Inferencing with NO David! and a Silent E Freebie

To kick off inferencing, we started out using Abby’s Snow Day Case Files.  Do y’all have this yet??


If you’re teaching inferencing, you SERIOUSLY need this!!!!  Let me just tell you that my kids were all over it.  I set up my case files and the kids went to town being little “inference investigators”.  Wow.  I mean, they really got it!!!!! 


To follow up, we pulled out the book, NO David!  My kids LOVE this one!!!  Our whole team is using this book to reinforce inferencing skills.  First up, we made a little “No David!” inferencing brainstorm chart.  We talked about using our schema and the clues in the text to make really good inferences.  As we looked at each page of the story, I called on a few kids to give me an inference about the picture and then the clue/schema that helped them make the inference.  We broke up this activity into parts because even though this isn’t a long story word wise, it’s pretty long when you’re making inferences!!!


david6   david7

After we brainstormed our inferences, I introduced our little inferencing anchor chart.  We talked about words to use {sentence starters} when we’re making/writing about inferences.  We went over schema again and they IMMEDIATELY knew what evidence was {thanks to Abby’s Snow Day Case Files!!!!} 



I had the kids fill out this little inferencing sheet where they had to describe a picture from the story, write their inference about the picture, and then write about a clue/schema that helped them make their inference.  LOVE!!!!



We’ve got lots more inferencing activities planned, but so far we’re off to a great start! 

We’ve also been reviewing and working with silent e.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think they’re *finally* getting it!!!  Now we’re working hard to incorporate the silent e into our everyday spelling.  Here’s a little activity we did a couple of weeks ago.  My kids LOVED it and it really helped them to understand the job of silent e!!!

Click to download Silent E Freebie

I’ll be spending the next few nights cramming for my ESL certification test on Friday.  EEEEK!!!  Nervous!!  I’m NOT a test taker by a LONG shot.  However, I think God is helping me through this one!!!  I’ll be praying big time!!  Have y’all taken it?!?!  I heard it’s REALLY hard!!!  Nothing like waiting ‘til the last minute to study!  To prep for a long night of studying, I’ll be watching Top Chef and cooking THIS for dinner.  That should help me make it through!!!  HA!!! 



  1. Thanks for the shout out, girl!!!! So glad you liked the activities :)

  2. I will pray for you sweet Cara! I took it years ago and it was a lot of common sense questions. I'll be glad to answer any more questions if you want me to go into more details! =)

    Thank you for the *freebie*. Here is a link to a magic e reading game my kiddos LOVE!

    I am not sure how to put a direct link into the post but I hope others readers find it and come check it out! =)

    You are a blessing and LOTS of ESL prayers coming your way!


  3. You and Abby have got to be the most creative people on Earth! I've not been in a "school mood" for the past few days but after reading this and seeing your absolutely fabulous charts I'm ready to get to work! Love, love, love this! Thank you for inspiring me to create! :) :)

  4. I did the same EXACT lesson last week on inferencing. I used Abby's unit and then read OH NO! David!!! It's always a favorite!

    As always, thanks for the freebie! Love blog-stalking you! I feel like I know so many of you. I'm pumped I get to meet THE Kim Adsit next Wednesday!!!! :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  5. Thank you so much and also for the inspiration!

  6. Good luck on your test Friday! You'll do awesome! Bring some Reese's...that always helped me during big tests! Sending prayers your way! :)


  7. those No David activites/charts are so cute!! thanks for sharing with us :)
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  8. I've taken the ESL test and..... Passed :) you'll be fine! I didn't study a wink and that turned out okay for me. Although, I definitely did ALOT of guessing. Best method yet- close your eyes and let your mouse/pencil land on an answer ;)

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the freebie! I've been searching for silent e stuff for a few of my word study group.

    Projects & Polkadots

  10. Haha! I am loving all those Davids!! too darn cute! :)

  11. I love this idea!!! Anyway you could start selling all of your anchor charts?!?!?!? This inferencing one is so adorable along will all of your others. You are too cute and creative!

  12. I used Abby's inferencing activities last year for my kids were totally engaged! Needless to say my principal loved it!

    Good luck on your ESL test!

    P.S. The David charts are too cute!

  13. This is fabulous! We just introduced inferencing today!

    Good luck on your test,

  14. Love all the Davids! Thanks for the silent e freebie! You are such an inspiration to me, and I "borrow" so many of your ideas for my classroom. You have even inspired to get creating on my own! I just started my own blog (finally!) so I would be overjoyed if you would check it out.


    Much love,

  15. LOVE your stuff! Thanks for sharing!!! I was wondering - what are you going to do for your kiddos for Valentine's Day? I'm in need of ideas!

    - A fellow first grade teacher

  16. What a great way to do this with No, David! I love teaching inferencing, and this will make it even more fun! Thank you!

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run

  17. Love this inferencing lesson - so cute!
    And I just checked out that recipe and I know what I'm telling the hubby to cook this weekend (he cooks, not me). :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  18. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas! You and Abby amaze me with all your creative craziness!

    name on your paper

  19. I took the esl test a couple of years ago. My advice is to imagine the perfect classroom environment - no distractions, no time restraints, and then answer based on that. I felt like the correct answer was usually what I would ideally like to do for children, just not always realistic. I hope that helps! Good luck, and thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas!

  20. Love your David projects! My kiddos did the peacemakers one in Sept. and loved it!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  21. I think I need to check out abbys unit! It looks great! And so much fun!!

  22. Those Davids are fabulous. What a great lesson. Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck on your test.
    ♥ Dragonflies in First ♥

  23. After your great David ideas earlier in the year, I bought ALL the David books my kids LOVED them! I can't wait to bring them back out! Thanks for the great ideas-

    First Grade Fanatic!

  24. I have Abby's lesson and you are sooo right, it is great!! Thanks for the freebie-Where do you get your boarders? I love them!

  25. Love the Davids! I was looking at Abby's Snow Day case files & now the Davids but inferencing is not a curriculum standard for me:( Guess I'm going to need to find a standard that I can make "fit"!

  26. LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing and posting all the awesome photographs.

  27. Thanks so much for the silent E worksheet! I'm just about to start long vowel sounds with my 6 year old, and I think this will help a lot. He loves making up silly words with his alphabet cards, so I know he'll really enjoy it.

  28. Loved the Davids! First graders just love him and all of the mischief he gets into. What a great plan for teaching. AND, getting my Abby's Snow Day Case Files too. :) Thanks.

  29. Such cute ideas! My firsties LOVE David!

    First Grade Magic

  30. My kids have been asking me if we can read the David books, so this clinches the deal since inferencing is something we need to focus on. thanks!

    First in Maine

  31. This is a really cute idea!! LOVE IT! I try to do a lot with making inferences with my students.
    Side note... Inferencing isn't a word... Inference is the noun, while infer is the verb. I think you're looking for the word inferring :)

  32. @Megan...funny you should mention that...we were laughing about that just the other day!!! I know it's not a word, but I like the way it sounds :) I'm sure that doesn't make me the best teacher, but I like to add my own flair when I can :) HA!!! And just so you don't think I'm a complete idiot, I always use the word "inferring" with my kids :) I just prefer to say "inferencing" when I'm being wrong as it may be!!! HA!!! :)

  33. Love these ideas for "inferencing!" And thanks for the silent E freebie!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  34. Oh my goodness! What an adorable and engaging inference activity! I am reviewing it this week and my kiddos love the book "Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing." It's perfect for making inferences!

    First Grade ABCs

  35. What a great activity! So much creativity :)

  36. Hi,
    I have just completed a unit on No David with my class too! I created lots of reader response sheets that you might like. They are free to download from my website. Check them out at
    I would love to know that you think!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Miss Mernagh :)

  37. I used your chart idea with my kindergarten classes. They loved sharing their ideas... and having them posted in the room. Thanks for the great idea!


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  40. I love your charts! Thank you for all the great ideas. I visit your blog often.

  41. Great lesson. I did this today and it was a huge success. Kids loved it. Tomorrow as an extension, we will be reading 'David Gets in Trouble' and work in small groups to make inferences. Thanks!!!

  42. thanks so much for sharing this lesson and the resources for it!

  43. Thanks so much for this awesome lesson and ideas. Any chance I could get a copy of the inferencing worksheet? Thanks!