These last few weeks have been moving in fast forward, so it’s time to stop down and rewind just a bit :)  To sum it all up, we learned about apples, made applesauce, learned about all things moon, and know more about spiders and arachnids than we ever cared to know.  My student teacher started on Tuesday and I love her big.  She was observing in my room 2 days a week during the Spring, so I’m SUPER excited to have her back.  She’s a natural, so that makes me happy.  And, she’s the most helpful, sweetest person EVER.  In a year where I’m facing more classroom challenges than ever before, I’m feeling SO very blessed to have her on board with me :)

Now, let’s get down to business.  Here’s a little ABC order apple activity I put in my stations a few weeks ago. 


While I’m down with Daily 5 and all, I had to make some SERIOUS changes to the way my literacy block is structured.  I’ll tell y’all more about that in a different post.  In the meantime, you can download the ABC order activity, activity sheet, and a few more literacy activities by clicking on the pics below.

Apple ABC Order Sheet     Apple Literacy Activities

I was inspired by my dear friend, Abby, to introduce labeling and talking about Johnny Appleseed and apples seemed like the perfect time to throw it in to the mix!  We made construction paper apples and then labeled the parts. 



This past week, we learned all about Spiders, Fire Safety, and Clouds.  I’ll share all of our cloud activities in a separate post because there’s lots to include!!  I used the Fire Safety Unit from the ladies of Made for 1st Grade and the kids were in LOVE!!!  Such a GREAT unit, so you definitely wanna check it out!!! 

As for spiders, we had lots of fun with those little arachnids, too!!

We started the week with a little spider labeling and thinking maps.


Grab the printables here…

Slide1spider thinking maps and subtraction

My kids worked on matching subtraction sentences during math tubs this week and they did an awesome job!  They used buttons and spider rings for counters.  The download is included in the “My Spider Brace Map” printables.


We also did a little spider syllable sorting and a stamp-a-spider {stamping chunk words on spider legs} during our literacy block…


You can grab the spider syllables below.  I don’t have the stamp-a-spider template, though.  I used Power Point to create them though…just added a circle for the body, two little dots for the eyes, and then created a table of 8 rows to cut for the legs. I typed the chunks inside the spider body so the kids would know what kind of words they had to create. Does that even make sense?!?!  HA!

Spider Syllables

We also worked on graphing and problem solving this week, too.  After talking to some of our 2nd grade teachers, I really want to make sure my kids know how to read and interpret graphs and answer some of the questions that go with them.  The longer we work on them and practice, the better!!

Are You Afraid Of Spiders Graph

Alright.  There we go.  A nice little rewind of the last few weeks learning!  I’ll be back on Tuesday to share some of our cloud activities with y’all!  In the meantime, have a GREAT Monday!!!!


  1. Thanks so much for the freebies!!! They are soooo cute!!

    Jennifer A.

  2. WOW! LOVE the SPIDER Graph!! I need to go check out the Fire Safety unit!! Sounds CUTE!

    Sarah Hetrick

  3. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for sharing all your amazing items. I have a child in my room that is allergic to many things and his mother is naturally very protective. I always make something with a recipe so that the students learn how to read one, and when I came across your applesauce one, I knew that this was the perfect recipe that would not affect his allergies. Combined with other wonderful shared apple ideas, we had a very successful time. I hope to post a few photos later tonight and your recipe will be included ( with your blog name of course). If you would like to see it please go to

  4. Thank you so much for the spider activities! We are not allowed to do any Halloween activities in our school but I have done spiders in the past and the kids love it! I am adding your activities to my unit!


  5. You are AWESOME!! I can never get enough!

    Miss Kindergarten

  6. Thank you for sharing all your freebies!! I love them! And I love them even more that you use Thinking Maps too!!

  7. Thank you for the freebies! We are doing spiders and bats this week and the thinking maps will be perfect!

  8. thanks so much! I am doing spiders this week!! :)

  9. taking the freebies - SUPER cute!

    where do you get your borders and graphics from?!

  10. Wonderul as usual! Can you please share where you got those amazing swirl page borders though??? OMGoodness they are adorable!! Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the freebies! We are reading Charlotte's Web to get ready to see the play in a few weeks. The spider papers are a fantastic addition!
    I am also curious about the swirly borders. Love them

  12. Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love your blog! I am an education student studying to teach first grade, and your blog inspires me to no end! Question: as a teacher, what do you most value that your student teacher does? I always want to be an asset to the teacher I work with, and would love to know what you as a teacher need the most?

  13. Sometimes I wish I taught younger grades so i could do fun activities like these!! But I love my 5th graders and the things we do too. Thanks for the inspiration - it's always awesome getting new ideas that I can adapt for my older kiddos!!

    Mrs. Read

  14. Thanks so much for the freebies. Love your activities. They are awesome!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing!! I used the apple sheet in my Kinder class for writing letters. They loved it :)

  16. I’m passing the Blog on Fire award to you! Copy or paste the Blog on Fire button link below. Share seven things about yourself and pass the award along to some "hot" blogs you follow. Thanks for sharing your talents!


  17. Love the shaving cream painting. I am unsure though on how to mix the shaving cream and glue together. I know you said equal parts, but what is the best way to measure them and what do you mix them up in? I can hardly wait to use this "paint" in my classroom.

  18. I love this! I discovered you by way of "Step into 2nd Grade" as she posted the spider craft, an idea that she said came from you.

    Would you, by any chance, have another way to download besides Scribd? It tells me "To download this document you must be a Scribd Premium Reader."


  19. I just found your ADORABLE freebies on spiders! I can't wait to use them but I can't download them for free from Scribd. It says I must be a Scribd Premium Reader. Is there any other way to download them?

    Thanks so much!

  20. Wow! I love your spider graph and the cute Very Busy Spider writing response. Thank you so much for the freebies! I woul love to know where you got the cute spider graphics.
    :} Sandy

  21. Hi there! For some reason I was unable to download the spider graph freebie. Is there anyway that you could you send this to me? It would be perfect for next week!
    Thank you so much!

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    I can't seem to download the graph either---the sight wants payment..Do you mind sending it to me too? THanks so much

  23. I can't access these either! Scribd wants a payment. :( Could you mail them to me? I would be forever grateful!

  24. Hi Cara, Sorry to bother you! Just wondering if you could send the spider print outs. I tried going to Scribd but they needed a payment. You are so creative, I appreciate all that you do!
    thanks so much!

  25. Cara, are the spider activities still freebies? It says I have to have a Scrib'd account, and I would really like to use them this week. Please let me know how I can get them. I absolutely LOVE all of your ideas, btw!
    Thanks for your help!

  26. LOVE LOVE these!!! I tried going to Scribd to download these amazing freebies, but they cost money. Could you email them to me? Thank you so much!

  27. Hi Cara,

    Anyone you can upload the Spider labeling page onto Teachers Pay Teachers? It's not available on Scribd anymore. Thank you.