A Little Catch Up & A Classroom Tour

I had GREAT intentions of linking up with Blog Hoppin’ last week for Teacher Week, but shame on me…I did no such thing!  I think it goes without saying that the beginning of the school year is always a little crazy, but in addition to getting things ready for a new year & attending lots of trainings, I was also planning a wedding shower for my sister.  Have I told y’all she’s getting married?!?!?  In two weeks?!??!  Ohmiword.  To say last week was INsane would be the understatement of the year.  I had to unpack the rest of the boxes {an entire room full!!!!} and then get busy decorating.  The good news is that the main living areas of the house are decorated.  The bad news is that I’m officially broke :)  It always takes a party to motivate me to decorate!  Praise the Lord that’s over!!  But look at my sweet sister…isn’t she a little cutie?!

shower1 copyblog

We also became the proud family of a new dog?!?!  This sweet little pup…who was dumped in our neighborhood…showed up on our doorstep during the shower and would NOT leave!  When I was opening the door for the last houseguest to leave, she ran right in, headed straight for the couch, jumped up, and fell asleep.  Mercy.  I was NOT expecting that!  We couldn’t very well send her back out in the rain, so we just planned on keeping her overnight.  One night and 3 days later, she’s still here and sleeping in the boys’ bed every.single.night.  We are IN LOVE.  Mr. Spouse started calling her “Matilda” which turned into me calling her “Matilda Jane”.  My itty bitty couldn’t say that, so he started calling her “Nutella”, so that’s what stuck!  Nutella it is!!!  We sure didn’t want a dog, but we’re SO happy God brought her to us!  She’s the perfect addition to our little family!!!!  I swear it’s like she found US!  Such a little blessing!


Our first day of school was yesterday and I loved every little minute.  Yes, Kindergarten is exhausting, but I LOVE my little sweeties.  They are PRECIOUS.  I know it’s only been 3 years since I’ve taught Kindergarten, but I seriously forgot how stinkin’ cute they are!  I have a whole new appreciation for their little personalities since my 5-year-old is the same age.  I can already tell this is going to be a great year!

Moving on…

Speaking of my little love, here he is on his first day of Pre-K!!!!  Yes…we decided to give him the gift of time and he’s spending this year getting used to a structured environment and learning to love school.  And he does.  BIG time.  When he came to my classroom afterschool yesterday, he said, “Mom.  Pre-K is TOTALLY.AWESOME.  I love it.”  And his precious teacher told me he asked her to come home with him.  Success.  I couldn’t be happier!!!!

pk1stday copyblog

Okay, okay…now it’s time for a tour.  Y’all saw the before.  It was a blank canvas for sure.  I could’ve gone a million different directions, but I decided to keep it light and airy…bright and colorful.  I didn’t want to clutter the walls with lots of “stuff” because I’m really looking forward to adding as we learn {anchor charts, etc.}  I gotta say…I think I’m in LOVE!!!!!  So far, the arrangement seems to working pretty well!!


Table numbers!  Betcha never thought you’d EVER see a frog anywhere in my room, huh?!?!  Well…I’m at an all Kindergarten campus this year and each of the pods in the building houses different “animals”.  I’m a YELLOW FROG!!!!  HA!!!  As long as there are no REAL frogs in my direct line of sight, then it’s all good!!  kclassroom2   kclassroom3

Don’t pay too much attention to my sad little desk space back there!  I’m working on a chevron inspired bulletin/note board I haven’t quite had the time to finish just yet! 


Here are my classroom rules from my Saved by the Bell packet.  The Reading posters are from A Year of Many Firsts and I LOVE them.  They’re free, too!  I bought this really cute little frog from Hobby Lobby and each time we’re working on a different comprehension strategy, I’m going to place the frog next to that particular poster.  This little space is right next to my carpet so I’m going to utilize this area during our reader’s workshop/shared reading.  Eeeek!! 

kclassroom6  kclassroom7

Here’s my little morning meeting/good news/calendar/shared reading/readers workshop area.  It’s the perfect size!


Here’s a closer look.  I made the penant banner with my Cameo {LOVE!} as well as the “number line” heading on top.  The calendar pieces are from Kathleen Pedersen’s Calendar packet {perfect for Kindergarten!  I love that the skills change as the kids progress through the year!}  The number posters are from my Number Posters with a Chevron Flair packet.  I still need to add a digital date space for the kids.


I LOVE a visual/print rich classroom…especially in Kindergarten!  Plus, I really want my kids to be responsible for keeping the classroom organized.  I went a little label crazy this year!


My reading strategies sit to the left of my calendar area, right behind my teacher table.  I needed these as a focal point so that my kids can have quick & easy access to them during guided reading.  I added some new strategies to my collection…random things I’ve been saying through the years that really seem to work.  I’m going to upload these as a free download in the next couple of days.  I just need to find my EHD cord, first!!!


Here’s my teacher table area.  So cozy!  More importantly, it’s filled with lots of visuals to help my sweeties.  As the year progresses…and as we add new skills to our schema…I’ll be adding things to the pink focus board next to my teacher table.   


Here’s my little dramatic play/home living/art/block area.  Plus…my Bravo!/Good Work wall {that isn’t quite finished!!!}  I made the circles/words with my Cameo.  Seriously people…teacher’s BEST friend!!!!

kclassroom15  kclassroom16

On the wall opposite my calendar, we have my library, writing center, word wall, literacy shelf, and home living.  I love all the open space on the walls…soon to be filled up with anchor charts and kid work!


My community supply shelf and more manipulatives.  This is my 5-year-old’s favorite shelf in the room!  HA!


My reading nook/library!  The kids LOVE this space!!!  I’m keeping the pink space wide open for reading anchor charts and space to hang our class made big books!


This was one of my favorite projects!!  SUPER easy.  4 pieces of wood {Hobby Lobby}, 4 sheets of scrapbook paper {Hobby Lobby}, 4 wooden letters {Hobby Lobby}, acrylic paint, mod podge, and hot glue…with a little ribbon in the mix :)  Love the way they turned out!


Here’s our writing station.  The pocket chart will be used for various writing tasks in addition to their every day writing menu.  When we start writer’s workshop next week, we’ll be adding our writing anchor charts to that space as well.  kclassroom22

Here’s my little workspace…smack dab in the middle{ish} of the room!  This little desk houses my laptop, projector, and document camera.  PLUS, it gives me a little more room for storing things underneath :)


Speaking of storing things, I have less storage space in this room than I did in my previous school.  I was worried at first, but I got creative and shockingly I was able to fit everything {all 32 boxes!!!!!} worth of stuff in the room!!!  My favorite storage solution is my Sterilite tubs lined with chevron scrapbook paper and labels.  Swoon.


Speaking of labels, this is how I like to organize my Kindergarten library…by month(s)!  I also have book tubs labeled by genre, but my most frequently used books are in boxes organized by month.


My alphabet is from my Manuscript Alphabet with a Chevron Flair packet.  I saved a little white space on the board for my projector and I’m taking down the pledges.  I want to use the left side of the white board for objectives and station assignments, so this area will look a little different next week.kclassroom27



  1. Your room looks beautiful!! I love the dot baskets from the dollar store! And yay for the new puppy love -- sounds like she was meant to be yours!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. Your room looks awesome. You have been super busy. I LOVE IT!!:)

  3. Adorable classroom! I love it! Congrats to your sister and to YOU for "adopting" a new dog. :) A blessing indeed... I'm happy your little guy is loving school. Sounds like your new city is treating you well!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  4. Oh I just love your classroom! It is so bright, colorful and cheery! You did an amazing job!

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  5. Your classroom looks amazing! :)

  6. You are always so put together and fantastical. Love how your room turned out and you were creative with how you arranged everything!

  7. Aww...love your new doggie. She's such a cutie!

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  8. Oh Cara! It is amazing! You are a girl after my own heart - not afraid to use pink!!! I went through your pictures with a big smile on my face! What a happy place for children to come everyday. Your love of teaching shows in your classroom. Beautiful!!!

  9. Sooooooooo cute!!! Excited for you and your year in Kindergarten! :) Hopefully things will slow down for ya these next few weeks and as you get into the swing the year.


  10. I'm pretty sure the rainbow print chevron rug from big lots would be perfect in that spot! ;) very cute cara, great job!

  11. I love the room ... it's great! I also love the Family wall in your home and the new doggie! Great job!

  12. Love your room...especially the pom poms. I've been looking for a way to attach them to the wall like you did. What's the best way you came up with? Thanks!

  13. Your room is the cutest! I am loving it so much! Such great photography skills too! ;)

    Apples and ABC's

  14. So great! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas! Where did you get the labels for your manipulatives?

  15. I love your room. It looks bright, cheery, and fun! I love all of the items on your wall....and now I want a cameo :)

  16. Your room looks amazing!! It is so welcoming and cozy :)

    Fun In First

  17. Hi! I love your room, it looks great! Lovin' the chevron and the blue and green baskets. I'm brand new to the blogging world, but I've been following you for some time now and I love your ideas.

    Have a great year and if you have a chance, come check out my blog at here


  18. Impressive!! Your room looks amazing and to think you did it all sooooo quick. Awesome pre-K story with your son. I am thinking his face tells it all about how excited he is to head to school.

  19. I love your classroom! Have a GREAT year in Kindergarten! I'm sure your new class and parents will absolutely love you!


  20. I am so jealous of your room!! It looks amazing! I love your table signs too! I've been trying to figure out a way to do mine. Did you make them and are they included in your chevron pack because I love them!!!!

  21. Your room looks fabulous -- I am wondering how you organize which centers the kids will visit each day. I have tried so many different methods and just can't seem to find one I like. Do you use pocket charts?

  22. I love the Lorax trees in the classroom library, and the color scheme!

    When I was little we always had stray animals in my neighborhood. It was pretty rural, so I think a lot of people just dropped animals off there that they didn't want anymore. Makes me so mad looking back. Anyways, us neighborhood kids started a stray animals club! My family ended up taking in a dog and a cat, and we found homes for the rest of the animals. It was like the animals were meant to be dropped off where we live.

    Nutella was meant to find your home!!!! I am so glad you gave her such a loving place to call home! Congrats, she's adorable!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  23. Oh my goodness... what a beautiful tour of a beautiful classroom! All of your hard work really has paid off. I am quite sure both the parents and students are THRILLED! I am a new follower and a new blogger. I hope you have a chance to stop by my new blog "Granny Goes to School".

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  24. LOve the colors! You really did great about keeping it airy and bright.
    Your kids are going to love their new classroom. :)

  25. My favorite part is how you were willing to leave blank spaces to add learning tools! I think teachers have such a hard time remembering that they don't have to decorate every inch, and that the purpose of bulletin boards is to add to the *learning* environment. (Some principals forget this, too!)

  26. Wow! How do you have time to do a shower and decorate your classroom so beautifully!!?? Congrats to your sister and congrats to you on your move and new class.

  27. Looks beautiful!! Everything fits together so well and is SO organized. Best luck with everything this year :)

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  28. Your room looks amazing! I have always loved your blog but I have to say I am super excited that you are teaching K this year :)


  29. wow your class is simply amazing... everything looks perfect!!! im starting to get my class ready on monday which is my first day of school and the kids will arrive on thursday soo just 3 days to get ready!!! (Wish me luck)

    Thanks a lot for your ideas and inspiration

    love from spain

  30. Your dog is so cute! I love your room! It's so perfect for Kindergarten.

    Swimming into Second

  31. WOW, you've been busy. Your new pup is adorable!! I can see how you couldn't resist that face. So cute!!


  32. Super cute classroom! I LOVE the puppy story! Nutella is precious!

  33. So, since you are no longer first grade, I would like to suggest a new name for your blog... TEACHER GENIUS. Cause that's what you are!

  34. your classroom is lovely. organized and colorful :) and your new puppy is too cute. I hope she brings you lots of joy! I also must add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture collage above the couch in your house...It's inspiration!

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  36. I love your classroom! I really love the colors. Congratulations to your son! My daughter will start Kindergarten next week and I am already crying. My daughter will only be down the hall from my classroom but I can't believe she is big enough to start Kindergarten. Everyone told me not to blink!!


  37. Even the dog that randomly shows up at your front door is cute!! I just don't know how you do it all. Your classroom is ADORABLE.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  38. OOO yay for new pictures. Your classroom looks beautiful, and your new puppy is so sweet, I can't believe how he found you like that, what a great story. Can't wait to see more from your kindergarten classroom!


  39. I love your chevron Reading Strategies posters -- Are they available for purchase?!?!

  40. I love it....looks very welcoming and fun for the kids!

  41. Missing you Cara! Looks like you are settled in and your classroom is darling!! Have fun with your sister's wedding...I am working on my daughter's wedding planning for next summer! CRAZY!! Kelly and I think of you often and are so happy you are closer to your family! Sad you aren't closer to us though so we can stop in for some Mexican and some shopping! Take care!

  42. Beautiful Room; so colorful and inviting! You have done a great job!! Love the pics of your family!! My son get's married on Oct 6th!!! Yikes~~~ Exciting for your sis, too!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  43. Thanks so much for the shout out, girl! You are TOO SWEET! Your room looks absolutely amazing! :)


  44. You immediately captured me with the story of your new pup!
    What an amazing God we serve that even the tiniest of creatures does not escape his attention.

    Beautiful classroom space and what a smart cookie you are to give your sweet baby an extra year!

  45. Oh my goodness....you are currently teaching in my dream classroom. I wish I could be that cutesy!
    Thanks for all of the ideas :)

  46. Love the pics of your classroom and new puppy! I must say I absolutely LIVE for your blog, you have so many great ideas :) Just one question, where did you find your decorations that are glue bottles with the vowels on them? I think I have them downloaded somewhere but can't seem to find them on my computer. I would love to use them in my classroom this year.

  47. Looks great! I am SO jealous of your cameo! Maybe it will be in my budget for next year! *sigh* I had every intention of making poms this year but somehow didn't get around to it! Darn!

    BTW - I finally became a follower after stalking your blog for over a year! LOL! I just started blogging myself and WOW! I have a lot to learn!

    First Grade Crusade

  48. Your room is amazing :) You should be proud of all of your hard work!
    Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach

  49. Wow! I love your room so much! I love how you used those pom pom flowers on the walls and hanging from the ceiling! I'm obsessed with those pom poms. I always see them as decorations for parties...but what's better than having them hang in your room all year! So fun!

    If you get a chance, check out my blog!

    Owl Inspire You
    Kelly Nelson

  50. You are just my kind of teacher! I teach 5th grade, so sadly most of your "Teacher's pay Teachers" stuff I can't use! :( However...I would really, really be interested in your table signs and all of your other labels if you have them! If not can you teach me how to make my own?! They are just what I am looking for, but I can't find! You have also inspired me with your pom-pom look! Love it! Your classroom is SOOOOO cute that I wish I was your student! HA! Can't wait to hear from you!

    With teacher love from Kentucky,
    Kerry 5th ELA

  51. Just curious what is around the vowel board by your reading table? It looks super cute! They look like pictures, maybe related to vowel sounds?

  52. What did you use to make all your labels? Are they made with your Cameo?

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  56. You are great.Great teacher and your classroom is beautiful.
    Christmas tree ornaments

  57. Love all of your signs! Do you have the days of the week signs and months signs for sale? I couldn't find them on your tpt.

  58. Where did you get the vowel chunk cards on the pink vowel board? Are they available on your TPT?

  59. I love the tens frames on your math board. Can you share where you found them, please? Thanks so much!

  60. Ahh I want to be a kinder in your classroom! How did you attach your chevron fabric to your kidney table? I want to do the same thing, but am afraid sticky velcro would eventually fall down.

  61. I love your classroom! What clip art do you use for your alphabet?

  62. Love your room!! I have a question. Do you happen to know what font the FAMILY sign is written in from your wall pic with the cute dog? I would love to know. Found you on Pinterest. :)

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  64. Ewww... I deleted my own comment...
    I just wanted to say how much I love your classroom. It is so inspiring! The colors you chose are beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Sunny greetings from Switzerland! Alessandra (klassenkunst.blogspot.ch)

  65. I love your classroom and the colors you used. I am a new teacher and I am going to be using a lot of your ideas in my own classroom. I was wondering where you got the flag on the rope? I love that!

  66. I also wanted to know how you did the actual calender and how you made it bright and what you hang the numbers with? Do you have that somewhere that I can buy it?

  67. Love your calendar! Where did you get your numbers?

  68. I love your room!!! It looks so warm and inviting! I love the pink board you have by your teaching table and was interested in purchasing the materials you used on that board. Am I able to purchase them off of your tpt account? Thank you for your help!!!

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  70. How do you attach the fabric to your kidney table? Do you use a hot glue gun?