Breakin’ the Rules {& Some Plant Stuff}

I know I’m breakin’ all sorts of rules by posting twice in one day, but in my defense, I *technically* posted around midnight{ish}.  I'd still consider that *yesterday* :)  I was up with a sick little boy and sleeping wasn’t an option. 

Isn’t it hard to get back in a groove after a holiday weekend?!?!  Okay, well, it is for me.  I’m a little slow moving that first day back…even if it was only a 3 day weekend.  I threw myself into the fire today and really tried to get back in the groove first thing this morning.  We’re learning all about plants this week, so I started the day with a little composing numbers craftivity.


I had the kids pick two numbers…between 10-15…and write the different ways to compose that number on flower petals.  These are still a work in progress, but they’re doing awesome!!!  This would be great for composing AND decomposing, but we’re reviewing addition pretty hardcore right now, so that’s what I stuck with today.

Speaking of plants, we labeled the parts of a plant during a little whole group activity this morning after reading this book….




And then we talked about the life cycle, too!  We’ll keep this little anchor chart up throughout the week as reference.  I’ve got some plant printables and literacy/math stations to share with you {FREE!!!!}, but I left my hard drive at school so I can’t share with you tonight.  Sadsville {I love you, Michelle!}

plants1-1  plants2-1

Then we talked about the life cycle of a plant, too!

We’re also learning about the oi/oy spelling patterns this week…


We have some fun word work activities planned and I can’t wait to share!  Have a great rest of the week!!!


  1. Your oy/oi is TOO stinkin' cute! I need to come to art lessons from you!

    Ms.Smarty Pants

  2. Your flowers are so cute! I love the feather leaves :)

  3. We were studying plants last week. We did the same type of math activity except I had a sheet that had 10 addition problems for the number 6. They had to solve the problems and only use the ones that added to six to make their flower. We also made a flower puppet that had a flower on back where we labeled the parts.

    Love your ideas! I'd love to have you follow my blog. I'm just getting started.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher.

  4. Everything is uber cute!


  5. We do the water color coffee filter flower too, but I've never scalloped it like that...going to this year! Thanks!

    You’ve been tagged! Visit my blog for more!

    Kindergarten Korner

  6. I love the flower with the center that is the life cycle!

    Pretty Please come see the plant snack we made! I think you will love it as much as my kiddos do! We used different plant parts the Easter Bunny likes to eat to make a flower! =)

    I hope your little one is feeling better.

    Thank you again for being such an inspiration!

    Bloggy blessings sweet friend!

    Heather's Heart

  7. Love that anchor chart!! Stephanie

  8. Your plant life cycle chart is cute. The pig and cowboy are always!
    Is your little guy feeling better today?
    Dragonflies in First

  9. Fun ideas! I just posted some plant goodies on my site - I would love for you to visit sometime. I am a TX gal, too. :)


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  10. We have recently finished up our discovery-based plant unit too! Our classroom looked like a greenhouse by the end of the fun! I would love for you to stop by my little blog and check it out! As always, thanks for sharing! Hope you had a beautiful Easter day!


  11. You're Uh-mazing! I love the anchor chart. I need to do something like this for my little firsties on plants (even though we have been told not to by my principal). Most of my kids do not know their plant parts and there's now way I'm sending them off to second grade not knowing that! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm a TX girl too, like Erica!


    ♥Teaching Little Apples♥

  12. **Love** your plant activties. So creative, cute and engaging! Can't wait to use these in my plant unit next year :)


    Creative Curriculum Corner

  13. Love these ideas...especially the flower math, and the flower pie chart. Thanks for sharing...I may steal an idea or two but you will get the credit of course.

  14. Sooo adorable!!! You have such cute ideas!
    Katie & Lisen

  15. Have you heard the song "Parts of a Plant" by Lamar Holley? Look it up on amazon. My kids love it and it goes perfectly with this unit. Warning: it will get stuck in your head!

  16. Love the flowers! I was just searching a few of my favorite blogs for a math tub idea for next week. This will be perfect. Thanks!

  17. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing the flower craft!!

  18. Cara, I also wanted to tell you to come look at the greenhouses we planted seeds in...they are so cute! I have a *freebie* also for sorting the sounds of ow called "Growing Flowers". Grab the plant part song while you are is a cute song to add to their poetry folders.

    I would be honored if you came to check them out...maybe some of your readers will too! I love to share *freebies* and encouragement.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher. I am blessed because of you!

    Heather's Heart

  19. I loooove all your plant stuff!! It looks like your kids have been very, very busy!!

  20. Great ideas! I was wondering if you could post or e-mail an example of decomposing with the flower! Thanks!