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TGI{almost}F, people!  It’s a short week for us…the kids didn’t come back ‘til Wednesday!!…but let me tell you that I’m READY for the weekend!!  The only thing I have to get through first is ANOTHER trip to the dentist.  My teeth hurt worse now than they did before my cavities were filled a few weeks ago.  I can only drink through a straw and can’t bite down on the left side of my mouth without sharp pain shooting through my nerve. 

In other news, I got a little surprise package in the mail today and couldn’t wait to share it with y’all because I know you guys will be just as excited as I am!!


I get tons of emails from readers asking me about our school’s Brag Tags.  OH how I LOVE Brag Tags…and so do our kids!!  It’s crazy how the kids go nuts over getting them & how excited they are to earn the special ones!  At the beginning of the year, each grade level starts off with one brag tag representing their theme.  Here’s ours…


I know, pretty dang darling!!  Matches our space theme PERFECTLY!  Image Stuff is the AMAZING company behind these genius little tags. They now carry a new line of Teacher Packs.  Y’all…these are TO DIE FOR.


The Motivation Pack is chock full of the cutest tags…perfect for positive reinforcement and an extra little boost of happiness.  I LOVE these!  I am IN.LOVE with that rockin’ little guitar and I CAN’T wait for February to hand out the Happy Valentine hearts.  I’ve already added a couple of Happy Birthday brag tags to a few of the kids’ necklaces, too!!  And the best part?!?!  They all come with my name!!  You can have them personalized for your classroom!!!  How cool is that?!bragtags4bragtags5bragtags6

The Attendance Pack is pretty dang amazing, too.  As a whole school, we give out brag tags to the kids who have perfect attendance each semester.  I’m SO excited to give these out every month now!  Check out the “Attendance Ninja” brag tag for January.  LOVE IT!!!!


You can also order replinish/add on packs.  This “I’m a Buddy, Not a Bully in Mrs. Carroll’s Class” is awesome!!! I’m totally handing these out tomorrow after our Rachel’s Challenge assembly.


If you’re looking for another way to add some positive reinforcement/motivation/incentives to your classroom, I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Teacher Packs {or ANY of the brag tags} at Image Stuff.  The packs come in 10 different designs and include chains, too.  I seriously can’t say enough about these!!  Our school counselor typically places all of the brag tag orders for our school and she raves and raves about Image Stuff…they’re a GREAT company to work with and their turnaround is insanely fast! 

You’ll have to let me know if you decide to implement these in your classroom!  They’re my absolute FAVORITE!!!


  1. Have never heard of these ....but I already am IN LOVE with them!! How inspiring to motivate the students!! WOW!

    Can your students school wide work to earn a new tag a is based on behavior or rewards or just being a good kid? How amazing! L.O.V.E it!

    Off to window shop and DREAM!
    Sarah Hetrick

  2. These are so stinkin' AdORaBLe! LOVE them!!! Thanks so much for the great pics-I'm headin' over there to check it out!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  3. @Sarah...getting a new tag is based on a lot of different things. Behavior, citizenship, birthdays, reading achievement, etc. Our Kindergarten team even has one for the kids that says "I Can Tie My Shoes!" LOVE IT!

  4. I had the same problem with my teeth. My bite was off after I got my cavity. I am so glad that was all it was, but still can't believe my bite being off could cause so much pain. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just a quick question. Where does your school get the funding for these brag tags?

  6. @sfowler008...the PTA sponsors this incentive :)

  7. Wow , I 've never heard of this...this is so sweeeeet! I can't wait to check it out and buy my own class set. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  8. What and ADORABLE idea. I will have to check this out. I am sure that our PTO would sponsor these brag tags or might even sound like a mini grant to me! Going to head there right now to check these out!!

  9. i have never actually seen these before, but i have heard of them! :)

    i bet your little cuties LOVE these... how fun!

  10. I have loved this idea since the first time I read about it on your blog! I've forwarded your post to my assistant principal and counselor. I hope they can see the potential to create such a positive school community. Brag Tags are praise in tangible form. Love it!

    First Grade Factory

  11. Cara, Somehow I am going to find a way to get these into my classroom! Thanks for sharing the link to Image Stuff.
    Primary Practice

  12. Wow-this seems so motivating-
    Questions......Do the kids take them home or do these stay in school? I guess that is the first one that pops into mind along with others posted!

  13. I have LOVED these since I saw them on your blog last year. I presented them to my principal, but we have no PTO money. We only have one parent on PTO ;) (High poverty school). But, gosh dang it, I think I'm just going to splurge and buy these for my own class since I've been thinking about these for a whole year now! Thanks for sharing again!


  14. I am so glad you reposted this. I had forgotten them. In AZ people can give us up to $400/married couple in tax credit money. It comes straight off your state tax. Last year I got about $2450 in money. Should get a bit this year too. I am going to get some of it to use for these!!! My order is going in this weekend.

    Thanks for reminding this old brain!!!

  15. Hey Cara! We are using Brag Tags in our school this year. The kids are VERY excited. We actually have an all-school assembly today where each classroom teacher chooses a student in the following categories: academic, behavior, manners matter, and Gospel value of the month (I teach in a parochial school). Can't wait to give out the brag tags today. We are also giving them for birthdays, million word readers for AR, summer readers, and on and on! Our brains have gone wild with possibilities! Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with us!!!!

  16. Just wanted to let you know that our school is now using brag tags this year because I saw your last post about them. We actually handed out the first ones today and the kids were thrilled!

  17. I also want to know if they children get to take them home at the end of the school year and than start on a new necklace the next school year?

  18. @Mrs. Settle...our kids take the necklaces home at the end of the school year and then start new brag tags at the beginning of the next school year.

    Also...the kids keep their brag tags at school and only wear them on assembly days :)

  19. I saw you posted how they were earned, but does every child get one every month? I have an O.D.D. Student in my class and I think these would be great for him but I would do it for the whole class as well. I just would want him to really have to work to earn it and not simply because it was time to pass them out. I hope that all made sense. I am seriously desperate for a way to reach this student. To top it off, this is my first year teaching.

  20. So cute! We used these a couple of years ago as attendance awards. Our guidance counselor would bring them down at the beginning of hte month and award students who had perfect attendance the month before. They really liked them. Our only problem was that the students couldn't keep keep up with the chains. I like how you keep them at school. I'll have to suggest that! :)

  21. LOVE these!! We're trying to improve attendance in our school and I've forwarded information about these to my principal - hope she likes them as much as I do!! I would LOVE to implement these - and I think their prices are great!!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this! When I first read about your Brag Tags, I was so excited...but then so overwhelmed of what to order once I went to the website! Their Teacher Packs are just what I needed to start! Thanks again!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  23. Hey! I gave you a little shout out on my new blog! Check it out if you can!

    Sweet Times in First


  24. I just found out about these from you and I ordered them as fast as I could. I was looking for a way to get my students encouraged for their last 10 weeks in elementary school and THIS IS IT! I could not be more excited that they are personalized!
    THANK YOU for this post that I linked to from What the Teacher Wants.
    4th grade