  Makes him easier to hang on the white board, although I need to find a better system, for sure ;)

Like I said, I still have quite a few things to do in my room to be ready for Monday, but here’s a little sneak peek…


It’s not completely different, but the layout is SO much better…and I do love the new little touches and areas/stations/spaces I added this year.  I’ll be back this weekend to take you on a little tour :)

Until then, have a great rest of the week!!! 


  1. Aw, your room looks so cute!

    And I love the class mascot!

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  2. Could you let me know where you found the 'Ready Confetti'? I checked Sara's blog and TPT store and can't manage to spot it! Thanks!


    1. Hi Sherry, I follow Cara on Instagram and when she posted this poem pic she tagged Sarah who tagged Sunny in Second. She has the poem as a google doc on her blog. Hope this helps!

      Hope it's ok I answered this Cara


  3. Hi Cara
    Here in South Africa we have a wonder product for teachers (and others, of course!). It is a reusable putty-like adhesive (sort of like gluey plasticene) that adheres to pretty much any surface. I think it would solve all your wall display problems!! (Here's the website so that you can see the product: http://www.bostik.co.za/products/stationery/prestik) I'd be happy to mail you a few wallets if you'd like to try some. You can email me at michelle@creativeclassroom.co.za. Perhaps there is a potential import business here for you! HA!!
    Wishing you a terrific school year!
    :) Michelle

  4. It looks amazing. I really love your little table with cloth and computer right in the center of the room. Makes such good sense. Off to do the same!

    First in Maine

  5. I am so excited that you are teaching kindergarten again! I can't wait to see all your fabulous ideas! I know that your blog will come in very handy for some ideas to implement during student teaching!


  6. Cara,

    Your take on "Ready Confetti" is far cuter than mine! Any chance you're willing to share? :)

    Best wishes for a fabulous school year!


  7. Love your lil mascot! I wanted to do the same thing, but couldn't find just the right lil guy. I wanted something unique looking like you have. Hahaha I thought your random magnets were part of the set up since your mascot is random looking. :) Have a great school year!!

    Oh, by the way, I finally started a lil blog of my own. I have you to thank for the inspiration since yours was the first blog I found and started reading. I just posted my classroom pics and tour if you wanna take a peek (in all of your spare time hahaha beginning of the year is cray cray!) Well I'm off to type up the rules my lils helped me make today so that their families know what's up.

    Tales of a #teachernerd

  8. Your room looks terrific, and I love your little mascot! Your class is lucky to have a teacher who cares so much about every little thing :)

  9. Your room is beautiful! Wow! I, too, have a version of ready confetti, but yours is so cute! Any chance you can make it available?

  10. Adorable classroom! I love your bright, cheery color scheme!

    And the Ready Confetti is soooo sweet!! Made a note of that for next year!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  11. Where did you find the flag border you found?

  12. Hey, Would you be willing to share your ready confetti note??? I would love to use it this upcoming school year!! It is so cute and my students would love it. Or could you just share where you got your clip art?? ELTurner25@gmail.com

  13. I would love to see your confetti note for my Kinders as well if you are willing to share! Thanks! sarah.guckes@gmail.com

  14. I love the letter and confetti :) How did you edit it to say Kindergarten? I could get to the original, but couldn't figure out how to edit....

    Thanks so much!!


  15. I, too, am looking for your Kindergarten version of the "ready confetti" poem! Please send if you are willing! seitz.kendra@gmail.com

  16. I would love your Kindergarten version of the ready confetti if you are sharing. If you are willing, please send to billes@bdusd.org. Thank you so much!

  17. I would love your Kindergarten version of the ready confetti if you are sharing. If you are willing, please send to billes@bdusd.org. Thank you so much!