The First Time

Ohmiword y’all.  I went to school for the first time yesterday.  AFTER I had a cavity filled.  Did I mention that the dentist TOTALLY went drilling on the WRONG side of my mouth?!?!?!   But there’s nothin’ a little Chick Fil A can’t cure.  Chick Fil A & a Sonic coke, of course.  So I took my numb mouth, chicken sandwich, and Sonic coke up to my un-airconditioned classroom and got to work. 
This is what I walked into…
{Sorry about the quality!  My little ol’ iphone was all I had!}
Not terribly unfortunate, but still A LOT to do!!!  We were able to keep up our walls, but as you know, with a classroom full of 6 & 7 year olds, the paper just doesn’t hold up that well AT ALL.  My Celebrity of the Week wall looks like it was attacked by gorillas and some spots of other walls are faded as all get out.  I need to add a new alphabet above my SmartBoard and make random changes here and there.  With only 4 days left til teachers go back, I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. 
Justin & I will be spending A LOT of time together these next few days…

In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of printables for you.  They’re random as random can be, but maybe you can use them.  I’ve got the peanut allergies in my class this year, so I’m framing this and putting it on a little desk that sits right outside my classroom door.
I also went and made new labels for my Math Tubs {Hollywood theme}.  Don’t know if you can use ‘em, but thought I’d share just incase…
Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles
I needed a new set of Daily 5 posters/labels, and I found EXACTLY what I was looking for over at Kindertastic!!  She’s got small choice cards and large posters and they’re DARLING.
Alright.  Back to the dentist for yet ANOTHER appointment today.  Let’s pray they don’t go drillin’ in my ear or something. I’ll be spending the remainder of my evening up at school because I put the PRO in procrastinate :)


  1. I just printed those Daily5 posters too. I did a little altering on the skin/hair colors so the reflect my students more.

    And your room looks great by the way, I'm still waiting to get into mine.

  2. I don't know if you do this in Texas, but at my school in Ohio one of the last things we do before we leave in June is to put bulletin board paper or newspaper over our bb, so the paper doesn't fade.

  3. You could also use fabric or a twin sheet instead of paper on our bulletin boards. It does not fade or rip, so it lasts forever. Good luck in your room:)

  4. I love the No Peanuts poster! I have a peanut allergy for the first time this year, and your poster is SO much cuter than the standard one the nurse gives you. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. @Diana...THANK YOU!! Love them!!!
    @Karen...GREAT idea! I SO need to do that next year!
    @Francesca...when I taught K, I used fabric for all my bulletin boards. I got cheap and didn't feel like buying any last year :) HA!! I think I'm headed to the fabric store before I go up to school today!!
    @Ms. Jenna...Thank you!

  6. I'm loving the no peanuts sign, very cute :)

    Can't wait to see your room when it's all put together!

  7. What program/fonts did you use to create these printables? Thank you :)

  8. Walmart has cheapo flat sheets for $2 that I used for my bulletin boards. Since we don't have a fabric store here in Vero it does the trick! {pathetic, isn't it?}

  9. Thanks for the no nuts poster...I have 2 kids this year with allergies...I have a plan sign...

  10. Cara, I am confident that you will transform your room in nanoseconds. I can't wait to see the finished product! :) Thanks for the peanut sign! SUPER CUTE!


  11. Today was my first day with kids- so I am officially OVER the getting the room ready.. every year I say I won't wait to the last minute.. yea, right!

    Just like someone else mentioned on your comments - I cover my boards with bulletin board paper so things won't fade over the summer and keep my blinds shut!!

    I had a severe peanut allergy in my classroom last year.. and I kept the epi pen in my pocket EVERY STEP i made with the child... but we survivied with no problems..

    Your sign would have been precious to hang outside my classroom.

    Good luck with the setup and also with your tooth!!! Crazy!!!

    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  12. We had our Open House tonight. I found out that one of my new sweethearts has a severe peanut allergy. I told his mom that I would put a sign on the door that reads, "Peanut-Free Classroom". You read my mind. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I love the flip-flops that are kicked off in front of your Bravo wall. You are getting down to business. :)

    First Grade Factory

  14. I love the peanut free sign. I will have a student in my class this year with this allergy. Your sign is definitely cuter than the one I was given! THANKS!


    A Tale of First Grade

  15. Your classroom will be ready in no time!! Thanks for sharing those freebies with us ;)

  16. Thank you so much for sharing the peanut-free printable. I have little ones with allergies this year. I have been keeping up with your blog and I love it! I am working on a first grade blog to start in the fall if you'd like to follow:

    Thanks again!

  17. Oh y'all, she was soooo not kidding about spending time with JB! I witnessed it firsthand! Love you girl and so going to miss being on the same team this year!!! See you Monday :)

  18. Hey there!! I actually emailed you a few days ago. I had several questions for you. It's the correct? Thanks so much!!

    Tara Ferne

  19. I know you have gotten a ton of thank you about the Peanut free sign, but I am adding one more and a thank you.

    I am actually at a Peanut free BUILDING. We have several students and a staff member with a SEVERE peanut allergy. We aren't even allowed to bring in chips cooked in peanut oil, that is how bad it is.

    Anyway, the printable is darling and I am printing mine out ASAP. However, I would love to share with my building. I was wondering it you could send me the file so I could edit it to say we are a "peanut free building"?

    I am at msk1ell(at)gmail(dot)com

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  20. Just remind your dentist to be careful or else... :)

    Thanks for the update.

    Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

  21. I love your No Peanuts poster. Is is possible to make a No Nuts poster? We are not allowed to have any kind of nuts in our classrooms and one of your signs would be a whole lot nicer than the one the office gives out!

  22. Love the NO peanuts poster! Our nurse had given us some that were so plain and I surprised the teacher I'm with and she absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!!

  23. out of all the teaching blogs out there, yours is my favourite ;)
    I'm not kidding about that.

  24. So cute! Love it! I shared it on my blog...