Labeling the Teacher & Some Syllable Fun

Last year I saw the cutest labeling lesson from sweet Julie Lee.  I had already introduced the concept when I saw it, so I tucked away the idea and knew I’d use it in the future.  I pulled it out today and the kids had a BLAST!  We’ve seen lots of labels in our guided readers, print, and around the classroom, so the kids are used to hearing the word.  Today we actually put a little meaning behind it. 


I created this little chart with pre-labeled stickies.  When I introduced it, I told the kids that we were going to have a special visitor that didn’t know ANYTHING about people, but he knew how to read.  Since he wouldn’t know anything about me, I told the kids they’d need to label me incase he got confused.  Ohmiword.  You’d have thought I told them they were getting a visit from Santa himself…it was so quiet you could’ve heard a pin drop!  Everyone wanted a chance to label me! And label they did!  SO much fun!


Super engaging and lots of fun!!!  Thanks for the idea, Julie!!

Next up, syllables.  We’ve been working on identifying syllables for the last few weeks.  I know my sweeties learn best when you can put something into the form of a song, so I made up this little tune to teach syllables.  They sing it all.the.time!!!!!  I even have Landon singing it at home!  Bless his heart…he still has NO clue what a syllable is, but he sure thinks he does ;)

label2  label3

I introduced this little song when we were doing our name unit.  I love using names to introduce the concept because I feel like it's easier for them to understand.  Then we moved into lots of different words/pictures.  These are from Kathleen Pedersen’s Backpack Boogie Unit {LOVE IT, by the way ;)}  Each week, I have a different set of picture cards for my kids to sort.  I keep this little pocket chart on my easel so that we can quickly refer to it during whole group for a little *refresher* :)  I LOVE hearing my kids sing this song and they love being able to tell me how many parts/sounds they hear in words!  Click on the pic below for your copy.


In other news, my poor sweet child has stuff POURING out of his eyes right now.  Gross?!  Yes.  Bless his heart.  He started running fever over the weekend and now he’s got the grossest, runniest nose and these ickies running out of his eyes.  I’m going to leave you and take advantage of all this cuddling he wants to do right now.  I hate it when my boys are sick, but I LOVE that their sickies make them so affectionate :)  I’ll take it however I can get it!!!  HA!!! 


  1. I love the song! Thank you SO much! I am going to use it with my sweet babies! I hope your son feels better, but for now enjoy all the cuddling!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I find that a few of my kiddies get confused with clapping, so I also tell them to "say the word with their mouths closed" - the number of sounds they make = the number of syllables in the word!

    -Kate @ The Wise Owl

  3. If you can clap it and sing it they will learn it! Thanks for the great song.


  4. I love the song and I know my kiddos will too....even when their tone deaf teacher sings it! =)

    I would LOVE for you to come and grab our HUGE Stretchy Snake *freebie*. Check out our sound box hop too....your Kinders will go nutty for it Cara! =)

    Praying your little one feels better and for good health for the rest of your family during this time.

    Heather's Heart

  5. Love the's so cute! I hope your little feels better soon...until then enjoy all the cuddles. ;)

  6. I love the idea of labeling the teacher! I bet they LOVED it!
    Apples and ABC's

  7. Hope your little one feels better soon!

  8. What a fun activity!! I love your labeling pic!!

    Hope your little guy feels better soon! :(

  9. Cute song!! Hope your little one is better soon :(

  10. Great song! Hope your little one gets better soon!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  11. I love this for syllables! I can't believe you are already teaching them in K!!! That's awesome! I'm so happy you are K now! I'll be using your ideas all the time! I also wanted you to know that I am SO not a cook. But....I have tried a couple of your pasta recipes from your other blog and they are delicious. My 3 year old loves to cook so I have made an effort to cook more with her. I love your pictures and step by step instructions! Thanks!

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    1. Oh man...I'm new to this bloggy world and just deleted my comment on accident!!
      Deary me...anyways, it said...

      "I had a chance to do this activity with my little firsties last year, and it was a hit!
      Thanks Julie and Cara!!"

      Little Miss Primary

  13. I LOVE using songs in the classroom! Thank you so much for sharing this new song with us! And what a cute way to do labeling!

    I create a lot of songs for my classroom as well and just posted a free addition song, poster, and gesture. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out here:
    Addition Song FREEBIE!

    I hope your little guy is feeling better soon! There is so much going around!

    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  14. What a cute song. My little ones loved it today. We sang it 16 times using their names each time.
    Primary Paradise

  15. I love the song! What a great way to teach it! I would love to incorporate this into my morning meeting each morning!

  16. Thanks for sharing!! I think I will try it with the students names (great activity for the beginning of the year).

  17. What an adorable lesson! My kids would love it! Keeping that in my pocket for Friday!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  18. I love your blog! I am so fortunate to have found it. If you have time, maybe you could swing by and check out mine :)


  19. LOVE the label activity!! We are learning about diagrams next week in first grade so I just might borrow these ideas!! :) Also, I have a question for ya. What reading curriculum did you have at your old school? My school is looking to get a new reading curriculum, and I just LOVE all of the language arts lessons you posted last year in first grade. Your suggestions or advice are very welcome! Thanks Cara, and I hope your little one is feeling better!

    Samantha :)

  20. cute!!

    check out my new blog