I Love You…But Sometimes I Really Don’t Like You At All

Blogger and I have a love/hate relationship.  Right now, we’re more on the hate side of things.  While Blogger has brought me a daily list of “must reads”, it’s also made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to comment on those very same blogs.  Gosh darnit!!!  If you have a blog with a comment box that looks like this….


I can’t comment on your blog :(  I found this out the other day when I wrote this super detailed note on Mrs. Tabb’s blog {who I just found via Pinterest…LOVE} and then it bounced me off her blog and gave me this dang pop-up…


I had to stalk her on Facebook so that I could leave her a message!!  HA!!  The same thing happened to me when I tried to comment on sweet Amanda’s blog.  Wrote a lengthy comment, clicked “post”, and then that dang pop up box again!! I had to email her instead :)

The only blogs I apparently have access to comment on are blogs with comment boxes like this…


The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve found SO many amazing blogs through Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin’ and I SO badly want to leave comments on them, but I can’t!!!! 

If you have any techie advice for me…or if you can tell me why Blogger hates me so much…let me know!!! 


Don’t forget to stop by Blog Hoppin’ today and read my post “Three For Thursday”  and then link up your three favorites, too!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of {free} printables!!!  Now I’m off to a little girls night out with some of my favorites for a GENDER REVEAL!!!  Aaaahhh!!  SO excited!!!  And even more excited it’s not mine!!  HA!!  {Kidding…but only a little ;)}


  1. Hi Cara, I had the same problem, but I discovered if I actually sign out and then sign right back in, and do NOT click on "Keep me signed in"-my comment will post.
    Have you tried this? Crazy, I know, but I'm thinking it's just some kind of Blogger glitch. Hope it works for you!

    Primary Practice

  2. That happened to me when I used IE. But when I switched to Google Chrome, it worked. I dunno if that'll solve your problem but it fixed mine!

  3. @Patricia...I tried that!! And I even used 3 different email addresses...psycho, I know! HA!!!

    @Erin...I'll definitely try that!!! THANK YOU!

  4. Do you know how to control who follows you? I had a weird Muhommad guy comment on my blog with a link in it. I couldn't figure out how to delete his comment, and ended up making it to where no one comments. No one comments anyway. :) But, I ended up deleting my whole Follower section. :( Any suggestions?


  5. This happens to me only sometimes....but it is VERY annoying (especially when you have left a long comment!)......when it happens, I switch to Chrome and it works for me every time! :-) Hope it works for you too!!

  6. I've done what Patricia did and it works. Just sign back in anyway...it works for me! Hope you can find an answer!
    Rambling About Reading

  7. I know that two people have said this but definitely switch to Chrome! I haven't had a problem since I switched, and I also like how Chrome is more minimalist and allows more room for the actual websites on your screen!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  8. What is
    Chrome? I have the same problem
    commenting so I would really like to thank and give kudos to the wonderful bloggers I follow...like you!

  9. I sign myself out first and then leave the comment. It will ask you to sign back in...just make sure the box is NOT check that says Keep me signed in. Don't ask me why this works, but it works for me every time!


  10. Here I thought I was the only one having trouble! I want to leave comments on everyone's blogs as well & can't unless they change their format & allow all to do so. I have NO idea what the other options mean! So frustrating. Please people, change those settings.(On another note, I read your love/hate title of this post & thought you meant your students...glad to hear that's not the case lol)

  11. Thanks for [osting this. I have this problem all the time. I just gsvr up, but now I can try some of the advice given here by everyone.

    Cialini Chat

  12. I too cannot post comments on most folks blogs- not sure what happened I sued to be able to post. I don't get a message though it just does nothing and goes back to the original empty comment box. Very frustrating- anyone know who I would contact to find out why??

  13. you're so awesome...thanks for the link! Maybe I should update it, huh.
    Mrs Tabb

  14. So you can comment on my blog! I hope so!!! :)

  15. Okay...so, I could kiss all of your sweet cheeks right about now. Started searching with Google Chrome and ohmiword...I can comment!!!! LOVE IT!!! THanks for the tip!!! I'm about to be a commenting fool, so watch out :) HA!!!

    Cara :)

  16. Help us newbies....what is CHROME???

  17. Glad you got a fix - although a Google solution to a Google problem is suspicious.

    You might try converting your friends to use Disqus. It's terrific. You can see all your replies, get replies to your comment via email and so forth. I'm also sad when I leave a comment with a question, then forget where I left it. Doesn't happen with Disqus.

  18. me too! stil can't figure it out, though. I sign in. I sign out. It doesn;t matter!

  19. This happened to me recently. I am having the same exact problem!

    I think it has to do with the blog owner's settings, and not yours, though. Because I've never been able to fix it.

    Huge PITA when I'm trying to enter giveaways and such. :(

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