10 More Days

I know that many of you have already started your summer vacation, but I have 10 more school days left.  I’m not complaining. I’m actually trying to slow time down just a little.  Once this year is over, my sweet first born will be a Kindergartener and my baby will be in pre-k!!!  Waaaaahhhhh!!!!  PLEASE…tell me how to STOP time altogether!!!  Well…maybe after the last day of school. 
Right now, I’m busy gathering all of the pictures I’ve taken this year and compiling them all into a slideshow to play at the end of year party and send home with the kids. I’ve been on a little song hunt for the *perfect* music for the slideshow.  Although I know many of you have already wrapped up this little project…and many of you are already out of school…but I thought you might want to tuck this little list away for future reference :) 

Let’s start off by saying pretty much any song from the Curious George soundtrack {Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies} would be perfect for a slideshow…maybe it’s the music or just Jack Johnson in general.  I can’t get enough of his voice.  Anywho, any song from that soundtrack would be great, but these are my personal favorites….
*Upside Down ~Jack Johnson
*Jungle Gym – Jack Johnson
*We’re Going to Be Friends – Jack Johnson
*The Sharing Song – Jack Johnson
*My Own Two Hands – Jack Johnson & Matt Costa
*Better Together – Jack Johnson {on the “In Between Dreams” CD}
Now let’s move on with the rest of the list…
* Home – Philip Phillips
*Count on Me – Bruno Mars
*Count on Me – Whitney Houston
*It Won’t Be Like This for Long – Darius Rucker
*Together, Anything’s Possible – Darius Rucker
*You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor
*You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King
*You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman
*My Wish – Rascal Flatts
*Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts
*House on Pooh Corner – Kenny Loggins
*Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoole
*Forever Young – Rod Stewart {for a slower version, check out the Brandi Carlile version…SO good!}
*Simple Life – Steve Tyrell {Father of the Bride II Soundtrack}
*3 Little Birds – Bob Marley
*What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong {Stacey Kent has a great version, too}
*Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift {I can’t listen to this song without crying!!!!!!!!!}
*Then They Do – Trace Adkins
*You’re Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins
*Days Go By – Keith Urban
*I Will Remember You – Ryan Cabrera
*Smile – Uncle Kracker
*This Little Light of Mine – Elizabeth Mitchell
*Child of Mine – Carole King
*Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) – Green Day
*Thank God for Kids – Kenny Chesney
*Kenny Chesney – Don’t Blink
*Every Heart – Sara Haze
*These are the Days – 10,000 Maniacs
*True Colors – Cyndi Lauper {Glee cast has a version, too}
*Sweet Pea – Amos Lee
*Let Them Be Little  - Billy Dean
*Little Wonders – Rob Thomas {Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack}
*Time of My Life – David Cook
*Rainbow Connection – Jason Mraz {Sarah McLachlan has a version, too}
*Small As Me – Rosie Thomas & Damien Jurado  {PERFECT for our little Kinder babies!!!!}
*Have a  Little Fun with Me – Glen Phillips
*We Will Not Grow Old – Lenka
*Dream Big – Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband
*Waiting on the World to Change – John Mayer & Ben Harper
*I Hope You Dance – LeAnne Womack
*Graduation Song – Vitamin C

I’m sure I left out some of your favorites, so let me know what they are!  I’d love to add to the list.  Not that I plan on using them all this year, but I like to have LOTS of options!!!  My personal favorites from this list…especially for Kindergarten…are Never Grow Up, Small As Me, Dream Big, This Little Light of Mine, Have a Little Fun with Me, and any & everything by Jack Johnson :)
Now it’s time to work on that slideshow!! 


  1. I was just putting my feet up after Open House, ahhh and I clicked on HGTV and I saw your HGTV moment right now. You're family is so stinkin adorable! What a cool experience. Have a great rest of the week!

  2. I was just putting my feet up after Open House, ahhh and I clicked on HGTV and I saw your HGTV moment right now. You're family is so stinkin adorable! What a cool experience. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Seems like yesterday for me... My precious firstborn is finishing high school, year 12, here in Australia at the end of 2013. As I scanned your music list all I could see was his beautiful face through blurred vision soooo thanks for sharing!! Love my teenagers, be encouraged, the journey has been wonderful. Xx

    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  4. I got a little teary eyed just reading the song titles!! We only have 5 days left and I'm going to miss my kiddos! :)


  5. I am with you on the move into k. My sweetie just had her last day of pre k yesterday. I'm trying not to think about it.
    Thanks for the song list. What a great resource.

    School Is a Happy Place

  6. So many great songs! Thanks for this list! :)
    I teach inner-city & our lil' ones sing 1-2 songs every year at our ascension ceremony. We've sang "World's Greatest" by R. Kelly, "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind, & Fire, and "Lean on Me" in the past.
    This year, we're singing "What I Am" by Will.i.am and "Firework" by Katy Perry.
    They aren't exactly tear jerkers ;) but still very sweet!

    1. Thank you !! I too teach Ina very inner city school and I have struggled to come up with a list of songs! Good luck with the end of school.

  7. What a great list! I couldn't agree more about Jack Johnson. I could listen to him all day :)

    Fun In First

  8. Wow, what a list! I agree with "Firework" by Katie Perry and I'll add "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. Enjoy your last few days! :]

  9. Wow, what a list! I agree with "Firework" by Katie Perry and I'll add "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. Enjoy your last few days! :]

  10. I agree with Rachel! All those songs make me cry!! Love your choices, thank you for sharing!!

  11. I too agree with Rachel...the list sent me over the edge. BTW 16 days left here in CT! Then 3 days of packing our rooms- we have been renovating for 2 years and will be back in our NEW and very incredible school!
    BTW- add sign language and it increases the tears for some reason. My own children performed- "I'm Proud To Be An American" with sign-FLOOD GATES!

  12. Our family's photographer put Never Grow Up on my daughter's newborn picture slideshow. Needless to say, I bawled like a baby and bought every single picture. LOL... Not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but that song got me! I can't even listen to either of those Trace Adkins songs. I'm a mess for a day if I do!

    My personal favorite K slideshow song is "This Little Light of Mine" by The Clark Brothers!

  13. Thank you for the great list. I also have used "Whenever You Remember" by Carrie Underwood

  14. I used the first three songs on your list for my end-of-year slideshow this year. I love Jack Johnson!

    I Heart Kindergarten

  15. Addison Road "This little light of mine" is my all time favorite kiddo slideshow song!! ;) if you have not heard it you MUST!

  16. Love all Jack Johnson's songs!!! swoon! :)
    BTW...happened upon your House Hunters show!! You are EXACTLY how I thought you would be! haha!
    Love this little blog community!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  17. This year i used: "You've Got a Friend in Me" (Randy Newman, from Toy Story), "Best of Friends" (from The Fox and the Hound), "Lean on Me" (Bill Withers), "ABC" (Jackson 5), "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Mahna Mahna" (Cake), "Hakuna Matata" (from The Lion King), "Three Little Birds" (Bob Marley), "Wanna Be Like You" (from The Jungle Book), and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole AKA Brother Iz). My class movie was 30 minutes... just could not bear to cut anything else!

    Love the song suggestions, am filing them away for next year. I have used several Jack Johnson songs in the past and adore them!

    1. My class movies are that long, too! I teach Pre-K and they're all moving on to different schools so I figure it's a nice memento.

    2. What programs are you guys using to make your slide show?

    3. What programs are you guys using to make your slide show?

  18. Thanks for all the great song suggestions! I will have to save them for next year.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  19. Love Jack. Love your voice. Love y.o.u.
    Thanks for the fab list!
    Growing Firsties

  20. Today was our last day. We watched our slideshow in put room and then in the MPR we did our kinder program (5 songs And then they get their certificate and such.) there is a song they sing called "Fingerprints" that tear up the parents but would be great in a slideshow. I used some of the songs already listened by also one that spells kindergarten that we sang a lot in our room this year and the "trashing the camp" from the Tarzan soundtrack. (The one that uses NSYNC of course ;) ). Thanks for this list I can't wait to use some for next year!

  21. I am working on my slideshow, too. I used "We Are Going to be Friends" (Jack Johnson), "My Wish" (Rascal Flatts), "Days Like These" (Van Morrison), "100 Years" (Five For Fighting) and "Firework" (Katie Perry) last year. It was so funny (and cute) when "Firework" came on because all the kids started belting it out! I was planning on using the same songs but wanted a list like yours just in case I wanted to mix it up a bit. Thank you for your list! P.S. I just saw your episode on House Hunters. You are ADORABLE! I am a huge fan. :)
    Preschool Wonders

  22. I always use "Do I Make You Proud" from Taylor Hicks. I sob e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. :)

  23. THANK YOU for posting this song list!!! I've been wanting to do this and had NO IDEA how to search for songs!!! This is fabulous!!! I can't wait to pick out some "favs." My end of year celebration is JUNE 10th!! Last day of school for kiddos is June 11th and we teachers are "supposed" to work until June 18th. So I have a long way to go yet and I'm trying to stifle the "hurry up Summer" feeling! hahaha
    Thank you once again!!
    Dawn Garlow
    Clemmons, NC Kindergarten teacher

  24. I LOVE this list! Thank you so much for posting this! Can I ask...what do you use for your program to make your slideshow? Thank you! We're in single digits! 9 days left! WooooHoooo!

  25. This is completely off topic but I turned on HGTV the other night right in time to catch you guys on House Hunters! It was such a good episode and your home is beautiful!

    Baby Cakes by Jasmine

  26. One of my all time favorites is "They Are The Roses" by Jessica Andrews. If you haven't heard this one, it is a must!
    First Grade Shenanigans

  27. What program are you using to create yours? I'm trying to decide what to use!!

  28. Thank you so much for this list! I did a slide show last year and wanted some new songs this year. I have the Jack Johnson CD and LOVE it. Now I just need to find you on House Hunters, love that show!

  29. Have you seen the blog--I think it is called Classroom DJ or something close to that? They categorize songs and you can access their blog and listen to the songs in your classroom. It is really neat!

    Jennifer Ayers
    Best Practices 4 Teaching

  30. Thank you! I found this great one this year....LOVE it! Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes by Kristin Andereassen

  31. That's AWESOME - I do smilebox slideshows throughout the year and always pick my own music, but struggle to find appropriate songs. THANKS!!

  32. I always use World's Greatest by R. Kelly.

  33. For Good from the Wicked soundtrack!

  34. I absolutely LOVE "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars!
    Another few that I use are "Who Says" by Selena Gomez, "Fireflies" by Owl City and "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz (they LOVE singing and dancing to this song).

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Elementary My Dear

  35. How do you get around copyright laws since you are making copies of the slideshow to give to students?

  36. I didn't even think of Phillip Phillips' Home, and he is from my hometown. Silly me.

  37. Thanks for the amazing list! I do the Year in Pictures for my school. Last year had 1400+ pictures and 14 songs!

    I like "Unstoppable" by Rascal Flatts and "Thank You" by Mozella.

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook

  38. Thank you for this! I was thinking of making my first slideshow for the kiddos this year (I normally just give a cd of pics). I was struggling over appropriate music that wasn't all Kidz Bop. :D

    Thanks again.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  39. Other suggestions:

    Madonna - This Used to be My Playground, I'll Remember, Vogue, Dear Jessie, Holiday
    Enya - Only Time, Wild Child, Anywhere Is
    ABBA - I Have a Dream
    Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror, Will You Be There, We Are the World, Heal the World

  40. We have done a slideshow every year and we can't tell you how many parents (even the ones we haven't heard from all year) take the time to call or write to say THANK YOU! It really is such a nice keepsake for our kiddos and their families. Thanks for all of the song suggestions!

  41. Thank you so much for these great suggestions!!!!
    Two Friends In First

  42. Thank you! You saved me a lot of time. I used your list to make my choices and bought the songs on itunes.

  43. Great list! My kiddos would love these songs. I also think "You'll Be in My Heart" by Phil Collins from the Tarzan soundtrack would be a great one!


    Sweet Little Things

    1. Oh, that is a good one! I forgot about that song!!

  44. I'm a little late to the party, BUT I had to include the song that was the biggest hit with my kids (and parents!) when I showed my video: "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City (from the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack). I put it at the very end of my slideshow, and it was so appropriate...I will really miss this group of firsties:') I also love Randy Newman's "You've got a friend in me" (which you mentioned above) and anything that is jazzy-piano sounding (like "Linus & Lucy"). Sometimes the instrumental music helps me to focus on the cute pics rather than the lyrics. Fun post, Cara!

  45. I read your post about wanting to stop time and felt your pain. This year my "babies" will be in first grade and third grade. The good thing is that they will both be in my building this year but REALLY, when did I give them permission to grow up??? I still have memories of them so little and now they are trying to grow up on me! WaaaWaa! I guess the best part is I am loving the "little people" they are becoming.


  46. I am dying to know what program you all use?! Do you burn them to CDs or DVDs? I still have 15 days of school and would love to do a slideshow for my babies.


    1. Mary, I use Windows live movie maker. You drag and drop picture images and songs. It's pretty easy.

    2. If you use a Mac, iMovie makes the slideshow (just drop in photos & music) & iDVD makes the show into a movie so you can burn a copy for each kiddo. I have a MacBook Pro with a disk drive, but my school Mac didn't have a disk drive (it did not have iMovie or iDVD) so not sure if ALL Macs have the product suite you need.

  47. A friend of mine introduced me to Every Child a Promise by Robi Kahakalau. I love it, a must have for slideshows!

  48. Thank you so much for that GREAT list of songs!

  49. I love using Your Love Put Me at the Top of the World and Let Them Be Little.

  50. I like:
    Exceptional by Chyna McClain
    The Story of My Life by 1Direction
    Diamonds in the Sky by Rhianna
    Roar by Katy Perry
    Celebrate by Kool & the Gang

  51. I also like Everything is Awesome from the Lego movie.

  52. Love this list!! Pinning for next year, but I would also like to add anything from Fresh Beat Band! Thanks for sharing!!

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  54. It may be a bit little late... but how about a few songs written by a kindergartener/first grader for your list?
    Kindergarten wishes and first grade dreams by Alexaundrea Freeman three songs, #Benice an anti bullying anthem, Schools in summers out ~fun for kids and teachers... and Take me to the highway where creativity and imagination combine. Alex helped to write, produce and record these all by age 7!

  55. Hi I used "Wherever I go" from Hannah Montana last year at the end of our slideshow for all my year 2's who were graduating to a different school for year 3. The slideshow opened with a section of "Pictures of you" by The Last Goodnight and had "Happy" by Will Pharrell in the middle section. I had wanted to use Will I Am's "What I am" but couldn't find a copy I could link into my slideshow. I intercut photos of the children with video clips of their answers to the following questions "What is the best thing about our school?" " What did you enjoy learning about the most?" and "What would you like to do when you grow up?" I used Moovai software. I've had imovie recommended to me - but I don't have apple devices. It's the first time I've done anything like that and it wasn't too hard and the children (and families loved it).

  56. I always use "Nothing More" (feat. Lily Costner) by: The Alternate Routes...heard it in the 2014 Winter Games in the closing ceremonies & I teared up. All the choices above are exceptional too!

  57. What program do you use for your slide show?

  58. This year I also used Tim McGraw's Humble and Kind!