Five for Friday

I’m not complaining, but BOY…this has been a WEEK!!!!  I figured I’d sum it all up in a little five for Friday action because I really don’t have much to blog about this week. Wah-wah.  SO….I’ll do a little SEVEN for Friday instead :)


1.  I had my first migraine on Tuesday.  At least, I’m pretty sure it was a migraine.  SO nauseous and my eyes were in SUCH pain!!!!  The most intense throbbing in my temples. Came home from school and fell asleep at 5.  Didn’t wake up ‘til 10 and moved from the couch to the bed and passed out.  Any tips for stopping a migraine before it starts?!  If this is a taste of the headaches to come, I’m OUT.  That was AWFUL!


2.  My new favorite dating show is Ready for Love!  Are y’all watching?!?!?  I *might* like it better than The Bachelor.  Just sayin’.


3.  Speaking of shows, who else is watching The Following??  Because I’m OBSESSED. The premise is just terrible, but I can’t get enough.  What am I going to do when the season is over?!  I need more Bacon in my life!!!! 


4. Speaking of season finales, Duck Dynasty is almost there.  Like, next week.  Mr. Spouse and I are planning to drive-by Duck Commander/Buck Commander on our annual 2 week trek up north.  I.CAN’T.WAIT!!!!!!


5.  I have strep.  Or…I’m getting over strep.  Migraine on Tuesday, strep on Thursday.  Went to school with a killer sore throat… chills like nobody’s business…and body aches like crazy.  Came home half day and immediately started amoxicillin…then Mucinex DX…and repeat…and slept pretty much FOREVER.  All day.  All night.  Woke up today feeling SO much better.  Throat is still sore, but no other symptoms.  Praise Jesus.  Ain’t NOBODY got time to be sick ;)


6. My mom is amazing.  Completely and utterly AMAZING.  And I love her like crazy.  She offered to take the boys for the night…again.   The second weekend in a row.  I love that woman.

7. In between all my ridiculous bouts of sickness, we did learn a few things :)  Here’s a little snippet of some weather fun we had! 


A little ROY G. BIV anchor chart and a little rainbow simile craftivity inspired by the lovely Reagan Tunstall!!

I’ll be in an all day training with Kim Sutton tomorrow, so I’m off to get some sleep!!!  G’night, y’all!!!


  1. Oh my Word- Between Bates and the Following, I am creeped out all week- that is until I watch Jase (My favorite Duck Commander)
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Going Nutty!

  2. Sickness coupled with a strong desire for summer is just not a good thing! I totally feel ya!! Hope you feel better soon!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  3. :( Sorry you have been sick E poo! Take care of yourself! Sayin' little prayer for ya tonight!

  4. I've not seen Ready for Love yet but I'm very curious about it. I'm sorry you're sick...that really stinks. And migraines are the worst. I'll tell ya though...Excedrin Migraine WORKS. Like WOOORRRKS. I don't know how to stop it in general...I know what can cause it for me but as soon as I feel it, there is no stopping. It's coming. I love your little rainbow clouds thing...too cute!

    ~ Ms Apple Blossoms
    Apple Blossoms

  5. The Following is SO addicting!! It's ridiculously scary and I can't sleep after watching it, yet I have to watch it every week.

  6. Migraines are the worst! My first one was so bad I thought I wanted to die! I've learned to deal with them, as they happen more often than I'd like. I had to figure out my triggers and my Dr. did give me some meds to help but they are SO expensive I've stopped getting them. Plus I was reluctant to take a med if I wasn't sure if it was going to be a migraine or not and then it was too late to take anything when it was. I have tried some herbal remedies but I can't really tell if they are working or not, as I'm not consistently taking them. Sorry you've had a week of sickness. It's the pits! Hopefully you can bounce back for the end of the year!

  7. The Following and Duck Dynasty - Love. Them. Both. :) hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  8. Omg Cara, I had a HORRIBLE migraine on Tuesday too!!! And I swear it's still kinda here :( If you find an answer, tell me too!!! Hope you are feeling better now :)

  9. Oh, how exciting - I just signed up for a Kim Sutton training in August! Can't wait to hear how it goes - I hear she's fabulous!!

    Teaching's a Hoot

  10. Yep, that sounds like a migraine alright. They stink!

    Your ROY G BIV is so darling! Have a great weekend!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  11. Ok no joke. Ben on Ready for Love. His little brother is in 1st grade at my school. Like next door to my classroom. Here's to hoping big brother decides to come visit little Joseph! Haha So yes all is 1st grade teachers are watching just because of this!

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  12. Roy G Biv may have dipped into your meds. He is trippin!!! In the best way!!! ADORABLE! Love those rainbow simile clouds! Too cute! So glad you are on the mend. Have a restful weekend.

  13. My husband has really had a bad bout of migraines recently. He takes goody powder at the first sign of a headache before it turns worse. Doesn't always help, but he claims it works the best and he has had migraines since he was in Kindergarten! So maybe it will work for you! Love your blog! I am just about to finish up my first year of teaching, 5th grade, but will hopefully be moving to a much lower grade, so I will definitely be buying all your cute TPT items! Fingers crossed! :)

  14. Cara, I *love* The Following!! Only two episodes left this season!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  15. Aww man migraines are the worst! Woke up at 3am Thursday morning with one serving a hole thru my brain! Ugh! I used to take excedrine migraine as well and it worked for me but I was getting them so often that my Dr has since prescribed naproxen for migraines. For me usually stress, weather change, air pressure change, and once a month haha trigger migraines. But everyone is different so it could be anything. I hope you feel better tho!

  16. Oops I meant seering a hole through my brain. Can't get used to this swift key app. Haha

  17. The migraine was probably telling you you had strep. I hope you don't get any more not fun. I hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Love me some Bacon too!!! I will admit... I have to watch it during the day because I'm too scared to watch it at night. So I will be watching it during naps today! Can't wait :) It's such a sick and twisted show...not sure why I love it, but I do!!!! :)

  19. Oh...migraines. They are truly horrible. I am 52...had my first one at 18. I have taught through some pretty bad ones and survived because of an absolutely fabulous husband. I take Imitrex for the really bad ones. If I feel one coming, then Excedrin migraine is taken. No other brand works like the Excedrin migraine. Maybe Bayer migraine is second best. Take care.

  20. Sad news...I read that NBC cancelled Ready for Love yesterday. They haven't decided when or where Ready for Love will air its remaining episodes. :-(

  21. Oh no! You just couldn't catch a break this week :( hope the weekend is better and you can get some rest!


  22. Migraines are absolutely terrible. I've had them for the last 26 years (since I was 6!) and we have done a lot of experimenting to figure out what works for me. Everyone is different, but here are a few tips:

    At the very onset of a migraine some sort of combination of caffeine and pain killer often will help abort the pain/nausea. Some swear by a soda, but for me it's a coffee (often iced) and advil. I carry the starbucks via packs and can shake it in a bottle of water and get that down quickly in the classroom. Excedrin Migraine has caffeine and acetaminophen for just this reason.

    If they continue, try to identify the cause - often it is artificial ingredients (msg, sweeteners or dyes), chocolate or aged cheeses, red wine for a lot of people. Sometimes it is bright flashing lights (strobe lights or some movies for me), certain smells, stress and lack of sleep (report card time anyone??) Other times it might be hormonal and occur around the same time each month. It takes finding those triggers to try to limit your exposure to them.

    Talk to your doctor - there are lots of meds that are abortive meds to take at the very onset of a migraine (Zomig, Imitrex, Relpax and Maxalt are the most popular) and they can help. They are expensive and sometimes cause weird side effects. Also, if this becomes a regular occurence (I hope not!) then there are lots of meds that work to prevent the migraines from happening.

    Finally - massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments can help some migraine sufferers!

    I really hope that you are not starting on the journey of a migraineur. This is not a journey I would wish on anyone but it is one that you can manage. I have gone from 15-19 days of migraines a month at the worst point to now I have less than one each month! It takes some work with your docs and as you grow older and your hormones shift, there is often more adjusting...but at this point I am off all meds and nearly migraine free!

    Please let me know if I can help in any way!

  23. Geez...what a week! My husband and I watch The Following too! I have a 6 mon old so now when she wakes up in the wee hours I walk against the wall so if some creep-o drops out of my air duct I will be ready!!

  24. I have something called a Complex migraine. It's totally bizarre and you think you are having a mini stroke! I got my first one at 26, while teaching. When I tried to tell one of the kids to run and get the principal, I spoke gibberish. I couldn't remember the child's name but I knew that I recognized him. My vision becomes really strange, and if I try to read there are big gaps in the print. I might see the first two letters and nothing after that! They got a sub and told me to drive home and sleep! Driving is not a great idea! Anyway, my advice would be to pay attention to the aura. My vision goes first and as soon as I notice, I take Advil and grab a coke. It usually does the trick for me. Mine are triggered by stress, exhaustion (a teacher's middle name) and monthly cycle. I hope you find something that works for you as I think everyone's answer is unique.
    I absolutely love your blog and you are one of my "go-to" gals in the blogging world. Thanks for all you do to help make my teaching better!

  25. The Following is an obsession for me too! Can't wait for next Monday! Migraines are AWFUL. Some people have triggers, like pollen, etc. Could it have been a pollen thing? See if you can get migraine medicine from your doctor because migraines are so terrible. I would wind up on the bathroom floor with the door closed because there was no light there and it was cool.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  26. Oh Cara! The Following! Isn't it the best? My husband and I can't get enough of it. I'm so sad the season is almost over. Love our Monday night watching at the edge of our seats. And I'm pretty sure this was the week of teacher sickness. Sounds like lots of people are sick! My allergies have been reeking havoc! Hoping it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. Feel better and have fun at your training!

    Flying High in First Grade

  27. Yuck for sickess! I used to take Excederine Migraine at onset and am usually able to ward them off. However, I have been using a lot of essential oils and SO MANY PEOPLE swear by the oil Cinnamon for Migraines. I use DoTerra. We have avoided all kinds of Spring Yuckies with my oils. =)

  28. Margaret S took the words right out of my mouth! I have been a migraine sufferer for 30+ years and it is so NOT fun. I take Topomax daily to control them and still get about 5 or 6 a month.

    Please let me know if I can help. I love following your blog. You are terrific!


  29. I suffer from migraines too, I can;t believe how many of us do! All of the above suggestions are excellent....took me years of suffering to figure out what helps me. But for everyone it's different. I hope you don't continue to have more of them!

    Cute Roy G Biv ideas, I just finished my weather unit and we did rainbows...need to remember your ideas for next year!


    A Primary Owl

  30. Love your ROY G. BIV...using that idea this week. :) My class is learning about Weather/Earth Day this week. I'm bummed, but I heard that "Following" is only a one season show.

  31. I hope you are feeling better! Your blog post always inspire me. You have the best ideas.
    Preschool Wonders