Teacher Talk Tuesday

2nd day down and ohmiword.  I need therapeutic boots, a bladder sling, and and IV of Red Bull.  Dang.  I know y’all are feelin’ me, right?!

It’s Tuesday and it’s time for a little “teacher talk”.  I don’t want to call this “advice” because I’m pretty sure I’m not the person to ask for help, but here are a few little nuggets of experience…things that have worked for me through the years!

*You need to make deposits before you can make withdrawls.  Spend lots of time praising your babies and sending home positive communication.  If there should ever come a time you have to give a consequence or call home for a not-so-great reason, things will be received so much better.

*Take interest in what your kids love.  I try to make it out to at least one extracurricular event {gymnastics/cheerleading/football/soccer/dance/etc.} for each of my kids every year.  I know this might not work for everyone {especially if you have your own kids!}, but the kids LOVE it and the parents always appreciate the effort!

*Document EVERYTHING.  Keep parent emails and any other types of communication you might give/receive throughout the year.  These always seem to come in handy if a question comes up in a meeting or something like that :)

*It’s OKAY if you can’t fit it all in!!!!  It’ll all get done and your babies WILL learn.  Do what you can do and do it well!!!

*Don’t be afraid to stop in the middle of a lesson and redirect your route if you realize the plane is headed south. 

*If someone offers to help you, take them up on it!  And don’t be too shy to ask for help either.  We’re all teachers…we LIVE to help :)

*Don’t get dragged down by negativity. It can rub off on your littles, too!  One of my favorite verses is, “Whatever is noble, right, pure, lovely…think on these things.” ~Philippians 4:8.  LOVE IT.

*If all else fails, make a run for Sonic and praise God for the summers :)  HA!


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  1. Bahahaha! I love your first two sentences! I already feel the same way... except that maybe I want an IV drip of McDonald's sweet tea. :)

    <3 Amanda

  2. I enjoyed reading this and your advice! Although I'm not a first year teacher I always seem to get panicky with a new group and feel like a new all over again! Always nice to hear a little pick me up advice! :) And I can so totally relate to your first couple of sentences. I nearly had a heart attack..mid life crisis.. and stroke today! lol AND I felt some new gray hairs pop in! HA So an IV of something may be what the Dr. needs to order! HA Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  3. I love the "make deposits before withdrawals" quote. I may have to use that! I should also probably post that verse on my desk because I forget it WAY too much. Still 1 1/2 weeks before the kids come for me, but I'm already getting a little nervous!

  4. I feel you on this post! I'm praising all my little babies and having them clip up this week to get that positive feeling going in the classroom. Good luck with the rest of your week! :)
    Rambling About Reading

  5. I love your suggestions! Exactly what I would have put...if I had the energy! LOL

    Third Grade Meanderings

  6. Completely agree with the positive comments! Parents don't want constant negativity. They want to hear good things about their children.

  7. I am a first year teacher and all of your advice is so true and helpful!!


  8. I love the make deposits before withdrawals! When I first read I thought you were giving money advice...like don't spend all of your money before you get it! :) I really like how you visit 1 event for each child. I'm gonna try that. Do you go to their birthday parties when they invite you? That is something that always comes up with our class.

  9. I hear ya sista! I used to get scared to stop in the middle of what I was doing, realize it was not working, and try something different! We all must do that!!!!

  10. Great suggestions! Your first couple of sentences make me feel like I need to go to bed just to prepare for the slap in the face tired that will hit me a week from today when my kiddos report to school.

  11. Your bladder sling comment had me rolling, so much so, that I quoted you in my facebook status...too funny and WAY true!!!!!!

  12. I love your favorite verse and little tid bits of wisdom..you are so right. God bless u!! ~ Vicky