Really Good Stuff

I have been years behind in the world of blogging & email lately…I’m really taking advantage of summer break :)  Hosting out-of-town guests, planning & throwing a birthday party, spending QT with some of my favorite girlfriends at our first annual girls trip, and now traveling 16 hours for our 2 week trip up north.  Yeeks.  I promise I’ll be back real soon with lots of fun ideas and things to share :) 

When I finally checked my email today, I found out this little ol’ blog was nominated for the Really Good Stuff's 2011 Really Good Classroom Blog Contest.  I have no idea who is responsible for such a sweet compliment, but I just want to say THANK YOU!   This little blog that I was so good about nurturing & visiting almost daily has been neglected the last few weeks, so I thank you for even deeming this worthy of such a sweet little honor :) 

I don’t anticipate to make it very far in the contest…there are SO many amazing blogs out there!!!…but I genuinely appreciate the nomination :)  You can vote for your favorite blog starting July 1st by clicking the link below :)  Voting will run through July 7th.



In the meantime, I PROMISE to return emails very, very soon!!!  Email access will be slightly limited for the next couple of weeks, so please forgive me if I’m not quick to reply!  I’ll be back with lots of goodies, ideas, and printables very, VERY soon!!!! 

Happy last week of June!!!! 


  1. Of course you got nominated, don't be silly! You were the one who inspired me to start blogging so I hope you WIN! Glad you are enjoying your summer!
    Finally in First

  2. Congrats on being nominated... it is well deserved!!
    Karen :o)

  3. You have inspired 90% of the teaching blogs out there :) Enjoy every second of your summer!!


  4. I would say you've inspired ALL of us out there! :) Thanks for everything!!!!

  5. You don't anticipate getting very far in the competition?!?!? I've stalked -er- followed a LOT of blogs and yours is by far one of the best, most organized, most well put together, cutest, awesome-est, fantabulous, amazing blogs that are out there. I voted for your blog!

  6. Thanks so much for all of your work and absolutely WONDERFUL Blog!! I am working on one myself. It is a learning process. You inspire me :)
    Check out some of the products I have been posting on TpT. Hopefully someone will find them helpful.

    Have a great day!
    Elaine Kerber