Five for Friday

I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs on this very last day of my oh-so glorious Spring Break to bring you a whole lot of randomness.  I have loved EVERY single minute of this break albeit insanely busy.  I had big plans to do a whole lot this week, but home improvement projects kept us at home pretty much the entire time.


1.  You would’ve had to see the before to appreciate the *almost* after.  We had this NASTY carpet on the stairs and in the big room upstairs that was completely stained and gross from the cat that lived here before us.  The hardwoods have been installed and I’m ECSTATIC to tell you there is NO MORE cat pee smell wafting downstairs :)  Happy,happy, happy!  The rest of the bedrooms have been painted and now they’re putting the finishing touches on the stairs.  Amen.  Halleluia.  Now I’m ready to have my house back :)


2.  Speaking of Spring Break, this is what we did on our very first day.  A little CSI training.  Our entire driveway looks like a miniature crime scene.  I’m hoping that keeps the criminals away ;)


3.  Ohmiword.  Could you just die?!??  Is he not the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen??!?!  I got some serious QT babysitting my nephew this week.  IN.LOVE.  He is the happiest, most content little baby I’ve ever seen.  I babysat not once, but twice…and even though it’s only been a few years since I had a newborn, I swear I forgot EVERYTHING about this whole phase! 


4.  Excuse the selfie, but I’m thisexcited to have a new color & cut.  I have NO more grays…for the next 6 weeks anyway ;)  Happy, happy, happy!!!! 



Lastly, here are some of my most favorite things {for right now, anyway ;)}

1.  The Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller *might* be one of my most favorite makeup products right now.  My eyes are just a littler perkier in the mornings now! HA!  Love, love, LOVE!!!!

2.  I’m obsessed with this MAC Fix+.  I spray it on after I put on my makeup…just to set it and give my face a *glowy* appearance.  And it smells SO yum, too!

3. I decided to give this St. Ives Timeless Skin moisturizer a whirl.  I found it on Pinterest and thought, “what the heck”.  IN.LOVE.  It smells amazing and my skin is SO stinkin’ soft…and everyone I know that uses it RAVES about the *timeless effect* it has on their skin! 

4.  Voluminous False Fiber Lashes by L’Oreal is, hands down, the BEST mascara EVER. I kid you not.  God didn’t give me the longest lashes, but I sure feel like I’m wearing falsies when I put this on.  Amy Lemons would be SO proud ;)

5. I just bought these Jessica Simpson Rebi wedges and I’m obsessed. They’re SO stinkin’ cute and comfy to boot!  I love new shoes!

Alrighty then.  I’m sure that’s all the random you can handle.  I’m off to savor the last few days of my break with the boys.  Time for dinner out with the fam! 

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  1. Girl, I am proud!!! Rock those lashes :) And make sure to put on lots of coats for me ;)

  2. I was wondering about that MAC I think I need some! Thanks :) Hope you can soak up the last few hours of spring break!

  3. I am obsessed with finding the BEST mascara too! Have you tried Mac's Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash?! Hands down, my fav. out of all that I have tried, and it is A LOT!!!

    Also, thanks for all you do - I have finally started a blog of my own - you have TOTALLY inspired me! I hope I can meet you in Chicago because I just HAVE to see you share your awesome ideas!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You're so pretty, from the inside out! Love reading your posts!

    1. are too dang sweet! Thank you!

  5. Replies
    1. PS: If my hubby gets mad about my mini online shopping spree...I'm blaming you!


    2. Hahaha!!! Tell him to get in line with my hubby ;). Ha!!!

  6. U do such a good job on making me smile after I read your blog. u inspire me .

  7. U do such a good job on making me smile after I read your blog. u inspire me .

  8. How do you make your favorites boards? Is it an app or just something that you have on your computer?

    Also, I am in LOVE with those shoes! Too cute!

  9. You are just too precious. I can just hear you saying OMG about the cat pee carpet!

    I am She She to my 3 nieces and let me just tell you that being an aunt is beyond awesome and such a HUGE blessing.

    I would love to feed your shopping addiction...come check out my giveaway: $50 to Target and $25 to TpT. Wahoo. =)

    Hugs to you sweet friend.

    Heather's Heart

  10. I LOVE home improvement projects! Woohoo! :)


  11. Your nephew is adorable! Love the chubby cheeks! Love your new haircut too! I just got mine done. It feels great having a fresh cut! Enjoy your weekend!


  12. Wow - you are WAY more productive on a break than I am! Hair & Home both look awesome :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  13. Looks like tons of fun. Enjoy your break darlin'!

  14. You are going to love you house now so much more! Hard wood floors are the best. I love putting down rugs and is so much faster to clean. You nephew is so adorable and makes me want to have one of those little guys soon! I love the new hair cut/color. Dark looks great on you! Enjoy your weekend!
    Rambling About Reading

  15. What a great week. I love when I can fix up the house, we got a new roof this week and I keep staring at it.

    The First Grade Princess