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Happy Labor Day, y’all!!!  The weather here in Texas is nothing short of AMAZING!!!  It was sunny, windy, and 74 this morning, so I took my boys to a little “beach” {sand pit, more or less} and we played and drank purple milkshakes in honor of an extra day together!!  My oldest, Landon, was all, “Mommy, it’s TOO cold to play outside!!!!” as he shivered and tucked his arms into his shirt.  That’s my boy!  He’s ALL Texas, for sure!!  LOVE IT!!!  I have to say, I was pretty dang chilly!  I guess after 60+ days of temps over 100, anything less is bound to feel a little cold!  HA!

While my boys…all 3 of them…are napping, I thought I’d share with you guys my lesson plan template.  Now, let me just tell y’all that I’ve been using this format since my 2nd year teaching.  One of the girls on my team, Wendy, created it.  It’s an Excel document, so y’all need to know that I had NOTHING to do with this creation!  I can’t function in Excel to save my life!  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this format!

Planning Template


I’ve tried TONS of different planning templates.  I’ve found SO many in blogland.  I  just can’t get away from this one.  Maybe it’s just familiarity, but it just seems to work the best FOR ME! 

I’m a little thorough when I plan, so I like having lots of space to type what I need.  It’s clean and simple.  The only thing that might be a little confusing is my Math Station column.  It looks like I only do one math tub a day, but that’s not the case. They’re rotated all week. 

I always like to see how people plan because it helps me to organize, too!  Hopefully this is helpful for you :)  If you’re interested in having a copy of this template for yourself, just click on the link below.  There are some tabs on the bottom of the page.  You’ll need to click on sheet 1 & sheet 2.  The plans are on two separate sheets.  I’ve never uploaded an Excel document before, so I hope this works!! 

Download Lesson Plan Template

Hope y’all are enjoying this extra day of FUN!!!!! 


  1. So your district doesn't require you to use a certain template??

  2. Thanks so much I have been looking for a new template!!

    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  3. I agree with you. I love looking at other teacher's lesson plans, but always stick with some version of my own. I have a similar format as yours, and I love it! :)

    The Sharpened Pencil

  4. @Itsababyallgood...as far as I know, no! We have to turn in a grade level planning sheet {with objectives, state TEKS, etc.} and that might be the same throughout the district, but everyone uses a different planning template. *I think*

  5. It isn't showing up right in Google Docs. =)

  6. @Ginger Snaps...I noticed that! Dangit!! BUT...it is downloading the right way :) Shoo!

  7. Being a Texas girl myself, to enjoy the delightful 90 degree weather we took the family to the park and played frisbee tag. So fun!
    ...Just wanted to share a little something that someone said at our last teacher meeting. We were talking about a difficult parent and a gorgeous blinged up teacher friend with big hair and make up said, "Ya'll she's gonna fry us like a tater tot!" I couldn't love this big ol state more!!!

  8. What a great Template! I used to do my plans on my computer too, but I've gone back to old school lately. Your template makes me want to switch back now!

    BTW . . .
    I chose you as one of my Top 10! Go to my post to get your award!


  9. Check out this website one of my coworkers found...


    It has the Common Core standards embedded for you to add to your plan.

  10. From one Texas gal to another... the last two days have been heaven. We opened up all the windows in the house on Monday to let in all the "Fall" air. It feels so good to be under 100. Thanks for sharing your plans. I love to see what others use. I posted mine at One Happy Teacher

  11. You're the only other person I've found who plans her days horizontally like I do! Yeah for organization! There is nothing wrong with sticking with what you know--I love getting cute binders and dividers for my lesson plans!

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  13. LOVE IT! I enjoy your site so much.

    I plan horizontally, too. The rest of my team plans vertically. Funny. I attached my planner on my site.

    Dragonflies in First

  14. I tried downloading the template but it isn't working. Help?

  15. Hi!

    I love this lesson plan template!! I'm having trouble downloading it any suggestions?


  16. Hi Cara I wondered if I could download your first day calendar.

    Mary V.