Direction, Position, & Maps

Do y’all remember this oldie?!


Sweet little Rosie.  Just a walkin’ along, singin’ her song.  Leavin’ behind that pesky ol’ fox.  We were recently learning about positional & directional words, so we read Rosie’s Walk to review position.  And then we did this cute little craftivity to reinforce what we learned.


How cute is she?!  Pretty dang cute, I think!  The kids LOVED her!!  I’ve been TERRIBLE…absolutely TERRIBLE…about taking pictures in the classroom this year.  I’m gonna echo Abby when I say that this year’s class has been pretty challenging, so I’m left with little time to document our day.  Trust me when I say that their sweet little Rosie’s were PRECIOUS!  I let them pick out their own feathers and they had SO much fun!!  It was a great way to reinforce what we read!! 

We also read this classic…


…and then followed it up with this awesome little hands-on activity inspired by Jenn Bates over at Finally in First.


Photo via Finally In First

Again, no pictures, but the kids loved creating their maps!!!

We also talked about legends & symbols on maps.  I showed them different examples and then we made our own…of the great state of Texas, of course!


We used the heart stickers to symbolize our city and the little star stickers to symbolize our state capital.  I cut out the Texas shapes…found the outline online…and had the kids put it altogether.

I had SO much fun teaching these concepts this year!!  Thank you, sweet blog friends, for all your inspiration!!!


  1. I do the circle activity with my kids and they love it! Very cute Rosie, I am going to use that this year! Thanks :)

  2. Very cute! Definitely going to use this idea! Thank you so much for all your inspiration!

  3. I love the circle idea, I'll definitely have to use it this year! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So glad you could use something I shared since I use so many of your cute ideas!
    Finally in First

  5. Love your blog & all of the cute ideas. I've been following your blog for awhile & just realized we have a mutual friend. I teach with Yomaida & have heard her talk many times about her super creative friend, little did I know, I was using some of your creative ideas too!!

  6. I was just thinking of ideas for a positional term activity!! Perfect timing for your post!! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  7. These are all so wonderful! You should consider doing a Social Studies Week linky party! Great ideas! Thanks a million for your blog! Us newbies appreciate you so much!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for inspiring me to create my own. I am having trouble figuring out how to get all of your fabulous followers onto my profile. Can you help me? My blog is happilyeverafter1stgrade

    Thanks so much! :)

  9. Love the idea of using Rosie's Walk!

  10. I love your ideas for Rosie's Walk. And your maps are adorable. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I love them. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a small award. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
    I think you are a versatile blogger!

  11. Check out this site for some more activities for Rosie's Walk.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  12. I love the map ideas. I'm right with you on the challenge this year. I feel the same way. They say it comes in waves of 3 and this is my 3rd...! Thanks

  13. I love following your blog. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  14. I love your Rosie's Walk extension activity!! I just gave you the I HEART YOUR BLOG award. Stop by for more info:

  15. Thanks for sharing! I love Rosie's Walk. Me on the Map is part of our Harcourt reading series and a difficult concept for firsties. I will definitely be using your ideas.
    Erica Bohrer's First Grade