More Even & Odd Fun and The Great Turkey Race

We had some more odd & even fun today…just a little follow-up to yesterday’s Odd Todd & Even Steven lesson.  I drew a few hands under my document camera {don’t worry…they wiped right off!!} and passed out some number cards to the kids.  I called on each of the kids…one at a time…to tell me the number they were holding.  We used snap cubes to count them out and then checked to see if we could split them EVENLY between the two hands.  If we could, they sorted their number in the "even” column, and if we couldn’t, well…the number went to the “odd” column.
nov-1  nov-2
They made some GREAT connections to yesterday’s Even Steven/Odd Todd lesson!
After we sorted our numbers, we recorded our work…
Here’s a little Even/Odd freebie for YOU!
We finished up our day with a little turkey talk.  We’ve been working really hard on summarizing during whole group and guided reading activities.  I absolutely LOVE The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger and knew this would be a GREAT book to reinforce this comprehension strategy.
So after we read the book…which the kids ADORED!…we extended our reading and talked about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.  We made a little brainstorm chart and then wrote our own little summaries…using the brainstorm chart as a resource.  And we tied it all together with a little turkey race craftivity!  They crack me up!!!!

So sorry, but the templates are not available at this time :( 
Here’s the summary sheet if you want to work on this skill with your babies, too!
Thank you, Jennifer Jones, for some of these ADORABLE fonts!!!  Want some to use in your own classroom?  Check ‘em out HERE!!!  Want to use these commercially {in your TpT products}?!?!  Jennifer is now offering a commercial use license for purchase! 
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