Kim Sutton, An Earth Day Freebie, and Some Fun Ideas!!

Guess where I was yesterday?!  Spending the day with THE Kim Sutton!!!!  If y’all have never had a chance to see her in person, I *highly* recommend attending one of her workshops at some point in your life!  She is AMAZING!  I had so many A-HA! moments yesterday!!  That woman is BRILLIANT when it comes to teaching math! I’ve been using many of her resources and materials for several years now, but to hear her explain things in person is a totally different ballgame.  Here’s a little peek at some of my fun…

zzkimzzzkim zzzzkim

Now I’m spending the day getting ready for one of my FAVORITE days tomorrow…EARTH DAY!!!  Are you doing anything special?!  Here are a couple of things I did in years past…

Last year, we brainstormed a list of things we could do to help the Earth and then made this little bulletin board. 


We also did this Earth Day cause & effect flip book.  You can download your FREE copy by clicking on the pic below!

zearth2  Slide1

I think I’ve done these since I started teaching 11 years ago!  HA!  And they never get old!


My precious friend, Cheryl, over at Primary Graffiti, has some AMAZING Earth Day ideas on her blog!  She used some of the ideas from my Earth Day packet and I am SO copying her tomorrow!!  HA!!  LOVE her anchor charts!  I’m also using her Eco This! Earth Day centers this week!!!  Love, love, LOVE!!!!!


Speaking of Earth Day centers/activities, my dear friend, Anna Brantley, has the CUTEST packet of activities I’ll be using with some of my sweeties this week.  They’re awesome!  You can see them in action on her blog


Of course, I absolutely ADORE the cuteness from Amy Lemons…such FUN ideas!  You can find this one in her Earth Day Craftivity Unit!


Of course, I’ll be using my What a Wonderful World packet of Earth Day fun for my little ones and I’m SO excited!!!!  Eeeek! 


Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest…

Loving this cute and simple suncatcher from Criss-Cross Applesauce.


Of course, A Cupcake for the Teacher always has PRECIOUS ideas!!!


I’m LOVING these cupcakes from Bird on a Cake and *might* attempt to try and make them later today. 


This writing idea is from the adorable Kelley Dolling and it’s in her Earth Day reading and writing packet…SO stinkin’ cute!! 


I can’t wait to see what y’all have planned for the week!  I’m off to start prepping!  God has blessed me with a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods…hope it’s just as beautiful for you! 

OH…before I forget.  Sweet Crystal over at Kreative in Kinder has organized an amazing fundraiser to help the town and victims of West, Texas.  Being a Texas girl myself, this is a cause that hits close to home.  Head on over to Kreative in Kinder…read the story…and donate to the cause if you can. God bless Texas!!!



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, sweet friend!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I love all of the Earth Day activities! We have an Earth Day assembly with a presenter tomorrow and then my class will be going out to pick up trash in the community. It's supposed to be nice weather for a change (i.e. no snow for a change!).

  3. Thank you so much for the love today my dear!!! BIG HUGS and merry Sunday to you.

  4. Thank you for the shout-out, Cara! You made my day :) I am also attempting those cupcakes later... but probably without the hearts, ha!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I love all of the ideas you shared! Thanks for the freebie! I have also used some of Kim Sutton's materials and love them!

    Lacy's Letters

  6. Love all the fun ideas! Those cupcakes are happening tonight! Like cupcake said though, sans hearts!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  7. Love your idea of taking a picture of your students holding up the Earth!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  8. Thanks so much for the freebie! Totally printing it right now! I've been eyeing those cupcakes too but I have a feeling they might not turn out so pretty if I tried them! lol!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  9. Hi Cara,

    Can you upload a copy of your Earth Day promise writing sheet? I just love it so much!

    As always, thanks for so many great ideas! When are you going to post more videos?!?! :)


  10. Hi Cara,
    Thanks for a great printable. Can you take a photo of a finished kid project... if we don't turn off the lights....then...

    1. I second this! I would love to see what the finished kid project should look like!



  11. I love your Earth Day freebie. I have some "older" (as in when the internet was just beginning) Earth Day ideas too, and I still use 'em! I am going to grab your freebie, though. Thanks!
    That First Grade Blog

  12. Always such wonderful ideas! Thanks for putting so much detail into your posts. You are truly an inspiration!

    Happy Earth Day!
    First Grade Smiles

  13. Cara, I LOVE KIM SUTTON too! My school got a Math Grant & I've been to like 5 of her trainings - my teammates & I have been to so many we even have "Kim-isms" (Congratulations - You're going to college!, Don't be Murt the Blurt, or Thanks for comin' to the party!). I think we all have a class set of dice too - we are addicted to all her fun math manipulatives.

    I use her stuff regularly in my Kindergarten room. LOVE her number line, place value pockets, & random number CDs - Ron Brown is used daily to make math calendar come ALIVE! This week we're making her bobby pin clocks to tell time to the hour.

  14. Cara, You're amazing! - as is Kim Sutton. I was able to attend her 4 day Math Camp a few years ago and learned so much. Did you know that she has a TpT store now? Thought I would spread the word if you hadn't heard. Have a great week.

  15. Cara,
    I love all your creative ideas! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I just bought your What a Wonderful World unit. I love, love, love it!!!!! I was hoping your "Earth Day Promise" writing sheet would be part of the unit. Would you consider sharing that with us?

    Thanks again for all you do!!!


  16. LOVE it all! The sun catchers are so pretty and Kelley's writing is so stinkin cute. Love the cupcakes too but can't even imagine how mine would come out. They would probably look like asteroids coming to destroy the earth instead! People are so clever. Thanks for sharing all these great resources Cara!

    Fluttering Through First Grade

  17. Thanks for sharing your great freebie and collecting all these wonderful resources!

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  21. Thanks for the great idea! We did this today with paper hand cut-outs and the students loved the results!

  22. Love all these Earth Day ideas!! And thanks for the freebie! I thought about making owe cuuuute cupcakes, too... But then NBA playoffs were calling my name :)

    Oh, and Kim Sutton ROCKS! She came to our district a couple years ago and she has the best ideas!!

    1. *making THOSE cuuuute cupcakes, too....

  23. I made those cupcakes this year and my students absolutely LOVED them! All the other Earth Day ideas were great. Thanks for sharing. I think you are so creative and such an inspiration. I can tell you are devoted to providing your students with a wonderful education, but you keep it fun!


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