Camping Capers, Open House, “Sadsville”, & Spring Break

Maybe I should’ve just titled this post “Longest Post Ever”, because that’s pretty much what it’s gonna be.  You can abandon reading now and I swear I wouldn’t blame you!  HA!.
First of all, I just want to say “thank you” to all of you who emailed to make sure I’m okay!  I know I haven’t posted in a while, but y’all…it’s been a rough week.  First of all, getting ready for Open House was consuming all of my free time.  Aside from the fun school stuff, my sweet first baby…our pug, Griffin…was put to sleep last Friday.  As my sweet friend, Michelle, would say, our family has been living in “Sadsville” since last week :(  Mr. Spouse got Griffin {or “Griffy Griff” as my Grant called him} in 2000.  He was the absolute craziest, best dog ever.  Think a pug version of Marley {from Marley & Me}.  True story.  He had a face only his parents could love.
I swear I never thought I’d cry when he passed, but ohmiword, I was a wreck.  We made the tough decision after weeks of going back and forth trying to figure out what was best.  He was blind…deaf…and could barely walk.  Watching him attempt to take any steps was painful.  We wanted to take all that pain away…we truly think he had bone cancer.  He got so bad so quick.  The saddest part was watching my boys’ react to the news.  Just today Landon asked, “When is Griff coming home?  You said that he was with Jesus and Jesus was going to make him better.  How will Jesus get him back home when he’s all better?”  Oh my.  Tears.  And my sweet Grant?!  He will tell anyone and everyone who’ll listen that, “Griffy Griff is in heaven with Jesus now and God is making him all better!”  We miss our little guy, but we’re relieved he’s not in pain anymore!!!
Mr. Spouse and I are on Spring Break this week and we started our little vacation with a road trip to Houston to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday….80’s style.  Mr. Spouse was a hot mess.  He went all.out.  I wasn’t far behind.  We had a blast!
80s  80s2
The next day we woke up and headed to Galveston to stay for a 3-day/2-night kid-free getaway at our favorite little hotel.  It was short lived, but SO fun.  I’m now on a fried food detox.  Ick.
san luis
Now we’re back home and enjoying the rest of our break as a family of four.
Last week was Open House.  Like I said before, the weeks leading up to Open House are nothing short of crazy!!!  Planning, prepping, decorating…you name it.  Open House is a big deal at our school and our team really tries to make it special for the kids…and parents!  Since we were learning about animals & their environments in science,  we decided on a camping theme and here’s what we’ve been up to…
Our kids learned in “cabins” during our 2-week camping unit.
We decorated our doors with pictures of our “happy campers” :)  {We found this darling idea on Pinterest…the source of everything these days!}  Just incase you’re wondering, I used 3 sheets of paper for this.  I took camouflaged scrapbook paper and backed it with brown construction paper.  I cut out two triangles {camouflage & black} and stapled them together.  Then I took my scissors and cut a slit straight up the center of the camouflage paper and then folded back the flaps.  LOVE the way they turned out!
camping3  camping3-2 
Of course, you saw this fun little graph we did and that’s how we started our unit of learning.  It was a great way to gauge my kids’ prior knowledge on the topic and it really helped me to guide my teaching for those two weeks.
I checked out TONS of camping related books from the school library and bought a few from Amazon, too!  Here are just a few I kept in our classroom library….
I also had A LOT of books about various animals available, too {bears, foxes, skunks, porcupines, owls, deer, etc.} both fiction & nonfiction.  The kids LOVED reading these books!!!  I swear they were obsessed!!!
Since animals & their environments were such a big focus in our curriculum, we learned and researched A LOT of different woodlands mammals.  Have y’all ever heard of Pebble Go?!  Absolutely AMAZING site.  If you don’t have a subscription, I would HIGHLY recommend investing in one.  We did A TON of animal research using Pebble Go.  Each of our kids chose a different Woodland Mammal to research and ALL of their research was conducted using this site.  We spent a lot of time learning about different animals we might see while we’re camping on Pebble Go.  Our 2nd graders used Pebble Go for this AMAZING biography project the kiddos did.  Honestly, a GREAT site!!!!!  My kids spent a lot of time on Pebble Go during “listen to reading” while at their literacy stations during our camping unit.  They LOVED it.
We learned a lot about skunks and ohmiword…the kids thought these stinky little furballs were hilarious.  Me, notsomuch.  Have y’all ever run over a freshly deceased skunk?!  NOTsofunny.  We read a book called Sweet Briar Goes to School , by Karma Wilson and then I had the kids write about a time something disappointing happened to them and they made a little skunk peekover to go with it.  They were so stinkin’ cute {no pun intended;)}
We also did this cute little skunk writing craftivity to put out in the hallways…complete with a “puff” of stink coming out of it’s tail :)
skunk fact
Another animal we researched was the porcupine.  After we learned some interesting facts about them, our whole team read the book, “How to Hug a Porcupine”, and then created these darling little guys that went along with a writing prompt, “How would you hug a porcupine?”
camping7  camping6
I don’t have a template, but I found THIS on DLT-Kids…just replace the construction paper with toothpicks and you’re good to go!
Bears seem to be a popular campsite visitor, so we decided to research these guys, too!  We created a KWL to start our learning and read lots of fiction books about bears, too.  One of our favorites?!  Bear Snores On, by Karma Wilson of course!  The kids wrote about how they feel when they wake up and then created this fun little bear craft to go with it.
camping8  camping9
We wrote facts about owls underneath the little “chest fluff” on their bellies.  The kids LOVED this activity and absolute LOVED being able to put their owls in our tree!  SO fun!!
camping10  owl1
Speaking of owls, we also connected our learning to a little math craftivity.  We drew a camping scene and then used our fingerprints to place owls in the picture.  The kids had to write about the fraction of owls that were in the different parts of their camping scene and then create a little owl to go with it!  They LOVED this one!
You can download the template & instructions by clicking on the pic below.
As much as I hate the idea of running into frogs while I’m camping…or anywhere else for that matter…we created these little handprint toads to review our “tOAd words” {/oa/ words}.  LOVED this idea when I pinned it!  Our TL had the idea to use it with our spelling words…perfect way to tie it all together!
Deer are always fun to see on a camping trip, so I thought it would be great to incorporate these little guys into our learning as well.  Pebble Go taught us lots about deer and we learned SO much!!!  I also thought this would be the *perfect* opportunity to read “Dear Deer” by Karma Wilson and teach them about homophones.  We wrote a letter using pairs of homophones in our writing and then created this little deer craft to go with it.  I don’t know about the kids, but I LOVED this activity!  HA!!
camping13  deer dear
Needless to say, we learned A LOT about animals!!!! 
We also threw in some fun camp themed writing activities, too!  We created these cute little hiking legs and wrote an acrostic poem to go with it.  We brainstormed a list of camping related words that started with the letters in HIKE.  Whoa…that was hard!  One of my babies suggested we use a “resource” to help us, so I called on the Internet for some help :)  The kids had to choose two words to use for each letter when they created their acrostics.  Our TL found these cute camping scrapbook paper packs that we used and I LOVE the way they turned out!  Sorry I don’t have a template to share!!
We also learned some funny camping poetry!  My TL found this cute idea on THIS website.  We practiced reading the poem and learning familiar patterns within it. Then we copied the poem to practice our handwriting and created these cute little sleeping bag campers.  I cut out the sleeping bags {using the scrapbook paper from that same pack} and the heads and the kids added everything else.
camping16  camping17
We worked on fractional parts of a set with Goldfish…
And with marshmallows, too!
marshfraction1  marshfraction2
Speaking of marshmallows, one of our culminating activities was a day full of nothing but S’MORES!!!!!  Aaaaahhhh!!!!  I don’t know who was more excited…me or the kids?!  HA!  We spent the morning knee deep in marshmallow math and then headed right into S’more themed literacy centers in the afternoon.  We even made our very own S’mores and then followed it up with some expository writing!!! 
camping18 camping19camping20 camping21
As the kids were eating their S’mores, we brainstormed a list of adjectives to describe them.
The kids made their own little S’more and wrote some of the adjectives on their copy and then I hung them from the ceiling.  The kids wrote how-to books {all about making s’mores}, investigated & wrote about them using their 5 senses, and determined the fractional parts of their s’more, too!  If you’re interested, ALL of the s’more printables mentioned are included in my Camping Capers unit…the s’more craftivity is NOT!
When it was finally time for Open House…and time to show off ALL of this learning…I got busy making the room presentable. Sadly, our desks were beyond the point of cleaning, so I threw some butcher paper on top of them and then made little makeshift campfires on each table using tissue paper and leftover twigs that we used for a different project. 
camping24  camping26  camping25
I set out “Brain Bait” {sour gummy worms} for the kids to take home…
I placed their “backpacks” on their seats {you might remember these from Open House last year}.  Their backpacks held all of their camping related work inside!  They made the little nameplates using twigs {they collected during recess} and glue….a hot mess, but cute!
We also set-up tents!  I didn’t bust this out until the night of Open House because trying to find space for it was a little nuts!  However, we had a big camping day the very next day and I kept it up for that.  The kids brought in sleeping bags and flashlights and we did lots of flashlight reading!!  We also told lots of “campfire tales” around the campfire…the kids had been working on their stories ALL week!!! 
Our TL’s hubby made these tents for our team…I wanted them for my boys so badly that I had Mr. Spouse make me two more!  HA!!  Now we’ve got three just hangin’ out at the house…perfect for movie nights or camping in :)  The boys LOVE it and they were SO stinkin’ easy to make!!!  We found the tutorial on Pinterest!!  You can find it HERE. I added a little half sheet to the front of my tent to make it a little more “private”.  My boys are LOVING it and they demand breakfast, lunch, AND dinner inside :)
Our halls this year were pretty cute.  Nothing like last year, but cute nonetheless.  We were visited by Mr. Fire Marshall a few times before Open House, so we didn’t want to go too crazy and make him mad ;) HA!
camping29 camping30
I didn’t make it around to the other hallways to take pictures, but I gotta say that they were pretty dang cute, too.  With Griffin on my mind, I was just in another world!
If you’re interested in having a little camping unit in your classroom, you can check out my 135 page Camping Capers packet in my little shop.
I’ll give away 3 copies of this little unit to the first 3 friends who leave a comment.  

For those of y’all on Spring Break, I hope y’all are enjoying every little minute!!  For those of you still teaching, I don’t envy you…but I will in a few weeks!!!  HA!!! 


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    On a happier note, I love all the displays in you classroom...the skunks are too cute! I have made a similar craft with the sleeping "heads", except it was for Mother's Day. Well, hopefully you have a great weekend!

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  14. Loved reading about your camping theme! We just finished up a huge unit on oceans and had an over the top open house too! We always end the year with a week of "camping" activities. We clear the desks and chairs back and set up 4-5 tents in our classroom for the week! We will definitely be using some of your fantastic ideas this year! Thanks for sharing!

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  18. Ah how CUTE!!! I am in Nashville teaching inner city (99% free lunch) and take our 1st grade kiddos camping for 3 days and 2 nights at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. They LOVE IT! A few years ago one kid saw a Brown Cow and the student had no idea what it was since it wasn't the typical black and white cow they see in pictures!! I can't wait to use this unit it will go perfectly with pre-camping trip lessons we do with the kids.

  19. I LOVE this unit! I have so many of your awesome units...guess I'll be adding this one next! I'm so sorry to hear about your pug. I have a pug too...Bugsy, and I swear he is the smartest dog I've ever met. Griffin was lucky to have you all! Prayers for your family. :o)

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    I am also very sad to hear about your Griffin. We are huge animal lovers at my house and I understand your sadness!

    We are on spring break too.. and gosh darn.. this week is scootin by so fast! I am a little sad that tomorrow is FRIDAY!

    :o) Kacey

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    I always love seeing the things you do in your classroom, you are so creative!

  32. Hey Cara, We have been worried about you. SO sorry about your puppy! Kelly and I are sitting in a class right now reading your post when we should be listening to the presentor! LOVE your classroom and OH do you get it all done! We wanted to say hello. Miss ya!
    Diane and Kelly

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    Can I just say WOW! You always have such wonderful ideas! I love the paper backpacks, they are too cute! Would you happen to have the directions on how to make them? I am trying to do a jungle safari theme in my classroom with little explorers and these backpacks would be a perfect addition!


  37. Gorgeous work as usual! Again, I am so sorry to hear about Griffin. Have you read your boys Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant? My dog passes away my first year teaching at the young age of six. That book and I Will Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm helped me cope. I now keep that copy of Dog Heaven and a copy of Cat Heaven in my classroom. When a student's pet dies, I send the book home. On the inside covers, I have "This book was read in loving memory of..." The students write the pet's name and the date.

  38. I'm so sorry about your dog. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I looooove your camping unit. I love your unit from last year. I will be purchasing this unit. I want to incorporate computer tech skills also. You're the greatest and your team is awesome!!!!

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    So sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my Golden Retriever of 13 years 2 years ago and we have yet to replace him. He too was a "Marley" type of dog. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers!

  42. Aww... sorry to hear about your pup. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. They're like a member of the family. Hope you enjoyed your vacation, friend! I am so totally blown away by this post, girl! How on earth do you do it all?! I am seriously SO IMPRESSED! This is totally your Magnum Opus. :)

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    I LOVE the 80s party clothes! I went to an 80s prom a few years ago and it was super fun. We also have an 80s cover band that plays in our area and when you go see them, you have to dress up 80s style. SO fun! I have to say you rocked the 80s look! :)

    Stepping Into First Grade

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  45. Okay, you are so creative! I am late for the giveaway, but rest assured I will be purchasing this unit on TpT for my forest unit & end of the year camping theme!

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  52. Cara
    I am so sorry to hear about your dog:( We had to put our dog of 13 years to rest last week also. My 4 year old daughter keeps asking why he has to stay in doggie heaven...hard times!

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    But glad to hear your spring break was lots of fun:)

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  54. Cara, it was so sad to hear about your dog. I'm dreading the day we face that decision. Your Spring Break sounded fun. Your camping unit sounds just as fun! How does everyone comment so quickly? Hope to be one of the early birds one day. Glad you're able to get back to some type of routine. Open Houses are fun, but exhausting, like you said.

  55. So sorry to hear about your dog. We had a dog that died when my oldest son was only 14 months old. Because of pictures and a painting I made of her, my son remembers her and asks about her frequently. He's going to be 7 in a couple of months and he still talks about how our Sandy is in heaven with Jesus. Last year a two year old boy that we knew passed away, and my son asked if I thought he would play with Sandy in heaven. Talk about tears! My heart goes out to you. These painful memories will be replaced with happy ones later on as you look back and remember how your son trusted that everything belongs to God, even our pets. Matthew 10:29; 18:3. God bless.

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    And so sorry about your dog...

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    I'm so sorry for the loss of Griffin. That must have been very hard for you and your family. He was such a cutie-pie.


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  67. 1 word--AMAZING!!!
    I don't even have enough walls in my classroom!
    those owls are fabulous, the feet are adorable and what kid doesn't love smores. Wow, just wow.
    I would love for you to check out my blog--although after seeing yours, it doesn't seem like much. but I would really appreciate any tips/feedback.
    so sorry about your dog, that is a very hard thing for little ones to understand.
    Jessica :0)

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  73. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with school, but I have to tell you this!! I have been looking at your picture for the last few weeks trying to figure who it is that you remind me of. I HAVE IT!!!! I love, love, love, One Tree Hill! You are QUINN!!!!! She is on the show. You remind me of her, only she has lightened her hair. If you change yours, you could be her stand in!! She too is super sweet on the show, so that is another likeness! I love ALL your ideas. They are wonderful! Have a great remainder of school.

  74. My heart hurts for your sweet family...especially your boys.

    Once again I am in awe of you and your blog and your creativity....I am trying to figure out if I can pretend to go back to college and be your student teacher??!!????

    This summer I hope you do a bloggy meet-up because it would be a blessing for me to meet you. Your love for the Lord and your family and your school kiddos shines through in all you do.

    You bless me in more ways than I can are an everyday angel. =)

    Heather's Heart

  75. Oh, darn. I guess I'm not one of the first three to comment. :( But, I am your newest follower! Great stuff!


  76. I love your camping theme! I'm thinking of doing a fluency camp with my kids this year! I'm going to buy this right now!! Your are a great insperation!

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  78. Dang, girl! I always get a panic attack when I read your posts! LOVE everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Per usual!!!!!!!!

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  81. You guys make it really easy for all the folks out there.
    bulk food

  82. Thanks a lot you have given this stuff to me you can’t even imagine that how important it is for me.

  83. Hi I have been looking for the sleeping bag template. I was hoping you could help me out. We are talking about being brave in our classroom and I think this would be perfect. I already own your camping camper bundle but this template is not in there. Could you please help??