Cloudy and the 50th Day

So, my plans to post last week were thwarted when I was thrust into becoming a CSI detective.  Let me just tell y’all that I would make an EXCELLENT investigator should anyone ever need a private eye.  For real.  I successfully caught someone impersonating someone else & TOTALLY trying to scam one of my friends on Facebook!  I SO felt like I was living in a Lifetime movie last week!!  I had NO time for anything other than sleuthing.  Now that that whole saga is over…*I think for now anyway*…I’m ready to play catch-up.

We learned all about clouds and the kids had a BLAST!!!  Actually, I think I might’ve had a *little* more fun than them :)  I don’t know why, but I LOVE teaching about clouds and the weather!  SO fun!! 

I was inspired by my sweet friend, Abby, to make these fun little cloud guys.  These were such a great visual to get my kids to understand what kind of clouds are high/low in the sky. 


We also made little cloud anchor charts that my kids used throughout the week for writing. 


We described clouds…


And we even made little cloud flip books…inspired by the fabulous Anna Brantley over at Crazy for First Grade …and practiced labeled them, too.


For word work, we practiced writing our popcorn & spelling words in the clouds :)  This was definitely a class FAVORITE!!  I thought of my grandpa ALL day…the classroom smelled JUST like him ;)


The activity that had the class talkin’ for DAYS after it was over was this great little craftivity we did after we read the book, “It Looked Like Spilt Milk”.  The kids did a little writing… “Sometimes clouds can look like...” and then we followed it up with a little “get-your-hands-dirty” kinda craft.  We just mixed equal parts glue and shaving cream together and painted it in the shape that we wrote about.  When the mixture dries, the cloud stays puffy and it gives a little when you touch it.  It was the COOLEST thing!!!! 


This was the cloud my sweet student teacher made…


And this is one from one of my sweeties…



We made our “Very Busy First Graders” spiders and hung them from the ceilings.  Last year we put them on the door, but I’ve yet to touch the door since the school year started :)


We also learned about bats!!!  I didn’t take pictures of most of our work, but here’s our little “bat cave”.  I made a big giant bat full of bat facts we collected as we read several different non-fiction bat books.  I had the kids make little paper bag bats and then write two facts on the pink strip {we did this for writing one day}.


We’ve definitely kept ourselves busy these last few weeks!  Now we’re getting SUPER excited about the 50th day next week!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  I’m pretty sure I lived in the fifties in my former life {ha!!} because I SOOOO love anything and everything poodle skirts and cuffed jeans.  We’re excited about celebrating our halfway to the 100th day!   I’m getting all my fun stuff ready for next week when we enjoy the 50th day festivities!!!  Here’s just a little sneak peek…

50th day sneak peek

If you’re interested in incorporating some of these craftivities into your 50th day plans, you can check out my newest little mini unit on TpT… “Cruisin’ Through the 50 First Days of School”.  I included the templates and directions and several other fun little activities…

50th day Preview

It’s usually $5, but you can grab it for $4 until Thursday!  EVERYTHING in my little shop is 20% off ‘til Thursday.  I’m giving away this little mini unit to the first person who leaves me a comment and correctly guesses my favorite 1950’s artist and/or song.  WOW…that covers A LOT of ground ;) 

Alright now…time to watch my boys WIN!!!!!  GO RANGERS!!!!!!


  1. Little Richard and Tutti- Frutti?!?! :) P.S: I love the paper bag bats!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  2. Blueberry Hill

    Love the clouds

    Learning With Mrs. Parker

  3. it Shake Rattle and Roll?

  4. Ok, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra

    Conchy Marcano

  5. Gosh I'm silly or tired one... I got so stinking excited I hit send before typing an artist! Ha Elvis?!

  6. Shot in the dark here: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" by Franki Lymon and the Teenagers.
    Well, I know all the words to that one. But then while I was thinking about it, I know A LOT of 50's songs and singers. This was way too hard!!!!
    Thanks for making me sing tonight!

  7. I'm going to guess Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley and His Comets. Love your unit! :)

  8. Elvis Presley...Viva Las Vegas? Don't even know if that is from the 50's...but I love it!
    Love your unit!

  9. How about Love Potion #9?

    Kari :)

  10. I LOVE the paper bag bats!! How fun...we are just starting our study of bats, owls, and spiders. Thanks for sharing your great ideas :) I am also super sad our 50th Day is over because I LOVE your cute ideas..I guess there is always next year :)

  11. So cute! We were doing calendar today and i realized we were on day 40! I was thinking about doing something for 50. How fun! - Totally want to hear about your sleuthing one day. :) Michelle Oakes

  12. Super cute! Could it be Buddy Holly?

  13. LOVE IT!! Is it Rock around the Clock or the Twist?

  14. Love the 50's unit...just SO cute! Is your favorite song Yakity Yak Don't Talk Back? :-)


  15. I want to celebrate the 50th day next Tuesday so badly!!!! I will be headin' over to your sweet TPT store tomorrow!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

    Marcy @

  16. L-O-V-E the glue and shaving cream clouds. I'm definitely doing this!

    Grade ONEderful

  17. Oh my gosh I love that clipart! :) I used the exact clipart in my time unit I just posted last weekend! Love it!

    And how about how adorable your weather activities are! LOOOVVEEE!!!!

  18. Only You (are the best blogger) - Platters
    Don't Be Cruel (pick me!) - Elvis

  19. Who sings the leader of the pack?? Geez love that song!!

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle

  20. Could the song be Rockin' Robin??

    That cloud unit is precious! I just pinned all of the pictures to use in the future.

  21. Ok, I haven't seen you reply yet so I'm going to assume no one's guessed correctly yet. I will go with Dean Martin or The Big Bopper since they each have some of my favorite 50's songs! By the way, totally using my shaving cream to practice our spelling words tomorrow!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  22. oh my gosh I LOVE the bats!! We will be doing those tomorrow just in time for our school's Harvest Party! Yay! Thank you! Very inspirational love it all!


  23. Just Give Me
    Some of that Old Time Rock and Roll
    (with Tom Cruise in his tighty whities) ANYTIME, to put a simile on my face. 80's but GREAT for Rock'in it Out with kids (beats Ga Ga in hers undees)!

  24. Patsy Cline-"Crazy"! Sometimes the classroom feels that way-

  25. I walk The Line: Johnny Cash LOVE your BLOG!!!!

  26. Is it Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra?
    I love your blog!!! :)

  27. We were JUST talking about doing a 50's day for the 50th day of school at my school the other day!! I LOVE the idea! Our 50th day won't be until November though!!

    Have fun!!

  28. Ok, I'm going to say my two favorites and hope we have the same. Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue And Big Bopper: Chantilly Lace. =)

    My college roomies name was Shan Tilly. You can only imagine the rock and roll that went on in the dorms?!?!


  29. Love this unit. I've never done a 50th day celebration but this has inspired me. I'm thinking your favorite is Chubby Checker and The Twist.

  30. How about"Rock Around The Clock"?

  31. It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To?

    ~Love your Very Busy First Graders! I'll be adding those to my plans next year when we read The Very Busy Spider. So cute!


  32. I love the 50s day! I have been doing it since I began teaching 6 years ago and have since added in a 60s day and an 80s day. However 50s day will always be my favorite!

    I am guessing here with one of my favorites...

    Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day :)

  33. Try #2: Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers

  34. Hmmm...I'm guessing 'Johnny B. Goode' by Chuck Berry. I only hope that my kids can [Johnny] B. Goode. ;)

  35. All I Have to Do is Dream by the Everly Brothers? Love you!!

  36. Wake up Little Suzy or Sea of Love?

  37. Absolutely love the shaving cream and glue idea! I used it today to make the clouds for our mountains we created today. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  38. I'm guessing "Lollipop"

    By the way I love the glue-cloud idea. I read that same book every year too. (It looked like spilt milk)

  39. Are you going to make an 80s unit, sweet bloggy friend?? :) I will be the 1st to purchase it!!!

    Marcy @

  40. Hi- I would love your unit Harvesting Numbers! Thank you!

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  42. Cara,

    Do you draw the little characters/illustrations on your anchor charts free-hand or are they clip art? So cute either charts are soooo plain jane!

  43. Cara-
    My class did the 50th day today & we have been having a fantastic day! If you want to check out our pictures :