It’s In The Bag! {The One Where I Talk About How Much I Love My Cameo}

I got a Silhouette Cameo back in June.  It’s been in the box since, oh, ummmmm…last night. I’ve finally started to make some headway in my classroom and I had some ideas for some décor I wanted to add to the mix.  Enter the Cameo….aka:  teacher’s best friend.  I knew it would help me make my *vision* a reality.  Ohmiword.  I absolutely LOVE that thing!  I’m SO sad I haven’t played with it sooner!  Now I’m a project makin’ fool!  Even though my house is currently covered in scrapbook paper, ribbon, and hot glue, I couldn’t be happier.  I *LOVE* the way this turned out!


My plan is to set these above my cabinets…y’know…as long as they don’t break fire code.  That whole 18” gets me every.time.  If not, I’ll get creative :)

I used my Cameo to cut out the letters and scalloped background.  This whole process *might* have taken me about 10ish minutes.  Then I made some ribbon rosettes to fancy it up a bit and added some fun tissue paper for a little color flair.  TOTALLY unnecessary, but cute nonetheless :)



I’m always spending a fortune on those cute little punch out letters from the teacher store.  Inevitably, I never have enough of the letters that I need, so I’m always making multiple trips back to the store and watching my money disappear one dollar at a time.  And you KNOW how tight money can be for us teachers…especially at the beginning of the year.  My Cameo is going to save me SO much!  I just hook it up to my computer and I can use ANY…yes, ANY…font I own to create as many letters as I want.  L.O.V.E.

I couldn’t stop playing with my new(ish) toy, so I used one of my Silhouette patterns to create these pennants.  I loves.  I’m thinking about hanging these on the wall above my boards.  We’ll see :)



I’m linking up my Silhouette projects over on Blog Hoppin’ today.  There’s a Cameo Creations linky party and well, you know me…I LOVE a good party ;)  PLUS, there’s a CAMEO GIVEAWAY involved!!!!!!!  People!!!!!  Head on over to see what everyone’s making and if you’ve got a project you want to highlight, go ahead and link up, too!  And most importantly, enter the giveaway!!!!  It’s TOO good to pass up!  Click on the button to learn more!

Blog Hop Cameo Button


I’ve spent the last few days…and nights…hard at work in my new classroom.  It took me two days to figure out how I was going to arrange everything.  I seriously think that’s the hardest part of getting your classroom together!  Plus, I’m one of those people who needs my room to have a good *feng shui*.  And so far, I think it does!  I made some cute décor for my bulletin boards.  Can you tell I’m going with a chevron(ish) theme?!?!?  I’m pretty sure EVERYONE is this year!  HA!

If you’re looking for some chevron to cutesify your classroom, click on the pictures to grab some for yourself!


And if you want the whole kit and kaboodle, I have that as an option, too!


In other news, as I was unpacking I realized I have A LOT of books…including the ENTIRE set of The Babysitter’s Club series.  Oh man…I was OBSESSED with those books when I was growing up!!!  I brought those back home for safe keeping ;)

photo (41)

Alright friends, I’m headed back up to school to get my room in shape!  My goal is to finish up by Wednesday so I can enjoy the last couple of summer days before going back next Monday!!!! 


  1. Hahaha! I have the whole set of my Babysitter's Club books in my room, too {even the Super Summer Editions - my personal fav.} I can't part with them! The Cameo is awesome, and I can't wait to see how you use it for Christmas! :)

    1. I have the entire collection too, but in French (probably less books than yours...). I'm not able to bring them in my class. Too afraid students break them...

  2. Love the chevron theme! I can't wait to see your classroom all put together.

    Krazy About Kiddos

  3. Oh now I'm super jealous of your Cameo!! SO wonderful that you can create with ANY font you have!! Ahhhh I have a Cricut..but then you have to buy the cartridges and they are, like, a million dollars! LOL! If only I had waited a few years for the Cameo! I LOVE your bags - SO adorable Cara!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  4. I was totally in the Babysitter's Book Club! I got five new books EVERY month! The best thing my Mom bought me from book order forms! HA!
    Love those letters! I need me a cameo!!


    The First Grade Jungle

  5. Thanks for sharing your creations! I love seeing what everyone comes up with... I have a Cricut and I absolutely LOVE it, but I'm thinking the Cameo might be 100x better! Christmas present maybe???

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  6. You have made the CUTEST things EVER with that Cameo!! I can't believe you're going to Kinder! So happy for you, but sad for me, since you ARE my first grade idol! Kinder is fabulous too-I taught it for 10 years. Can't wait to see your room when you're finished with it!!
    Kerri B

  7. Those bags turned out SO CUTE!! I bought a Cricut just last month and am regretting it now that I'm seeing all the things the Cameo can make without those expensive cartridges!! I can't wait to see more of your creations!

    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

  8. Oh, I did love Babysitter's Club...memories:) I was a little skeptical about the Cameo (I love my cricut), but I didn't realize you could use the fonts on your computer to cut out letters! Get out! Hmmm...sounds like I need to do more research!
    BTW, is that subtitle of your post a nod to Friends? It just reminded me of all the titles of Friends' episodes:)
    Synonym Rolls & Antonym Moments

  9. So cute!! You are so talented! I am really going to miss teaching this year!

  10. L-O-V-E chevron, too! So excited to see your room coming together. Best of luck this year! :)

  11. I LOVE what you made!! And I too was obsessed with the baby sitter's club series! I'm so excited for you and your kindergarten class!


  12. I gave my daughter a cameo for her birthday last year. She has made some amazing things for her classroom and mine. (we have taught together for the past 7 years!). I am moving and won't have her close by to make me things. Guess I need my own cameo! I'm going from k to first...thank goodness for your blog!

  13. Girl, you have skills. I cannot believe you were able to get caught up with the classroom and create these so fast. #CaraHero

  14. I need a Cameo! It seems like so much fun. I may have to put it on my Santa list. :)


  15. I'm looking forward to pictures of your new classroom!

  16. Love these bags you made! So creative!

    I'm a fairly new blogger and would love for you to stop on by and have a look at my little corner of the web!


  17. Love it all! I told you, you would rock that machine.

  18. The bags are adorable!!
    I loved The Babysitter's Club books :)

    Fun In First

  19. I love your Kindergarten bags!!! Just another reason why I need to get myself one of these!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  20. It's all adorable! Love the chevron theme!!!

  21. I absolutely LOVE the bags! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  22. P.S. That robot thingie is so dang annoying! :)

  23. I am in LOVE with the bags. What a fantastic idea!! I just spent the day shopping at Hobby Lobby for some letters for that empty space above my cabinets.........who needs Hobby Lobby letters when you can make your own. :)) I'm going to borrow your idea. Not sure what the cameo is yet but I'm doing some research tonight. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  24. Your bags and posters look great! I'd love it if you could teach us how to make some of them, sometime!

  25. Those are ADORABLE. Those bags especially!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  26. Gorgeous bags that spell "Kindergarten"!!! May have to copy you :)

    @ Everyday with the Jays

  27. Okay so I'm extremely jealous by all these crafty things done by the cameo...mission accomplished I now feel like HAVE to get one! :) hehe. Quick question though, where did you get the backgrounds and frames for your tpt units? I love them but can't find them anywhere!

  28. OMGoodness Cara! I am loving your bags! You are just amazing!

    Thank you for being an inspiration to EVERYONE! =)

    Heather's Heart

  29. Oh my lord, I want a cameo! I love your banner and those bags are too cute! That's oo funny that you found all your Babysitter's Club books! I had all of them. Pretty sure my mom donated them, though! Can't wait to see how your new room turns out!

    A Tale of 2 First Grades

  30. I was so excited to see the chevron packet yesterday! I had been holding out because I had a sneaky feeling you would probably be posting something chevron soon. My little chevron heart was so excited!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  31. I love the chevron backgrounds!! Where do you get your backgrounds?

  32. LOVE the colors and bag idea! It will make your room feel so warm! Can't wait to see pics of your completed classroom!

    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  33. I'm sold on the cameo. I really want that! I think that schools' should have this instead of the ole' die cute machine! Thanks for sharing all your super cute ideas!
    Rambling About Reading

  34. So cute! I have a cricut but have been wishing for a cameo for about a year now! :-) Can you share what font you used for the Kindergarten letters? I am moving from first to third and will miss the first grade ideas you've shared but I love posts like this that can be adapted! Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. So cute! What font did you use?

  36. I have been hoping you'd update about your Silhouette soon! My sweet husband wants to know what to give me for my birthday next Monday and I've been leaning towards that. Now I am convinced it's what I "NEED". ;) Thanks!!!

  37. So what's in the bags? They are bright and cheery! What do you do with them?

  38. Absolutely adorable! How do you find the time ?

    I am a new blogger, tpt seller, and a new follower.
    Please check out my new teaching blog (its still in its baby stages)
    and my tpt site!
    Wonderful stuff you have.

    The Teaching Side Blog

    My TPT Store

  39. Love it! I want a Cameo now :) What font did you use for the Kindergarten bags? Did the Cameo do the dashed black lines around the scalloped edges? Where did you get all of your awesome scrapbook paper? Sorry for all of the questions but I absolutely love it!!!

  40. Love that you are lovin' the Cameo! Cute bags!

  41. How did you make the ribbon rosettes? I LOVE this!

  42. thanks so much for the schedule cards, i will definitely be using them!

    what font did you use for the words? i adore it!

  43. ADORABLE does not even begin to describe those KINDERGARTEN bags!! Want to make me a set too!? :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  44. Mrs. Carroll,
    I LOVE your "Family" sign in your living room (above your new dog)! Could you please share with me the measurements to that? I would so appreciate it. My email is Thank you so much! Stephanie

  45. I recently purchased a silhouette cameo and I am super excited about creating some classroom projects for the fall! Quick question- how did you create the faux stitching on your kindergarten letters and scalloped background? Did you do this by hand? Just wondering because those are so cute!

    Thanks for your help!